CVE Details

Release Date:2021-06-09


A flaw was found in libwebp in versions before 1.0.1. A use-after-free was found due to a thread being killed too early. The highest threat from this vulnerability is to data confidentiality and integrity as well as system availability.

See more information about CVE-2020-36329 from MITRE CVE dictionary and NIST NVD

CVSS v3.0 metrics

NOTE: The following CVSS v3.0 metrics and score provided are preliminary and subject to review.

Base Score: Base Metrics:
Access Vector: Undefined Attack Complexity: Undefined
Privileges Required: None User Interaction: None
Scope: Unchanged Confidentiality Impact: Undefined
Integrity Impact: Undefined Availability Impact: Undefined

Errata information

PlatformErrataRelease Date
Oracle Linux version 7 (libwebp)ELSA-2021-22602021-06-08
Oracle Linux version 7 (qt5-qtimageformats)ELSA-2021-23282021-06-09
Oracle Linux version 8 (libwebp)ELSA-2021-23542021-06-10

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