ELBA-2021-0559 - kexec-tools bug fix and enhancement update

Release Date:2021-02-18


- 99kdumpbase: Do not append ip=:dhcp if ip=single-dhcp is present [Orabug: 32404661]
- kdump-lib: Fix get_bind_mount_source to support btrfs and fstab [Orabug: 32297893]
- kdump: add threshold for the required memory (Chen Zhou) [Orabug: 32258986]
- Fix duplicate -s option for kexec [Orabug: 32127375]
- kdump: append no_timer_check to kdump kernel cmdline on xen guests [Orabug: 30928441]
- arm64: skip purgatory integrity checks to speed up reboot [Orabug: 30822387]
- kdump: append iommu=off to kdump kernel cmdline [Orabug: 30832988]
- makedumpfile: fix RHCK makedumpfile [Orabug: 30580398]
- makedumpfile: backport latest upstream 52-bit VA arm patch [Orabug: 30580398]
- makedumpfile: rebase rhonly-kexec-tools-2.0.18-makedumpfile* patch [Orabug: 30580398]
- makedumpfile: backport latest aarch64-related upstream patches [Orabug: 30352094]
- change makedumpfile fixed size buffer for VMCOREINFO [Orabug: 29870551]
- 99kdumpbase: Do not append ip=:dhcp if ip=dhcp is present [Orabug: 29518713]
- rebase kexec-tools-2.0.8-dracut-module-setup-ibft-avoid-dup-config.patch [Orabug: 28872281]
- don't patch files in SOURCES directory. That breaks building from the srpm (dave.kleikamp@oracle.com)
- dracut-module-setup: avoid duplicate config for ibft [Orabug: 22780125]
- kdumpctl: exclude default_hugepagesz setting from kdump kernel cmdline
(Sriharsha Yadagudde) [Orabug: 19134999]
- kdumpctl: verify if kernel support securelevel interface
(Sriharsha Yadagudde) [Orabug: 18905671]

- kdump-lib.sh: Remove is_atomic
- Refactor kernel image and initrd detection code
- early-kdump: Use consistent symbol link for kernel and initramfs
- kdump-lib: strip grub device from kdump_bootdir
- kdumpctl: fix driver change detection on latest Fedora

- kdump-lib.sh: detect secure boot on s390

- kdump-lib: disable efifb if hyperv_fb is in use

- sadump, kaslr: fix failure of calculating kaslr_offset due to an sadump format restriction

- kdumpctl: exit if either pre.d or post.d is missing

- ppc64/kdump: use kexec_file_load when secureboot is enabled
- kdump_pre: make notes more precise
- dracut-kdump.sh: exit shell when machine reboot
- kdump.conf: fix a grammar issue
- kdumpctl: detect modification of scripts by its directory's timestamp
- module-setup.sh: suppress false alarm
- kexec-tools.spec: make the existence of pre.d and post.d mandatory

- x86_64: enable the kexec file load by default
- Revert 'kdump-lib: switch to the kexec_file_load() syscall on x86_64 by default'

- mkdumprd: Improve the error message for umounted dump target

- mkdumprd: Fix nfs detection in to_mount
- Always wrap up call to dracut get_persistent_dev function
- man: improve description about /etc/kdump/{pre.d,post.d}interface

- kdump-lib: switch to the kexec_file_load() syscall on x86_64 by default

- Fix kdump failure when mount target specified by dracut_args
- mkdumprd: Fix dracut error on multiple extra_modules

- kdump.conf: Specify /etc/kdump/{pre.d,post.d}interface
- dracut-kdump.sh: Execute the binary and script filesin /etc/kdump/{pre.d,post.d}
- kdumpctl: Check the update of the binary and script files in /etc/kdump/{pre.d,post.d}
- dracut-module-setup.sh: Install files under /etc/kdump/{pre.d,post.d} into kdump initramfs

- fadump: update fadump-howto.txt with some more troubleshooting help

- fadump-howto.txt: source it in spec file

- mkdumprd: Use DUMP_TARGET which printing error message during ssh

- Don't inherit swiotlb parameter form 1st kernel by default
- Add a new option 'rd.znet_ifname' in order to use it in udev rules
- kdump.sysconfig: Remove the option 'log_buf_len' from kdump command line
- kdump-error-handler.service: Remove ExecStopPost
- module-setup.sh: Add 'rd.neednet' parameter if network is needed

- Update docs for the new noauto dump target support
- kexec-kdump-howto.txt: Add some format to the document
- mkdumprd: generate usable kdump initramfs even target is not mounted
- Use get_mount_info to replace findmnt calls
- kdump-lib.sh: add fstab failback helper for getting mount info
- Allow calling mkdumprd from kdumpctl even if targat not mounted
- Add a is_mounted helper
- Introduce get_kdump_mntpoint_from_target and fix duplicated /
- Doc: Improves the early-kdump-howto.txt document in several points
- Doc: Add --force option to step 2 in early-kdump-howto.txt
- Doc: Fix typo in early-kdump-howto.txt
- Remove adjust_bind_mount_path call
- No longer treat atomic/silverblue specially
- mkdumprd: Simplify handling of user specified target
- mkdumprd: Use get_save_path instead of parsing config
- Remove is_dump_target_configured
- Always use get_save_path to get the 'path' option
- kdump-lib: Don't abuse echo, and clean up
- mkdumprd: Fix dracut args parsing
- mkdumprd: simplify dracut args parsing

- dracut-module-setup.sh: improve get_alias()
- fadump: update fadump-howto.txt with some troubleshooting help
- Append both nofail and x-systemd.before to kdump mount target
- Partially Revert 'Don't mount the dump target unless needed'
- Don't unmount the dump target just after saving vmcore

- makedumpfile: Avoid false-positive failure in mem_seciton validation

- mkdumprd: Use makedumpfile --check-params option

- makedumpfile update to latest

- makedumpfile rebase to 1.6.7

- kexec-tools/module-setup: Ensure eth devices get IP address for VLAN

- Add document to declare FCoE support

- powerpc: enable the scripts to capture dump on POWERNV platform

- s390: Use get_kaslr_offset_general() for s390x

- arm64: kdump: deal with a lot of resource entries in /proc/iomem
- arm64: kexec: allocate memory space avoiding reserved regions
- kexec: add variant helper functions for handling memory regions

- makedumpfile: assign bitmap1/2 fd for subprocess in non-cyclic mode

- makedumpfile: remove -lebl

- makedumpfile: Fix off-by-one issue in exclude_nodata_pages()

-rhel-8.2.0, origin/rhel-8.2.0) Increase SECTION_MAP_LAST_BIT to 4
- spec: move binaries from /sbin to /usr/sbin
- As /etc/kdump.conf timestamp is updated do not compare it when doing rpm --verify
- kdumpctl: make reload fail proof

- Don't execute final_action if failure_action terminates the system
- module-setup: re-fix 99kdumpbase network dependency
- kdumpctl: bail out immediately if host key verification failed
- kdumpctl: echo msg when waiting for connection
- kdumpctl: distinguish the failed reason of ssh
- kdumpctl: wait a while for network ready if dump target is ssh
- dracut-module-setup: filter out localhost for generic_fence_kdump
- dracut-module-setup: get localhost alias by manual

- dracut-module-setup.sh: Don't use squash module for fadump
- Don't mount the dump target unless needed
- dracut-module-setup: fix bond ifcfg processing
- Doc: amend the man page of kdump.conf

- Limit the size of vmcore-dmesg.txt to 2G
- makedumpfile: x86_64: Fix incorrect exclusion by -e option with KASLR
- mkdumprd: ensure ssh path exists before check size

- rebase to kexec-tools-2.0.20 and makedumpfile-1.6.6

- Don't forward and drop journalctl logs for fadump

- Drop switch root capability for non fadump initramfs

- Forward logs in kdump kernel to console directly

- kexec/arm64: Add support for handling zlib compressed (Image.gz) image
- kexec/kexec-zlib.h: Add 'is_zlib_file()' helper function
- kexec-uImage-arm64.c: Fix return value of uImage_arm64_probe()
- kexec/kexec.c: Add the missing close() for fd used for kexec_file_load()

- kdump.sysconfig/x86_64: Disable HEST by default

- dracut-kdump-capture.service: Use OnFailureJobMode instead of deprecated OnFailureIsolate

- kexec-kdump-howto.txt: Add notes about device dump
- Disable device dump by default

- kdumpctl: check for ssh path availability when rebuild
- kdumpctl: Check kdump.conf for error when rebuild is called
- makedumpfile: x86_64: Add support for AMD Secure Memory Encryption
- aarch64/kdump.sysconfig: Make config options similar to x86_64

- kexec-kdump-howto.txt: Add document about encrypted targets
- kexec-kdump-howto.txt: Add document about initramfs rebiuld
- kexec-kdump-howto: Add note on setting correct value of kptr_restrict
- doc: fix dead links in the file kexec-kdump-howto.txt
- earlykdump: provide a prompt message after the rebuilding of kdump initramfs.
- Get rid of duplicated strip_comments when reading config
- mkdumprd: Improve the config reading logic
- kdumpctl: don't always rebuild when extra_modules is set
- kdumpctl: follow symlink when checking for modified files
- fadump: leverage kernel support to re-regisgter FADump

- earlykdump: Add a note of final_action option to avoid crash loop
- Add final_action option to kdump.conf
- Add failure_action as alias of default and make default obsolete
- earlykdump: warn when installed kernel version differs from dracut target
- earlykdump: add more sanity check when generating initramfs
- fadump: use the original initrd to rebuild fadump initrdfrom

- kdumpctl: Detect block device driver change for initramfs rebuild
- Revert 'kdumpctl: Rebuild initramfs if loaded kernel modules changed'
- mkdumprd: allow spaces after 'path' config phrase with network dump setting
- kexec.rules: create dedicated udev rules for ppc64
- Revert 'rhel-only/kexec.rules: create dedicated udev rules for ppc64'
- rh-only makedumpfile/arm64: Add support for ARMv8.2-LVA (52-bit user-space VA support)

- kexec-tools: rebasing to 2.0.19
- makedumpfile: upgrade to 1.6.5
- kexec-tools: x86: Introduce a new option --reuse-video-type
- makedumpfile: exclude pages that are logically offline
- earlykdump: Fix failure when earlykdump is included by dracut
- Update man page for new kdumpctl command: reload / rebuild
- kdumpctl: add rebuild support
- rhel-only/kexec.rules: create dedicated udev rules for ppc64

- Enable building with hardening flags

- add gating

- makedumpfile/arm64: Add support for ARMv8.2-LVA (52-bit user-space VA support)

- Revert 'kdumpctl, earlykdump: Don't use kexec_file_load when secure boot is enabled'
- mkdumprd: refine regex on dropping mount options

- earlykdump: fix kexec fails to load the early kdump kernel
- makedumpfile/x86_64: fix an unnecessary message with --mem-usage option

- dracut-module-setup: Don't build squashed image if required modules are missing

- makedumpfile/arm64: Fix 'info->page_offset' calculation for both KASLR and non-KASLR cases
- makedumpfile: Prepare paddr_to_vaddr() for arch-specific p2v conversion

- kdumpctl, earlykdump: Don't use kexec_file_load when secure boot is enabled

- mkdumprd: drop some nfs mount options when reading from kernel

- makedumpfile: Support newer kernels
- kdump-lib-initramfs.sh: using -force option when poweroff
- kexec-tools/vmcore-dmesg: fix infinite loop if log buffer wraps around
- makedumpfile: sadump: fix failure of reading 640 KB backup region if at over 4GB location
- Make udev reload rules quiet during bootup

- makedumpfile: Fix failure of detection of SPARSEMEM EXTREME in case of -x VMLINUX
- makedumpfile: ppc64: increase MAX_PHYSMEM_BITS to 128TB
- kdumpctl: Rebuild initramfs if loaded kernel modules changed

- Add aarch64 specific kdump.sysconfig and use 'nr_cpus' instead of 'maxcpus'
- Add missing usage info
- Throttle kdump reload request triggered by udev event
- Rewrite kdump's udev rules
- kdumpctl: Add reload support

- arm64: If 'getrandom' syscall fails, don't error out - just warn and proceed

- Update help text to indicate --mem-usage is supported on archs other than x86_64
- Fix 'makedumpfile --split' error ('Can't read the buffer of struct page') on x86_64

- dracut-module-setup: Enable dracut squash module
- dracut-module-setup: Fix DRM module inclusion test for hyper-v

* Sun Sep 30 2018 Pingfan Liu
- kdumpctl: add showmem cmd
- makedumpfile: fix makedumpfile Not tainted in 2nd kernel

- Add support to supply 'kaslr-seed' to secondary kernel
- kexec-tools.spec: Drop kexec-tools-2.0.3-disable-kexec-test.patch

- Rebuild with fixed binutils

- pull in makedumpfile 1.6.3

- pull in 2.0.17

- kdump.sysconfig.ppc64(le): remove 'root=' param from ppc64(le) 2nd kernel
- kdumpctl: Check the modification time of core_collector
- dracut-module-setup.sh: pass correct ip= param for ipv6

- Escape macros in %changelog

- update anaconda addon migrate with Anaconda changes.

- workaround koji build failure (rhbz1520805)

- dracut-module-setup.sh: check whether to include multipath-hostonly or not
- Revert 'kdumpctl: sanity check of nr_cpus for x86_64 in case running out of vectors'
- kdumpctl: skip selinux-relabel for dracut_args --mount dump target

- update to kexec-tools 2.0.16

- Use absolute path /usr/bin/dracut in mkdumprd

- kdumpctl: Error out in case there are white spaces before an option name

- dracut-module-setup.sh: eliminate redundant kdump_get_mac_addr call
- mkdumprd: use --quiet dracut argument to speedup initramfs build
- mkdumprd: fix patterns to modify mount options
- fadump: rebuild default initrd with dump capture capability
- module-setup: remove software iscsi cmdline generated by dracut
- kdumpctl: remove some cmdline inheritage from 1st kernel
- mkdumprd: apply dracut '--hostonly-cmdline' and '--no-hostonly-default-device'
- Change dump_to_rootfs to use '--mount' instead of 'root=X'
- kdumpctl: move is_fadump_capable() to kdump-lib.sh
- Revert 'kdumpctl: use generated rd.lvm.lv=X'
- Revert 'mkdumprd: omit crypt when there is no crypt kdump target'
- Revert 'mkdumprd: omit dracut modules in case of no dm target'
- Revert 'mkdumprd: omit dracut modules in case of network dumping'
- update bogus date in rpm spec

- makedumpfile: fix 4.13 kernel larget vmcore bug
- Revert 'Improve 'cpu add' udev rules'

- Own the /usr/share/makedumpfile dir
- Mark COPYING as %license

- Improve 'cpu add' udev rules
- module-setup: suppress the early iscsi error messages
- mkdumprd: use 300s as the default systemd unit timeout for kdump mount

- fix makedumpfile bug 1474706

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_27_Binutils_Mass_Rebuild

- Rebuild with binutils fix for ppc64le (#1475636)

- update upstream makedumpfile 1.6.2

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_27_Mass_Rebuild

- mkdumprd: remove useless 'x-initrd.mount'
- kdumpctl: use 'apicid' other than 'initial apicid'

- module-setup: fix 99kdumpbase network dependency
- mkdumprd: omit dracut modules in case of network dumping
- mkdumprd: omit dracut modules in case of no dm target
- mkdumprd: omit crypt when there is no crypt kdump target
- kdumpctl: use generated rd.lvm.lv=X
- mkdumprd: change for_each_block_target() to use get_kdump_targets()
- kdump-lib.sh: introduce get_kdump_targets()
- kdump-lib.sh: fix improper get_block_dump_target()
- kdumpctl: fix infinite loop caused by running under bash

- enable makedumpfile for arm64

- rebase kexec-tools-2.0.15

- kexec-tools.spec: Fix whitespace errors
- dracut-module-setup: Fix test for inclusion of DRM modules
- kdump.conf.5: clarify the fence_kdump_nodes option

- kdumpctl: for fence_kdump, the ipaddr of this node should be excluded

- kdumpctl: change the shebang header to use /bin/bash
- kdumpctl: call strip_comments only when necessary to speedup
- Revert 'kdumpctl: improve 'while read' time for /etc/kdump.conf' (rhbz1449801)

- kdumpctl: improve 'while read' time for /etc/kdump.conf
- kdumpctl: update check_dump_fs_modified() to use 'lsinitrd -f'
- kdumpctl: improve check_wdt_modified()
- kdumpctl: remove is_mode_switched()
- kdumpctl: bail out earlier in case of no reserved memory

- kdump: Introduce 'force_no_rebuild' option
- kdump-lib-initramfs.sh: ignore the failure of echo
- kdump.sysconfig/x86_64: Add nokaslr to kdump kernel cmdline

- kdumpctl: fix status check when CONFIG_CRASH_DUMP is not enabled in kernel
- kdumpctl: fix a bug in remove_cmdline_param()
- kdumpctl: remove 'root=X' for kdump boot
- Revert 'kdumpctl: filter 'root' kernel parameter when running in live images'

- kdump-emergency: fix 'Transaction is destructive' emergency failure
- mkdumprd: reduce lvm2 memory under kdump

- Fix kernel kaslr caused regressions (kexec -p and makedumpfile --mem-usage)

- kdump-lib.sh: fix incorrect usage with pipe as input for grep -q in is_pcs_fence_kdump()
- Document: fix incorrect link in fadump-how.txt

- drop kdump script rhcrashkernel-param in kexec-tools repo
- kdumpctl: sanity check of nr_cpus for x86_64 in case running out of vectors
- kdumpctl: change prepare_cmdline() to operate KDUMP_COMMANDLINE directly
- use --hostonly-i18n for dracut

- Rebase makedumpfile 1.6.1
- Delete unused patches

- rebase upstream kexec-tools 2.0.14
- update kdump anaconda addon
- cleanup sources file

- kexec-tools 2.0.14-1

- rename function kdump_to_udev_name
- Raw dump: use by-id as persistent policy in 2nd kernel
- drop dracut duplicate functions
- dracut-kdump: use POSIX shell syntax
- Correct two typos in kdumpctl and kdump.conf

- kexec/arch/i386: Add support for KASLR memory randomization
- Update kdump anaconda addon
- fadump: restore default initrd when fadump mode is disabled
- kdump/fadump: fix network interface name when switching from fadump to kdump
- kdumpctl: filter 'root' kernel parameter when running in live images
- Documentation: step by step guide on confiuring kdump in live images

- fix wrong page_offset added in 2.0.13-6

- add kexec support for arm64
- support x86 kaslr which is enabled by default in F25 kernel

- Fix bug 1373958 for system boot without initrd
- Do not depend on /etc/fstab in kdumpctl in case it does not exist

- Add special dump target '--mount' in dracut_args

- Fix armv7 build failure

- Drop old patches for 2.0.12

- Rebase kexec-tools 2.0.13

- kdump.conf manpage and kdump.conf comments fixes.
- kdump watchdog support.

- Update kdump anaconda addon
- makedumpfile: Support _count -> _refcount rename in struct page
- module-setup: Don't handle iBFT in kdump

- Rebase makedumpfile 1.6.0

- Fix date format in spec file.

- get_persistent_dev(): fix name contention with dracut's similar function

- kdump-lib: Add get_ifcfg_filename() to get the proper ifcfg file
- module-setup: Use get_ifcfg_filename() to get the proper ifcfg file

- update kdump anaconda addon to add mem range in tui
- .gitignore: Update to make it more generic
- kdumpctl: check_rebuild improvement
- kdumpctl: Do not rebuild initramfs when is read only

- update kdump anaconda addon to adapt to blivet-2.0 API

- Release 2.0.12-2
- ppc64le: fix kexec hang due to ppc64 elf abi breakage

- Rebase kexec-tools to 2.0.12

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_24_Mass_Rebuild

- use 'systemctl reboot -f' for reboot action
- Remove kernel param 'quiet' from kdump kernel cmdline
- kdump.sysconfig: add KDUMP_COMMANDLINE_REMOVE
- Add missing prefixes in default sysconfig file
- fix bogus date in changelog

- Rebase to upstream makedumpfile 1.5.9

- Rebase to upstream kexec-tools 2.0.11

- kexec-kdump-howto:Add introduction of parallel dumping
- Remove duplicate prefix path

- update kdump addon to fix a kickstart installationi issue

- add man page for kdumpctl

- mkdumprd: Remove ifcfg from dracut's modules
- module-setup: Choose the first matched gateway in kdump_static_ip
- module-setup: Add permanent option to detect static ip address or not

- Update kdump addon to fix an installation hang issue.

- ipv6 support (except for link scope addresses)
- Apply the manual DNS to the 2nd kernel
- load iTCO_wdt early in cmdline hook

- Update kdump addon icon
- Revert static route corner case patches per bhe. He discussed with Marc
it is just a corner case.

- update kdump addon icon

- Rebase kexec-tools 2.0.10
- Rebase eppic git tree 050615
- Enhance kdump.conf 'default' parameters check

- Resolve bug 1236456, kexec load fail because koji add extra gcc flags.
- Remove -FPIC for makedumpfile since it is not necessary without harden build

- Rebase kexec-tools 2.0.9
- Rebase makedumpfile 1.5.8
- revert 6347630 since ipv6 patches has not been reviewed.

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_23_Mass_Rebuild

- Update kdump anaconda addon icon again.

- Update kdump anaconda addon, change an icon.

- make kdump work when kernel crash after shutdown
- Disable transparent hugepages in second kernel
- Filtered out 'noauto' options in 2nd kernel fstab

- add fPIC to makefumpfile CFLAGS to support hardening
- dracut-module-setup: Enhance kdump to support the bind mounted feature in Atomic
- Fix the warning if the target path is bind mount in Atomic
- Get the mount point correctly, if the device has several mount point
- kdump-lib: Add new function to judge the system is Atomic or not
- kdump-lib: Add the new function to enhance bind mounted judgement
- Remove duplicate slash in save path

- Revert 'execute kdump_post after do_default_action'
- dracut-module-setup.sh: change the insecure use of /tmp/*29765* filenames
- make kdump saving directory name consistent with RHEL6

- execute kdump_post after do_default_action
- update kdump anaconda addon (translations/help text issus)

- kdumpctl: adjust the boot dir if kernel is put in sub dir of /boot

- mount fail if its mount point doesn't exist in /sysroot
- rebuild initrd dependency during kdump restart
- fix a dump path issue

- remove panic_on_warn kernel param in 2nd kernel
- remove sysctl.conf to restore sysctl default values in 2nd kernel
- fix a core_collector issue in ssh and raw dump case
- update to kdump-anaconda-addon-005-2-g86366ae.tar.gz
- some cleanups

- Fix ppc64le installation issue
- Fix get_option_value function

- fix static route corner case
- fadump fix

- Fix build issue on ARM

- Rebase kexec-tools-2.0.8
- Remove subpackage kexec-tools-eppic
- Rebase kdump-anaconda-addon-005

- Fix build failure on ppc64le
- Fix an issue on iscsi boot environment

- Enable ppc64le arch.
- Rebase makedumpfile-1.5.7
- add sample eppic scripts to kexec-tools-eppic package
- Restart kdump service on cpu ADD/REMOVE events

- kdumpctl: Use kexec file based syscall for secureboot enabled machines
- kdumpctl: Use kexec file based mode to unload kdump kernel
- kdumpctl: Do not redirect error messages to /dev/null
- kexec: Provide an option to use new kexec system call

- use absolute path for executable in systemd service
- update to kdump-anaconda-addon-003
- remove dead kdump firstboot module and po files

- install 98-kexec.rules to /usr/lib/
- update kdump-anaconda-addon-0.2

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_21_22_Mass_Rebuild

- rework of kdump error handling
- add fadump support
- add static route support
- systemd will take care of shutdown and umount filesystems

- update to kdump-anaconda-addon-001-4-g03898ef.tar.gz
- prefix 'kdump-' to eth name

- update to kdump-anaconda-addon-20140721.tar.gz

- Fix makedumpfile OOM issue

- Rebase kexec-tools-2.0.7

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_21_Mass_Rebuild

- re-construct anaconda-addon file hierarchy

- fix a typo in kexec-tools.spec

- New package kdump-anaconda-addon
- fixes for udev event based service restart

- Remove nofail mount option
- Rebase makedumpfile-1.5.6

- generate kdump service dependencies on the fly
- kdump.conf: a standalone path directive becomes a relative path to it's backed disk.

- Add README to git repo
- Add fence_kdump support for generic clusters

- Exclude AArch64

- Rebase kexec-tools-2.0.6
- fix an issue when dump path is mounted on nfs
- vmcore-dmesg: stack smashing fix
- get_ssh_size fix for localized df output

- Warn about save vmcore patch mounted by another disk
- Omit dracut resume module

- Rebase kexec-tools-2.0.5
- backport several patches from upstream for i386 build

- Pass disable_cpu_apicid to kexec of capture kernel
- Relax restriction of dumping on encrypted target
- regression fix on wdt kernel drivers instal

- add kdump-in-cluster-environment.txt to rpm pkg
- Secure Boot status check warning
- Some watchdog driver support

- ssh dump: create random-seed manually
- makedumpfile: memset() in cyclic bitmap initialization introduce segment fault.
- Add acpi_no_memhotplug to kdump kernel
- Add fence kdump support

- Rebase makedumpfile-1.5.5

- makedumpfile: Improve progress information for huge memory system
- s390: use nr_cpus=1 instead of maxcpus=1

- vmcore-dmesg: fix timestamp error in vmcore-dmesg.txt
- makedumpfile: re-enable mmap() and introduce --non-mmap
- kdump.conf uncomment default core_collector line
- fix an issue when 'ssh' directive appearing in kdump.conf, the rest part of
lines in this file are ignored

- update translation files
- makedumpfile: default to lzo compression
- makedumpfile: add makedumpfile.conf.sample and its manpage

- Fix Tamil (India) locale subdir name.
- Fix bogus date in %changelog.

- Add rd.memdebug in kdump module
- kdumpctl: Avoid leaking fd to subshell
- makedumpfile: Understand >= v3.11-rc4 dmesg
- makedumpfile, ppc: Support to filter dump for kernels that use CONFIG_SPARSEMEM_VMEMMAP.

- makedumpfile: disable mmap()

- fix sadump format phys_base calculating error
- kdump, x86: Process multiple Crash kernel in /proc/iomem
- makedumpfile: wrong cyclic buffer size recalculation causes bitmap data corruption
- Fix max_mapnr issue on system has over 44-bit addressing.

- kdump-lib.sh: strip_comments is not implemented correcty

- Back port 2 revert commits
- kdump.sysconfig: default to 'nofail' mount

- Strip inline comments from the kdump config file before use
- kdump-lib.sh: add common function strip_comments
- Introduce kdump-lib.sh for kdump shared functions
- kdump.service: Start kdump after network is online and remote fs is mounted
- dracut-module-setup: _dev to be a local variable
- kdumpctl: Run multiple kdumpctl instances one by one in serial order

- remove 98selinux dependency

- dracut-kdump.sh: add do_dump() and error out if dump vmcore fails
- dracut-module-setup.sh: setup correct system time and time zone in 2nd kernel.
- kernel cmdline: Remove hugepage allocations
- Use /lib/dracut/no-emergency-shell to control action on fail
- Revert: kdump.sysconfig: Add option action_on_fail and set its default as continue
- dracut-kdump.sh: Redirect kdump script stdout/stderr to /dev/console
- makedumpfile: Add vmap_area_list definition for ppc/ppc64.

- add snappy build
- add lzo build
- pull makedumpfile-1.5.4
- mkdumprd: check return value of subshell
- mkdumprd: get_persistent_dev() return original dev if no persistent dev exists.
- dracut-kdump.sh: Merge dump_to_rootfs() to dump_fs()
- dracut-kdump.sh: explicitly sync after each dump
- Correct wrong weekday of changelog
- kexec-tools.spec: Remove incorrect description in changelog

- monitor-dd-progress fix
- rawdump: only show dd progress bar when core_collector is not makedumpfile
- kexec-tools.spec: replaces scriptlets with new systemd macros
- dracut-kdump.sh: umount fs right before kdump exit
- dracut-kdump.sh: recursively umount fs and its submounts
- dracut-kdump.sh: cleanup - using local variable names instead of / in functions
- dracut-kdump.sh: name the invalid vmcore to vmcore-incomplete
- dracut-kdump.sh: Output top level information about the kdump progress.
- kexec-kdump-howto: Add a section for debugging tips

- dracut-module-setup.sh: improve the approach to get a bridged interface list
- dracut-module-setup.sh: cleanup - use kdump_get_mac_addr() function
- dracut-module-setup.sh: use kernel exported mac address in kdump_get_mac_addr()
- dracut-module-setup.sh: use perm addr of slaves to setup bonding network
- kdump: Do not output debug messages by default
- dracut-module-setup.sh: kdump module depends on drm module
- mkdumprd: return error if no write permission on save path of server for ssh

- mkdumprd: remove -M option for dracut
- kdumpctl: add selinux relabel when service startup
- depends on dracut selinux module
- dracut-kdump.sh: umount rootfs after dump_to_rootfs
- kdump.sysconfig: append 'panic=10' to kdump cmdline
- kexec-kdump-howto: grubby is suggested modifing kernel cmdline
- kexec-tools.spec: removes kexec udev rules for s390
- kdump.sysconfig: Add option action_on_fail and set its default as continue
- Add tab key as delimiter for core_collector in kdump.conf
- redirect stdout to stderr

- kdump: Save vmcore-dmesg.txt before saving vmcore
- Remove 'ip=' overwrite to 40ip.conf
- Add support for bridge over bond/team/vlan.
- Fix bonding options syntax and get all specified options from ifcfg file.
- add dracut_args option to kdump.conf
- kexec-tools.spec: Add ethtool to dependency.
- error out if dump target is encrypted

- Delete several patches which have been merged into kexec-tools-2.0.4
- Revert: Release 2.0.3-72
- Release 2.0.3-72
- Pull kexec-tools-2.0.4
- Check if block device as dump target is resettable
- mkdumprd: add function perror_exit
- Deprecate blacklist option

- Remove eppic support on ppc and s390 arch

- Change rules related to eppic in kexec-tools.spec

- Support for eppic language as a subpackage

- tune sysconfig to save memory usage
- Remove useless codes related to LOGGER in kdumpctl
- kdumpctl:print out the service status
- Return to start() function when check_ssh_target failed
- use findmnt instead of blkid in mkdumprd
- check dump target mounting earlier
- kdumpctl: rename function name check_config
- add function to check kdump config file
- dracut-module-setup.sh: remove UUID/LABEL quotes before using it
- Change dump_to_rootfs to be a default option and reboot to be default action
- Remove '-F' in CORE_COLLECTOR when dump_to_rootfs

- Remove comma which is redundant
- Modify codes related to dump dir to make it clearer
- Rectify the get_host_ip implementation
- Revert: Merge an upstream patch for fix a ppc64 makedumpfile bug with with CONFIG_SPARSEMEM_EXTREME
- pull makedumpfile 1.5.3

- Spec: remove kdump image when a corresponding kernel is removed
- Merge an upstream patch for fix a ppc64 makedumpfile bug

- Add support for team devices
- Update translation file po/it.po
- remove wait for net ok function
- add bootdev cmdline param
- kdumpnic cmdline file name cleanup

- fix issue of exec on stack for ppc32

- revert explictly handling of PIPESTATUS
- enable pipefail bash option
- wrong ssh key fix
- build fix: Update 3 po files: po/gu.po po/or.po po/zh_CN.po

- Pull translated po files from zanata
- Optimize redundent code fetching server of network dump
- change the dump dir format to be more readable

- firstboot:fix reserve mem ui spinbox step size
- handle readonly mounted filesystem

- makedumpfile 1.5.1
- Update po tar.gz
- Add a notes for zanata process
- Add two xmls file for po zanata translation
- Cleanup and recreate po files

- Enable kdump service after installation
- get MEM_RESERVED from sysfs attribute
- get_ssh_size: use -n to redirect stdin from /dev/null
- add random feeding code for ssh dump
- kdump option space checking improvement
- kdumpctl: multi dump target checking fix

- pull in two upstream patches

- improve persistent name handling

- Pull vmcore-dmesg patches from vivek
- ppc/ppc64: compile purgatory with gcc option msoft-float
- Update to support f18 grub2 efi config file
- pass persistent name to dracut --device
- pass persistent name to dracut --mount
- use persistent name in kdump.conf of initramfs
- mkdumprd: add function get_persistent_dev
- remove useless uuid and label handling

- doc fix for mount dump target before mkdumprd
- pull makedumpfile 1.5.0

- pass raw device as dracut argument
- iscsi setup fix
- firstboot: add automatic and manual memory reservation for rhel
- firstboot: remove unnecessary underline shortkey
- firstboot: fix gtk warning about non-zero page size
- firstboot: update all kernels config in grubbyCmd
- firstboot: add actual reserved memory widget
- firstboot code cleanup
- rhcrashkernel-param: echo crashkernel=auto for rhel7
- Remove the kernel-kdump handling
- s390x firstboot fix
- remove elilo support
- grub2 fix in firstboot
- Take closing the reboot dialog as no
- Handle new crashkernel= syntax in firstboot
- Fix a localized string in firstboot
- Configure kdump in firstboot
- fix firstboot to ensure kdump svc is disabled properly
- firstboot text domain fix
- Update to use systemctl instead of sysv chkconfig
- port force_rebuild kdump.conf option
- Change return value to indicate the result of dump_raw() correctly.
- call dracut function for default shell

- refactor net option
- use fstab-sys to mount nfs
- rename function dump_localfs
- dump_localfs error path fix
- update kexec-kdump-howto.txt about systemctl commands
- ssh propagate alert message fix
- remove useless dracut cmdline '-c /dev/null'
- remove useless dracut cmdline for kernel-modules and kdumpbase
- install core_collector in module-setup.sh
- install extra_bins in module-setup.sh
- remove busybox dependency
- improve warning message of space checking
- do not mount root twice
- do not add fstab-sys module in dracut cmdline
- omit dash module
- network dns config fix
- shell exit value fix

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_18_Mass_Rebuild

- add s390x netdev setup
- Add s390x support
- Cleanup temp file leaved at /tmp/
- add check_size function for fs dump
- add ssh check_size
- blacklist patch apply fix
- Respect bonding mode
- Support dump over vlan tagged bonding

- add blacklist option, Resolves: bz805774
- Add kdump_post and kdump_pre support, Resolves: bz805773
- Port check_config from rhel6, Resolves: bz805778
- raw core_collector fix
- ssh core_collector fix
- drcut-kdump.sh: cleanup kdump.conf check

- cleanup DUMP_INSTRUCTION handling
- final reboot behavior fix
- dump_rootfs for default target fix
- add vlan support
- fix and refactor bond handling code
- fix and refactor bridge handling code
- core_collector doc basic fix
- omit plymouth module, Resolves: bz821997
- mkdumprd manpage cleanup manpage
- mkdumprd: remove --debug
- mkdumprd: remove noconf
- makedumprd: remove -d
- kdump.conf add sshkey
- kdump.conf remove disk_timeout
- kdump.conf make path uncommented
- kdump.conf.5 add default poweroff
- kdump.conf default shell fix
- kdump.conf default default action fix
- kdump.conf.5 remove module option
- kdump.conf remove kdump_pre/kdump_post
- kdump.conf: remove link_delay

- do_default_action cleanup, Resolves: bz805773
- add rhcrashkernel-param for anaconda use, Resolves: bz707441
- Basic iscsi target dump support (software initiator), Resolves bz822701
- Static ip configuratio support, Resolves: bz822739
- udev rules fix, Resolves: bz808817

- remove dracut-files.tgz2

- mkdumprd: Start using --hostonly and --add kdumpbase while calling dracut
- get_mp function cleanup
- move kdump script order to the end of pre pivot
- port raw dump from rhel6
- remove multi dump

- update dracut-files.tbz2

- update ppc64 sysconfig, resolve bug 811449
- deal with nic rename issue, resolve bug 810107
- update x86_64 sysconfig, resolve bug 813711

- variable name fix from Dave Young.

- get ip addr with getent
- spec: depends on dracut-network
- Handle net option for nfs in kdump.conf correctly

- Bump this version.

- Fixup sysytemd service file.

- Add ssh dump support, resolve bug 789253.

- Pull the latest makedumpfile release, 1.4.2.

- Add initial NFS dump support, experimental.

- Really upload the dracut module.

- Fix various bugs for nfs dump.

- kdump.sh cleanup for fstab handling, from Dave Young.

- Handle rootfs correctly.

- Fix add_dracut_arg in mkdumprd.

- Update kdump dracut module with the latest dracut kdump branch.

- Update kdump dracut module to use the latest dracut feature.

- fix systemd scriptlets

- Rename mkdumprd2 to mkdumpramfs.

- Add debug_mem_level debugging option, from Jan Stancek.
Resolve Bug 731395.

- Fix several issues caused by the previous revert.

- Switch back to old mkdumprd and also keep the new one.

- Fix default action handling.

- Install modified kdump.conf in initrd.

- Handle lvm in pre-pivot hook.

- Fix udev rules in module-setup.sh

- Generate udev rules in module-setup.sh

- Generate udev rules to handle device names.

- Fix dump to local filesystem and raw dump.

- Depend on dracut-network.

- Move dracut module detection code to module-setup.sh.

- Use shutdown module of dracut to handle reboot/shutdown/halt.

- Wait for loginit.

- Use absolute path of reboot/halt/poweroff.

- Don't use consolehelper, use real reboot/halt/poweroff.

- Rename initrd to initramfs.

- Don't depend on busybox, as it doesn't save much space.

- Parse default action.

- Move path/core_collector/default parsing code to initrd.

- Remove obsolete code in kdumpctl.

- Support core_collector and extran_bins.

- Bypass '-d' option.

- Update initramfs infrastructure to make it working
with dracut.

- Removed sysv init script from package

- Added systemd unit file (bz 716994)

- Updated to upstream version 2.0.2

- Fixed misuse of readlink command after directory change (bz 710744)

- Fix some grammer in man page (bz 673817)

- Fix misuse of basename in mkdumprd (bz 683769)

- Fix build break in purgatory makefile

- Remove vestigual emitdms code and call from mkdumprd

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_15_Mass_Rebuild

- Fixed dhcp retry mechanism (bz 645734)

* Wed Sep 29 2010 jkeating - 2.0.0-40
- Rebuilt for gcc bug 634757

- fix finding modalias/mkdumprd hang (bz 635893)

- recompiling .py files against Python 2.7 (rhbz#623327)

- Fix a syntax error in kdump init script

- Cosmetic mkdumprd fixes (drop an unused function, streamline another)

- Forward-port from F13
- Fixed kernel text area search in kcore (bz 587750)

- Massive forward-port from RHEL6
- Update kexec-kdump-howto.txt
- Update docs to reflect use of ext4
- Update mkdumprd to pull in all modules needed
- Fix mkdumprd typo
- Removed universal add of ata_piix from mkdumprd
- Fix infinite loop from modprobe changes
- Fixed kexec-kdump-howto.doc for RHEL6
- Update makedumpfile to 1.3.5
- Improved mkdumprd run time
- Cai's fix for broken regex
- Fixing crashkernel syntax parsing
- Fix initscript to return proper LSB return codes
- Fixed bad call to resolve_dm_name
- Added poweroff option to mkdumprd
- Fixed readlink issue
- Fixed x86_64 page_offset specifictaion
- Fixed lvm setup loop to not hang
- Added utsname support to makedumpfile for 2.6.32
- Fix critical_disks list to exclude cciss/md
- Add help info for -b option
- Add ability to handle firmware hotplug events
- Update mkdumprd to deal with changes in busybox fsck
- Vitaly's fix to detect need for 64 bit elf
- Fix major/minor numbers on /dev/rtc
- Fix ssh id propogation w/ selinux
- Add blacklist feature to kdump.conf
- Removed rhpl code from firstboot
- Fixed firstboot enable sense
- Remove bogus debug comment from mkdumprd.
- Handle SPARSEMEM properly
- Fix scp monitoring script
- Fix firstboot to find grub on EFI systems
- Fixed mkdumprd to remove dup insmod
- Fixed kdump fsck pause
- Fixed kdump option handling
- fixed raid5 module detection

- Remove nash references from mkdumprd

- Fixed spec file error

- Adding kdump.conf man page
- Adding disk timeout parameter (bz 566135)

- Fix raid support in mkdumprd (bz 519767)

- Updating firstboot script to RHEL-6 version (bz 539812)

- Added abrt infrastructure to kdump init script (bz 533370)

- Fixing permissions on dracut module files

- Rebuild for translation team (bz 522415)

- Fix dracut module check file (bz 522486)

- update kdump adv conf init script & dracut module

- Remove mkdumprd2 and start replacement with dracut

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_12_Mass_Rebuild

- Fixed build break

- Make makedumpfile a dynamic binary

- Fix build issue

- Updated initscript to use mkdumprd2 if manifest is present
- Updated spec to require dash
- Updated sample manifest to point to correct initscript
- Updated populate_std_files helper to fix sh symlink

- Fixed mkdumprd2 tarball creation

- Fix up kdump so it works with latest firstboot

- Fixed some stat drive detect bugs by E. Biederman (bz505701)

- Put early copy of mkdumprd2 out in the wild (bz 466392)

- Update makedumpfile to v 1.3.3 (bz 499849)

- Simplifed rootfs mounting code in mkdumprd (bz 494416)

- Install the correct configuration for i586

- Fix problem with quoted CORE_COLLECTOR string (bz 493707)

- Add BR glibc-static

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_11_Mass_Rebuild

- Rebuild for Python 2.6

- adding makedumpfile man page updates (bz 473212)

- Rebuild for Python 2.6

- Correct source file to use proper lang package (bz 335191)

- Fix mkdumprd typo (bz 469001)

- Fix sysconfig files to not specify --args-linux on x86 (bz 461615)

- Update kexec-tools to latest upstream version

- Fix mkdumprd to properly use UUID/LABEL search (bz 455998)

- fix license tag

- Add video reset section to docs (bz 456572)

- Fix mkdumprd to support dynamic busybox (bz 443878)

- Added lvm to bin list (bz 443878)

- Update to latest makedumpfile from upstream
- Mass import of RHEL fixes missing in rawhide

- Fix mkdumprd to properly pull in libs for lvm/mdadm (bz 443878)

- Fix cmdline length issue

- Fixing ARCH definition for bz 438661

- Adding patches for bz 438661

- Bringing rawhide up to date with bugfixes from RHEL5
- Adding patch to prevent kexec buffer overflow on ppc (bz 428684)

- Modifying mkdumprd to include dynamic executibles (bz 433350)

- bumping rev number for rebuild

- Fix ARCH placement in kdump init script (bz 427201)
- Fix BuildRequires
- Fix Makedumpfile to build with new libelf

- Fix triggerpostun script (bz 308151)

- Bumping kexec version to latest horms tree (bz 257201)
- Adding trigger to remove initrds when a kernel is removed

- Add xen-syms patch to makedumpfile (bz 250341)

- Fix ability to determine space on nfs shares (bz 252170)

- Update kdump.init to always create sparse files (bz 253714)

- Update init script to handle xen kernel cmdlnes (bz 250803)

- Update mkdumprd to suppres notifications /rev makedumpfile (bz 250341)

- Fix mkdumprd to suppress informative messages (bz 248797)

- Updated fr.po translations (bz 248287)

- Fix up add_buff to retry locate_hole on segment overlap (bz 247989)

- Fix up language files for kexec (bz 246508)

- Fixing up initscript for LSB (bz 246967)

- Fixed conflict in mkdumprd in use of /mnt (bz 222911)

- Fixed kdump.init to properly read cmdline (bz 244649)

- Fixed up kdump.init to enforce mode 600 on authorized_keys2 (bz 235986)

- Fix alignment of bootargs and device-tree structures on ppc64

- Allow ppc to boot ppc64 kernels (bz 235608)

- Reduce rmo_top to 0x7c000000 for PS3 (bz 235030)

- Fix spec to own kexec_tools directory (bz 219035)

- Add fix for ppc memory region computation (bz 233312)

- Adding extra check to avoid oom kills on nfs mount failure (bz 215056)

- Updating makedumpfile to version 1.1.1 (bz 2223743)

- Adding multilanguage infrastructure to firstboot_kdump (bz 223175)

- Fixing up file permissions on kdump.conf (bz 228137)

- Adding mkdumprd man page to build

- Updating kdump.init and mkdumprd with most recent RHEL5 fixes
- Fixing BuildReq to require elfutils-devel-static

- Fix option parsing problem for bzImage files (bz 221272)

- Wholesale update of RHEL5 revisions 55-147

- integrate default elf format patch

- Taking Viveks x86_64 crashdump patch (rcv. via email)

- Taking ia64 tools patch for bz 181358

- more doc updates
- added patch to fix build break from kernel headers change

- repo patch to enable support for relocatable kernels.

- rewriting kcp to properly do ssh and scp
- updating mkdumprd to use new kcp syntax

- Bumping revision number

- ppc64 no-more-platform fix

- ppc64 fixups:
- actually build ppc64 binaries (bug 203407)
- correct usage output
- avoid segfault in command-line parsing
- install kexec man page
- use regulation Fedora BuildRoot

- fixed typo in mkdumprd for bz 202983
- fixed typo in mkdumprd for bz 203053
- clarified docs in kdump.conf with examples per bz 203015

- updated init script to implement status function/scrub err messages

- Misc spec cleanups and macro-ifications

- Add %dir /var/crash, so default kdump setup works

- fix another silly makefile error for makedumpfile

- exclude makedumpfile from build on non-x86[_64] arches

- exclude makedumpfile from build on non-x86[_64] arches

- updating makedumpfile makefile to use pkg-config on glib-2.0

- updating makedumpfile makefile to use pkg-config

- Removing unneeded deps after Makefile fixup for makedumpfile

- fixing up FC6/RHEL5 BuildRequires line to build in brew

- enabling makedumpfile in build

- added makedumpfile source to package

- added et-dyn patch to allow loading of relocatable kernels

- fixing up missing patch to kdump.init

- add kexec frontend (bz 197695)

- rebuild

- Buildrequire zlib-devel

- Bumping rev number

- Add patch to allow ppc64 to ignore args-linux option

- fix scriptlet - call chkconfig --add, change the default in the
script itself (#183633)

- Don't add kdump service by default, let the user manually add it to
avoid everyone seeing a warning.

- Fix kdump.init to call kexec from its new location

- proper requires for scriptlets

- Move kexec and kdump binaries to /sbin

- Fix argument order when stopping kexec

- kdump7.patch
o Remove elf32 core headers support for x86_64
o Fix x86 prepare elf core header routine
o Fix ppc64 kexec -p failure for gcc 4.10
o Fix few warnings for gcc 4.10
o Add the missing --initrd option for ppc64
o Fix ppc64 persistent root device bug
- Remove --elf32-core-headers from default configuration, users
may re-add it via KEXEC_ARGS.
- Remove obsolete KEXEC_HEADERS

- Remove wrong quotes around --command-line in kdump.init

- Fix the service stop case. It was previously unloading the wrong kernel.
- Implement the 'restart' function.
- Add the 'irqpoll' option as a default kdump kernel commandline parameter.
- Create a default kernel command line in the sysconfig file upon rpm install.

- rebuilt for new gcc4.1 snapshot and glibc changes

- Add patch to enable the kdump binary for x86_64

* Wed Feb 01 2006 Thomas Graf
- New kdump patch to support s390 arch + various fixes
- Include kdump in x86_64 builds

* Mon Jan 30 2006 Thomas Graf
- New kdump patch to support x86_64 userspace

* Fri Dec 16 2005 Jesse Keating
- rebuilt for new gcj

- Report missing kdump kernel image as warning

- Build for x86_64 as well. Kdump support doesn't work there, but users
should be able to use kexec.

- Add a kdump sysconfig file and init script
- Spec file additions for pre/post install/uninstall

* Thu Aug 25 2005 Jeff Moyer
- Initial prototype for RH/FC5

Updated Packages

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Oracle Linux 8 (aarch64) kexec-tools-2.0.20-34.0.5.el8_3.2.src.rpm7e625d7f3764d6a9b2cc5563cfab2c12-
Oracle Linux 8 (x86_64) kexec-tools-2.0.20-34.0.5.el8_3.2.src.rpm7e625d7f3764d6a9b2cc5563cfab2c12-

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