ELBA-2017-3603 - oracle-ofed-release bug fix update

Release Date:2017-08-16


- BUILDINFO: commit=5f53b4602ea6c23e119deb029bbe9342a038c183
- update rdma-3.10 (Mukesh Kacker)

- BUILDINFO: commit=59337ebd360ce772f50ac6a6a1316d8d09563ed3
- update libibverbs, librdmacm (Mukesh Kacker)

- BUILDINFO: commit=da1ae3d570be84bfc55e5e8218ad750c406d5703
- upgrade libmlx4 (Qing Huang)

- BUILDINFO: commit=6bbffa0188a1af4daf50ae9ffa9dfdc1125ef03c
- Update libibacl (Yuval Shaia)

- BUILDINFO: commit=04f97bb881887c5752ecdd6da6d89a6781c26d19
- Bump release for build in git after import from svn

- [oraug 25539977] skip port config if dev is ethernet

- BUILDINFO: commit=941beb4e43e365630b4bab40f2217be2a10ad461
- libibacl/buildrpm: Change Release to 4 (Yuval Shaia)
- libibacl: Change negative error codes to positive (Yuval Shaia)
- libibacl: Replace kernel support check (Yuval Shaia)
- libibacl: Add .gitignore file (Yuval Shaia)
- libibacl: Initialize fd to avoid compilation errors (Yuval Shaia)
- libibacl: Run non-local binaries in test (Yuval Shaia)

- BUILDINFO: commit=8bda766603b525ab41a9da7281153c2bb20962f2
- libibacl: Fix BSD license details and spec file (Mukesh Kacker)

- BUILDINFO: commit=abba4c40cea0c4d9febafe98aa414ce58d7ba715
- libibacl: Update license to BSD
- Initial Revision

- BUILDINFO: commit=910b57f71033835536a694178ce8acd57ed4eb8d
- libibverbs: Bump release number or udpates (Mukesh Kacker)
- libibverbs: Remove atexit and destructors (Jason Gunthorpe)
- libibverbs: consolidate spec files for ol6,ol7 that are identical (Mukesh Kacker)

- BUILDINFO: commit=646fa78e15692d78cd09cd1db864850c6c2080cb
- libibverbs: Bump up release number (shamir rabinovitch)
- Fix exchange message size in ibv_xsrq_pinpong example (Noa Osherovich)

- BUILDINFO: commit=5d7b97751546e1c756a346e080f2762d9499100c
- libmlx4: Bump up release number (Qing Huang)
- ib/libmlx4: conditionally disable blueflame on a per process basis (Qing Huang)

- BUILDINFO: commit=027663fe4ca15b643685c32cb154b2d4aac4e8ea
- librdmacm: Bump release number for updates (Mukesh Kacker)
- librdmacm: Remove atexit and destructors (Jason Gunthorpe)
- librdmacm: consolidate spec files for ol6,ol7 that are identical (Mukesh Kacker)

- BUILDINFO: commit=c41a0b78230045ab870af14510bd80065339c7bf
- rdma-3.10: Bump release number for fixes unifying ol6/ol7 source (Mukesh Kacker)
- rdma.init: Remove mlx4 module blacklisting from config files (Mukesh Kacker)
- rdma.init: unified parsing for OL6/OL7 ifconfig output intf name separators (Mukesh Kacker)

- BUILDINFO: commit=140994a6d3bb74428277eb430c32d35fd73937ae
- rdma-3.10: Bump release for build in git after import from svn

- Skip port config if device is Ethernet [orabug 25238309]

Updated Packages

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