ELBA-2011-0239 - nss_ldap bug fix update

Release Date:2011-02-23


- correctly parse IPv4 addresses on 64-bit big-endian systems which don't
support IPv6 (#651364, upstream #425)

- check if we've gotten disconnected when checking for a result (#604945,
from upstream #350, Ralf Haferkamp by way of Jaroslav #karvada)

- unblock SIGPIPE while closing the connection in the child's part of
atfork(), so that it can get delivered before we reset the signal
handler (#621586)

- add proposed patch for upstream #421: sometimes errno gets reset before we
return control to libc (#613555)

- pull in fix for upstream #313, which returns a clean error when we've
failed to parse our configuration correctly, in this case due to a larger-
than-handled nss_initgroups_ignoreusers setting (#557927)
- when closing a context, clean it up so that we won't try to issue an abandon
when we go to use it again for something else (#574306)
- pull in fix for upstream #297, to just return a failure if our gethostbyname2
is asked to find IPv6 addresses by the caller but we weren't built with IPv6
support (#205243)

- backport workaround to just give up if one of our lookups recurses into our
own host resolution routine, which would otherwise cause a deadlock or a
crash (#448884)

- add updated version of patch from upstream bug #305 to drop connection if
we get any error while trying to read the peer's address for what we thought
was our socket (Jeff Bastian, #563362)

- don't close a oneshot connection while we're in the middle of answering a
specific query (#566632)

- bump buildrequires on openldap-devel to at least 2.2.13-12.el4_8.2 (#525576)

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