ELBA-2017-3652 - dtrace-utils bug fix update

Release Date:2017-12-13


- Apply correct version of lockstat patch [Orabug: 26149894]

- Internal development release
- Add lockstat provider [Orabug: 26149894] (Alan Maguire)
- Add missing obsolete of dtrace-modules-provider-headers [Orabug: 26883486]
(Tomas Jedlicka)
- Add missing testsuite NFS dependency [Orabug: 26860985] (Tomas Jedlicka)

- Internal development release
- Fix segfault at shutdown time if grabbed processes die at
precisely the wrong time [Orabug: 26528776]
- New llquantize() aggregation, providing log/linear results
[Orabug: 26675201] (Eugene Loh)
- New optional third arg for tracemem(): dynamically-variable size
limit [Orabug: 26675604] (Eugene Loh)
- Fix wrong wrong-number-of-args error messages. (Eugene Loh)
[Orabug: 26402731]
- Fix module address range merging (Eugene Loh) [Orabug: 25767469]
- Allow referencing of structure and union members named with
the same name as D keywords, e.g. 'self' [Orabug: 26518086]
- Changes for the move of UAPI headers into dtrace-utils-devel.
(Tomas Jedlicka, Nick Alcock).
- Support CTF in /lib/modules/2.6.32-400.36.2.el5uek/kernel/vmlinux.ctfa
archive [Orabug: 25815372]
- Testsuite fixes and new tests for inet_*() and lquantize
(Eugene Loh, Alan Maguire, Nick Alcock)

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