ELBA-2014-1234 - gfs-kmod bug fix update

Release Date:2014-09-23


- Updated kversion to 2.6.18-391.el5 to match build root

- Modify bz1066181.patch
* Removed the locking code. This makes gfs_write_inode only actually
write out the inode when it gets called with the glock already held.
This is necessary to avoid lock ordering deadlocks, but it means that
mtime will only be updated for mmapped files when calling msync with
- Updated kernel version
- Resolves: bz #1066181

- Modify bz1066181.patch
* Added checks to make sure gfs_write_inode can start a transaaction,
and modified gfs2_inode_attr_in to keep it from overwriting updated
vfs inode timestamps
- Updated kernel version
- Resolves: bz #1066181

- Updated kernel version
- Related: bz #1066181

- Add bz1066181.patch
* make gfs_write_inode write out inode attribute changes
- Resolves: bz #1066181

Updated Packages

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