ELBA-2019-2355 - selinux-policy bug fix update

Release Date:2019-08-16


- Make rpm_transition_script() a nested optional policy in init policy module [Orabug: 29661269]
- Allow cloud_init_t to dbus chat with systemd_logind_t [Orabug: 29399653]
- Add fs_relabel_pstore_dirs() interface. [Orabug: 28260775]
- Allow systemd running as init_t to relabel pstore directories. [Orabug: 28260775]
- Allow udev_t to load modules [Orabug: 28260775]
- Allow insmod_t to load modules BZ(1544189) [Orabug: 28260775]
- Allow chronyd_t to execute shell scripts [Orabug: 28260775]
- SELinux support for cgroup2 filesystem. [OraBug 28127822]
- refpolicy: Define getrlimit permission for class process [OraBug 28229492]
- Add vhost-scsi to be vhost_device_t type [OraBug 27774921]
- Obsolete docker-engine-selinux [OraBug 26439663]
- Fix container selinux policy [OraBug 26427364]
- Allow ocfs2_dlmfs to be mounted with ocfs2_dlmfs_t type.

- Allow sbd_t domain to use nsswitch
Resolves: rhbz#1728593

Updated Packages

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