ELBA-2008-2004 - ocfs2 bug fix update

Release Date:2008-06-06


r3100 fs Add inode stealing for ocfs2_reserve_new_inode (bug#6802646)
r3099 fs Remove inode_alloc from handle when inode allocation fails.
r3098 fs Filter -ENOSPC in mlog_errno()
r3097 dlm Add dlm_ctxt printing for dlm debugging (cat /proc/fs/ocfs2_dlm//ctxt)
r3096 fs Allow uid/gid/perm changes of symlinks (oss bugzilla#963)
r3095 fs Use GFP_NOFS in kmalloc during localalloc window move (oss bugzilla#901)
r3094 net Get rid of arguments to the timeout routines
r3093 fs Improve rename locking
r3092 net Reconnect after idle time out
r3091 net Fix NULL pointer dereferences in o2net
r3090 dlm dlm_thread should not sleep while holding the dlm_spinlock (oss bugzilla#919)
r3089 dlm Print message showing the recovery master
r3088 dlm Add missing dlm_lockres_put()s
r3087 dlm Add missing dlm_lockres_put()s in migration path
r3086 dlm Add missing dlm_lock_put()s
r3085 dlm Use dlm_print_one_lock_resource for lock resource print

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