ELBA-2019-2356 - systemd bug fix update

Release Date:2019-08-16


- return error value on failure (#1729226)
- revert local changes made during backport of the test (#1729226)
- core/timer: Prevent timer looping when unit cannot start (#1729230)
- core: add a 'Requires=' dependency between units and the slices they are located in (#1729228)
- core: rerun GC logic for a unit that loses a reference (#1729228)
- pid1: rename unit_check_gc to unit_may_gc (#1729228)
- pid1: include the source unit in UnitRef (#1729228)
- pid1: fix collection of cycles of units which reference one another (#1729228)
- pid1: free basic unit information at the very end, before freeing the unit (#1729228)
- pid1: properly remove references to the unit from gc queue during final cleanup (#1729228)
- service: relax PID file symlink chain checks a bit (#8133) (#1729414)
- path-util: fix more path_is_mount e792e890f fallout (#1279231)

Updated Packages

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