ELBA-2020-5985 - uln-yum-mirror bug fix update

Release Date:2020-12-23


- bump release number (Lans Hung)
- fix typo in uln-yum-mirror (Lans Hung)
- fix rpm import error in %post scriptlet in linux 8. Should not call rpm from rpm. (Lans Hung)
- Revert support for OL5 (Lans Hung)

- Remove support of OL5

- Add support for OL8 and compatibility for OL6 to OL7

- Handle unique metadata files [Orabug: 29962823]
- Update for OL8

- Append to log when run from cron

- Bug 26121876 add uln-yum-mirror locking mechanism

- Fix directory naming for Oracle VM 3.3 channels [orabug 22599619]

- Added support for Oracle Linux 7
- Modified the logic for creating local paths for repos to make them more readable

- Set createrepo and modifyrepo to use simple filenames [orabug 17608573]
- expose the EXTRA_ARGS in the sysconfig script

- Escape the disablerepo parameter for yum makecache
- Shift yum makecache to occur only on Oracle Linux 5

- Move ALL_PKGS logic so that it works on both OL5 and OL6 [orabug 18205425]

- Check physical memory and disable the '--update' parameter to createrepo if less than 6GB. This should avoid OOM-killer on large repos

- Set reposync to remove RPMs that fail GPG checking after downloading

- Set hardlinkpy to ensure filenames are identical
- Exclude cache and metadata directories from hardlinking to improve scanning performance
- Set yum-arch to quiet to reduce log output

- Fix incorrect path in logrotate script
- Set logrotate to compress uln-yum-mirror logs on a daily basis

- Switch license to GPL and add GPL license text
- Add README documentation

- Set minimum yum-utils version to ensure reposync --source support on Oracle Linux 5

- Remove check for uln-yum-proxy

- Obsolete uln-yum-proxy
- Add dependencies for syncing, creating and hosting yum repos from uln-yum-proxy
- Install RPM-GPG-KEY for EL4, OL5 and OL6
- Track logfile in RPM file list

- Add locking to cron script so that only one instance of uln-yum-mirror runs

- Added parameter to make hardlinkpy quieter when logging
- Remove support for running the script on OL4/EL4
- Check for rpm installation more effeciently
- Make reposync run quiet
- move hardlinking to after all the repos are downloaded

- Added hardlinkpy support to reduce storage requirements
- Added logging support and log rotation

- Added option to download all packages instead of just latest packages
- Added cronjob support

- Initial version

Updated Packages

Release/ArchitectureFilenameMD5sumSuperseded By Advisory
Oracle Linux 8 (x86_64) uln-yum-mirror-0.4.0-3.el8.src.rpm8c45716a0fa5219e617ebad48e077a8d-

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