ELBA-2018-4176 - Unbreakable Enterprise kernel bug fix update

Release Date:2018-07-19


- fs: proc: array.c: fix Speculation_Store_Bypass print format (Mihai Carabas) [Orabug: 28128750]
- xfs: dont chain ioends during writepage submission (Dave Chinner) [Orabug: 28193043]
- xfs: factor mapping out of xfs_do_writepage (Dave Chinner) [Orabug: 28193043]
- xfs: xfs_cluster_write is redundant (Dave Chinner) [Orabug: 28193043]
- xfs: Introduce writeback context for writepages (Dave Chinner) [Orabug: 28193043]
- xfs: remove xfs_cancel_ioend (Dave Chinner) [Orabug: 28193043]
- xfs: remove nonblocking mode from xfs_vm_writepage (Dave Chinner) [Orabug: 28193043]
- rds: tcp: cancel all worker threads before shutting down socket (Sowmini Varadhan) [Orabug: 28298156]
- rds: signedness bug (Dan Carpenter) [Orabug: 28319166]

Updated Packages

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