ELBA-2018-4107 - mdadm bug fix update

Release Date:2018-05-14


- 'unacknowledged_bad_blocks' is a long name for sysfs property and it
makes sysfs path over 50 characters long. Increase buffer to the double
length of the longest path available in sysfs at the moment.

- Linux allows for 32 character device names. When using the maximum
size device name and also storing '/dev/', devname needs to be 37
character long to store the complete device name.
i.e. '/dev/md_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz12\0'
- Newer kernels don't allow for specifying an array larger than 511.
This makes it so find_free_devnm wraps to 511 instead of 2^20 - 1.
- mdadm will fail in operating on a device with a minor number
bigger than (2^19)-1 due to it changing from dev_t to a signed int
and back.

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