ELBA-2018-4197 - dtrace-utils bug fix update

Release Date:2018-08-17


- Properly handle breakpoints tripped while DTrace is exiting
[Orabug: 28473826]
- Do not crash on self-grabs and on races with dtrace termination
[Orabug: 28361373]
- Test fixes (boost timeouts, kernel 4.17 compatibility,
unskip a forgotten test).

- Fix disassembler coredump (Tomas Jedlicka) [Orabug: 28054399]
- Fix process-termination-related crash and deadlock bugs
(Nick Alcock, Tomas Jedlicka) [Orabug: 27961105, 28133496]
- Fix deadlock on creation of new threads in -c/-p processes
[Orabug: 28210986]
- Speed up aggmod tests (Eugene Loh, Tomas Jedlicka)
[Orabug: 28007146, 28119700]

Updated Packages

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