ELBA-2018-1410 - scap-security-guide bug fix update

Release Date:2018-05-15


- Fix grub2_enable_fips_mode rule fix [Orabug 27862093]
- Fix extra rhel7 C2S change (ilya.okomin@oracle.com) [bz35224]
- Added OL6 and OL7 CPE names approved by NIST (ilya.okomin@oracle.com)
- Updated profiles and rules descriptions (ilya.okomin@oracle.com)
- Added Oracle gpg key validation rule (ilya.okomin@oracle.com) [Orabug 24801936]
- Replace logos with blank images

- Fix remediation of AIDE notification (RHBZ#1571315)

- Allow AIDE to notify other emails than only root (RHBZ#1571315)
- Fix some failing rules from profiles PCI-DSS, DISA STIG and USGCB (RHBZ#1571312)
- Fix kernel module loading rules (RHBZ#1571319)

Updated Packages

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