ELBA-2007-0331 - conga bug fix update

Release Date:2007-06-26


- Replaced RedHat copyrighted and trademarked images in the conga-0.9.2

- Fixed bz233326 (CVE-2007-0240 Conga includes version of Zope that is
vulnerable to a XSS attack)
- Fixed bz228637 (CVE-2007-1462 security alert - passwords sent back
from server as input value)
- Fixed bz236020 (Conga allows creation/rename of clusters with name
greater than 15 characters)
- Fixed bz236021 (Cluster cannot be deleted (from 'Manage Systems') -
but no error results)
- Fixed bz236025 (Entering bad password when creating a new cluster =
UnboundLocalError: local variable 'e' r
eferenced before assignment)
- Fixed bz236026 (luci failover domain forms are missing/empty)
- Fixed bz236027 (fence_xvm is incorrectly listed as "xmv" in virtual
- Fixed bz236048 (Advanced options parameters settings don't do anything)
- Fixed bz236050 (Unable to configure a virtual service)
- Fixed bz236052 (kmod-gfs-xen not installed with Conga install)
- Fixed bz236054 (enable shared storage' option cleared whenever there
is a configuration error)
- Fixed bz236055 (Must manually edit cluster.conf on the dom0 cluster to
add "")
- Resolves: bz233326, bz228637, bz236020, bz236021, bz236025, bz236026,
- Resolves: bz236027, bz236048, bz236050, bz236052, bz236054, bz236055
- Related: bz236023

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