ELBA-2021-15055 - livecd-tools Bug Fix update

Release Date:2021-06-20


- Release 28.1 (ngompa13)
- imgcreate/live: Add missing comma for xorrisofs options (ngompa13)
- prevent urlgrabber.urlgrab() from overwriting ks files in current directory (sobjerke)

- Add missing dependencies (urlgrabber, dracut-live)
- Remove hfsplus-tools as a dependency for EL8+

- Release 28.0 (ngompa13)
- HACKING: Fix URL for the Git repository (ngompa13)
- imgcreate/live: Add missing variable '_isDracut' (ngompa13)
- imgcreate/live: Use the right EFI binaries for x86 images (ngompa13)
- imgcreate/live: Add AArch64 support (ngompa13)
- imgcreate/live: Rework ISO creation to split x86 specific parts out (ngompa13)
- Add missing files to uninstall section of makefile (quanterium)
- Separate the errors for no ks specified and file not found (bcotton)
- Pass package_types to dnf base group_install as tuple, not set (awilliam)
- imgcreate: Allow more SquashFS compression options. (fgrose)
- BindChrootMount: Expand this class to include bind mounting of files. (fgrose)
- Obsolete osmin.img processing. (fgrose)
- live.py: harmonize xorrisofs arguments with lorax live/x86.tmpl (fgrose)
- imgcreate/kickstart: Use urlgrabber again instead of urllib (ngompa13)
- Make --livedir & --multi handling more robust. (fgrose)
- editliveos: Use USERNAME now instead of LOGNAME. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Update test for 'gio' presence. (fgrose)
- live.py: Store EFI boot images in /images/. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Use -E, --exit-if-exists option to udevadm settle. (fgrose)
- live.py: Update xorrisofs_options for x86 images. (fgrose)
- editliveos: Rework installing packages into image (khoidinhtrinh)

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_34_Mass_Rebuild

- Backport PR #168 to fix a compatibility issue with DNF 4.4.0+

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_33_Mass_Rebuild

- Rebuilt for Python 3.9

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_32_Mass_Rebuild

- Rebuilt for Python 3.8.0rc1 (#1748018)

- Rebuilt for Python 3.8

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_31_Mass_Rebuild

- Bump version to 27.1 (ngompa13)
- Fix Kernel version detection (pablo)

- Bump version to 27.0 (ngompa13)
- imgcreate/creator: Change to text strings for reading file list from rpm
- imgcreate/live: Check for dracut being installed to determine usability
- imgcreate/live: Add squashfs as a mandatory extra filesystem (ngompa13)
- imgcreate/live: Rename dracut config file to 99-liveos.conf (ngompa13)
- 'udevadm settle' needs some time to settle (sbonds)
- README: Removed unnecessary 'the' (scwicker)
- imgcreate/kickstart: Use systemctl for enabling/disabling services (ngompa13)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Simply mount read-only to test for flat_squashfs.
- editliveos: Accommodate netinstall in multi boot configuration files.
- livecd-iso-to-disk+pod: Support netinstall .isos and as multi install.

- Add patch to adapt to rpm Python bindings changing from bytes to strings (RH#1699432)

- Backport fix from upstream to use systemctl instead of chkconfig (RH#1696064)

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_30_Mass_Rebuild

- Bump version to 26.1 (ngompa13)
- Run setfiles after chroot (noto.kazufumi)
- imgcreate/dnfinst: Force latest packages from only specified repos (ngompa13)

- Backport fix from upstream to ensure latest versions install
- Fix extlinux dependency for EL7

- Fix Obsoletes of python2-imgcreate from
- Bump version to 26.0 (ngompa13)
- imgcreate/kickstart: Exclude /sys from SELinux labeling (ngompa13)
- imgcreate/live: Switch to single-step ISO hybridization by xorrisofs
- Use xorrisofs instead of genisoimage (ngompa13)
- imgcreate/live: Drop UDF support (ngompa13)
- Fix excludeWeakdeps for older pykickstart versions (pablo)
- README: Update to include --flat-squashfs option. (fgrose)
- editliveos: Fix inconsistent ops argument. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Accept both dracut 045-8 and 049+ for OverlayFS. (fgrose)
- README: Update to include liveimage-mount & editliveos tools. (fgrose)
- config/livecd-fedora-minimal.ks: Increase root partition size. (fgrose)
- Support a flattened squashfs.img & non-standard image & overlay paths.
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Support netinstall .iso (fgrose)
- edit-livecd: Delete unmaintained script superceded by editliveos. (fgrose)
- Handle dnf config option showing as tuple, not list, in DNF 3.6 (awilliam)
- live.py: Fix unreported logging.error (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Skip Multi Image query on --skipcopy condition. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Tighten permissions on some files. (fgrose)
- DNF 3: workaround a bug with config values that are lists (awilliam)
- Add support for RISC-V (riscv64) (david.abdurachmanov)
- Revert 'Use restorecon instead of setfiles for relabeling' (puiterwijk)
- imgcreate: Copy gcdia32.efi in __copy_efi_files if it exists (Kevin)
- Fix the io.open() and utf-8 problems in imgcreate/util.py (david.l.cantrell)
- Remove get_modules(). (david.l.cantrell)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: adjust efi boot configuration code. (fgrose)
- fs.py & editliveos: remove code glitches (fgrose)
- editliveos: Bind mount /etc/resolv.conf (fgrose)
- fs.py & editliveos: Fix overlay changing. (fgrose)
- util.py: Captured output from subprocesses should always be decoded. (scott)
- Update livecd-creator manpage with info about imcomplete options
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Revert change that broke EFI/MBR hybrid booting (scott)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Fix faulty --efi boot config code. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Fix overlay size reporting & type testing. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Accommodate multiple BOOT*.EFI files. (fgrose)

- Backport workaround for lack of excludeWeakDeps with EL7 pykickstart

- Fix when Python 2 subpackage is obsoleted
- Fix up EL7 support

- Drop Python 2 subpackage for F30+/RHEL8+

- Backport further fix for #1595917

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_29_Mass_Rebuild

- Rebuilt for Python 3.7

- Work around a DNF 3 bug that breaks repo setup (#1595917)

- Rebuilt for Python 3.7

- Revert patch to use restorecon due to unloaded selinux policy

- Require selinux-policy-targeted in imgcreate-sysdeps

- Update Python 2 dependency declarations to new packaging standards
(See https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FinalizingFedoraSwitchtoPython3)

- Escape macros in %changelog

- Backport patch to fix appliance-creator

- Bump version to 25.0 (ngompa13)
- Set the correct partition size for minimal Mageia kickstarts (ngompa13)
- editliveos: A full featured replacement for tools/edit-livecd. (fgrose)
- fs.py: Add functions and classes to support Live Image Mounting. (fgrose)
- creator.py, live.py: Allow more options to be passed to functions. (fgrose)
- debug.py: Add support for argparse parser. (fgrose)
- fs.py: Allow more options to be passed to functions. (fgrose)
- util.py: Add a subprocess call that returns standard values. (fgrose)
- Remove absolute directories on external program call paths. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Allow auto --multi install. (fgrose)
- Fix ARM architecture check (ngompa13)
- Declare the literal 'kernel-' as a byte array to fix crash (ngompa13)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Fix boot configuration for images lacking /EFI (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Fix space evaluation for images lacking /EFI (fgrose)
- Use restorecon instead of setfiles for relabeling (scott)
- liveimage-mount: Add support for OverlayFS overlays. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk+pod: Enable a --copy-overlay option. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk+pod: Enable a --copy-home option. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk+pod: Add --overlayfs option for overlay. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk+pod: Allow multi installs to live booted devices (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Fix sed for kernelargs. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Adjust syslinux default menu style, as needed. (fgrose)

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_27_Binutils_Mass_Rebuild

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_27_Mass_Rebuild

- Bump version to 24.4 (ngompa13)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Fix freespace determination for DVD installer. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Fix labeling of target device filesystem. (fgrose)
- Switch the default filesystem to ext4 (ngompa13)

- Include missing sample kickstarts

- Bump version to 24.3 (ngompa13)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Fix --efi --format code sequence problems. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk+pod: Add options for automatic boot. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk+pod: Add --no-overlay & --reset-overlay options. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Remove checkLVM() as it seems unnecessary now. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk & liveimage-mount: Multi Live Image Boot fixes. (fgrose)
- Update minimal Fedora kickstart to use sha512 auth algorithm (ngompa13)
- Add minimal Mageia kickstarts to serve as examples (ngompa13)
- Use genisoimage instead of mkisofs (ngompa13)

- Bump version to 24.2 (ngompa13)
- livecd-iso-to-disk+pod: Code cleanups & modernization. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Update partition handling (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Replace unneeded uses of awk. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk+pod: Multi Live Image boot configuration (fgrose)

- Fix livecd-iso-to-disk pod text (ngompa13)
- Bump version to 24.1 (ngompa13)
- Add more primary authors (ngompa13)
- liveimage-mount: Add an exception class to allow standalone use. (fgrose)
- liveimage-mount: Support multiple concurrent invocations. (fgrose)
- liveimage-mount: Extend mount-hacks & overlay options. (fgrose)
- liveimage-mount: Support encrypted home filesystems. (fgrose)
- liveimage-mount: Add a read-only option for mounting. (fgrose)
- liveimage-mount: Add an unmount mode. (fgrose)
- liveimage-mount: Don't bypass udev in dmsetup. (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Restructure filesystem label handling (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk+pod: Fix missing/outdated boot configurations (fgrose)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: Cleanup sed statements (fgrose)
- Disable 64bit feature in mke2fs for syslinux>=6.03 (yturgema)

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_26_Mass_Rebuild

- Move system dependencies for livecd-tools to python-imgcreate-sysdeps (#1409536)
- Ensure pythonX-imgcreate depend on python-imgcreate-sysdeps (#1409536)

- Rebuild for Python 3.6

- Remove unused tmpdir parameter in resize2fs(). (fgrose)
- HACKING: Fix mailing list address (ngompa13)
- README: Fix the mailing list reference (ngompa13)
- Check if FirewallD is installed before running ks firewall commands (ngompa13)
- Merge pull request #6 from Conan-Kudo/yumtodbo (kevin.kofler)
- Fixup and update the README (ngompa13)
- Yum -> DNF; ayum -> dbo (ngompa13)
- Properly exclude packages from the install set (ngompa13)
- Merge pull request #3 from Conan-Kudo/warningfix (kevin.kofler)
- logging.warn -> logging.warning (ngompa13)
- Delete any leftover (Kevin)
- Fix error handling in creator.py (Kevin)
- Merge pull request #2 from Conan-Kudo/fixmakefile (kevin.kofler)
- Fix command for creating symlink in Makefile (ngompa13)
- Fix command for getting Python directory in the Makefile (ngompa13)
- Merge pull request #1 from Conan-Kudo/futurize (kevin.kofler)
- Bump version to 24.0 (ngompa13)
- Fix up README (ngompa13)
- More conversion of strings to bytestrings (ngompa13)
- Convert bytestring to string (ngompa13)
- Replace deprecated string.join() with str.join (ngompa13)
- Fix division to be unambiguous (ngompa13)
- Purge all Python < 2.6 exception handling code (ngompa13)
- 'msg' should be 'message' for CreatorError exceptions (ngompa13)
- More string to bytestring conversions (ngompa13)
- Convert string to bytestring (ngompa13)
- Convert result sliced from bytestring into string (ngompa13)
- More declaring bytestrings as bytestrings (ngompa13)
- Replace file() with open() (ngompa13)
- use six module for urllib import (ngompa13)
- Mark byte being written as byte (ngompa13)
- Prepend file:// for local paths that don't have it already (ngompa13)
- Remove unused import for system-config-keyboard (ngompa13)
- Migrate from urlgrabber to urllib for Python 2/3 compatibility (ngompa13)
- Makefile fixes for setting which Python to use (ngompa13)
- Add support for setting Python interpreter to be used (ngompa13)
- Port to Python 2.6+, 3.3+ (ngompa13)
- Port from yum to dnf. (Kevin)
- Add imgcreate/.gitignore (Kevin)
- Disambiguation (PeteLawler)

- Version 23.4 (bcl)
- yuminst.LiveCDYum.runInstall: import yum.Errors (sandro.bonazzola)
- Wrap all parted calls in LC_ALL=C (#1350253) (bcl)
- Fix calling livecd-iso-to-pxeboot with a full path (cadegenn)
- Stop truncating /etc/resolv.conf in SELinux module -- fixes #31 (torrancew)
- litp: Copy ldlinux.c32 to tftpboot for PXE live setup. (bcl)
- Always use rsync to copy Packages (#1343645) (bcl)
- Fix extended regular expression [0-9] (fgrose)
- Enable loop device as installation target (fgrose)

- https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/Automatic_Provides_for_Python_RPM_Packages

- Version 23.3 (bcl)
- litd: add the 'rw' argument even if there's no 'ro' (#1318470) (lkundrak)
- Remove everything but LiveOS/ from appended ISO (lzap+git)
- support aarch64 (jef199006)

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_24_Mass_Rebuild

- Actually add the source file

- Version 23.2 (bcl)
- Use add_drivers for dracut config (#1192030) (bcl)
- litd: Don't add inst.stage2 to cmdline (bcl)
- livecd-iso-to-disk: partnum should only be a digit (#1136586) (bcl)
- Handle devices ending in a digit (#1136586) (bcl)

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_23_Mass_Rebuild

- Version 23.1 (bcl)
- litd: All parted calls should use -s mode (#1195478) (bcl)
- litd: Make sure device nodes have time to appear (bcl)
- Sync usage documentation with livecd-iso-to-disk.pod (fgrose)
- Correct misinformation and cover new options (fgrose)
- Update repo urls to point to new github location (#1208825) (bcl)
- Explicitly add the uas driver to the initrd (#1201983) (bcl)
- Update repo urls to point to new github location.

- Version 23.0 (bcl)
- kickstart: Handle resolv.conf being a nonexistent symlink (walters)
- Report Kickstart errors without traceback (#1168030) (bcl)
- Change console font to eurlatgr (myllynen)
- litd: Add missing syslinux modules (#1192137) (bcl)
- Note lz4 compression in help (bruno)

- Require python-kickstart since it has teh python2 version of pykickstart

- Version 21.4 (bcl)
- Ignore case when looking for UEFI boot*efi file (#1156380) (bcl)
- Preload the libnss_sss library (#1127103) (bcl)

- Version 21.3 (bcl)
- mkefiboot now expects all upper case for BOOT*.EFI (#1154138) (bcl)
- Move __fstype into ImageCreator class (bcl)
- Catch Yum errors and print them (#1119906) (bcl)

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_21_22_Mass_Rebuild

- Version 21.2 (bcl)
- Abort livecd creation if selinux relabel fails (#1121301) (bcl)
- Add lorax ppc config files to search path (bcl)
- Use inst.repo and inst.stage2 (bcl)
- Use rd.live.overlay instead of overlay (bcl)

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_21_Mass_Rebuild

- Version 21.1 (bcl)
- Update live.py for syslinux 6.02-4 (bcl)

- Version 21.0 (bcl)
- Update kickstart.py for new kickstart (bcl)
- Update yuminst for new pykickstart (bcl)
- Cleanup paths in README (bcl)
- livecd-creator: Make sure kickstart file exists (#1074295) (bcl)

- Version 20.4 (bcl)
- Fix extlinux check (#1059278) (bcl)
- Check kickstart for repo line (#1005580) (bcl)
- Catch CreatorError during class init (#1005580) (bcl)
- Add docleanup to edit-livecd (#1000744) (bcl)
- utf8 decode unicode error strings (#1035248) (bcl)
- Remove switch to Permissive (#1051523) (bcl)

- Version 20.3 (bcl)
- Add missing quote (#1044675) (bcl)

- Version 20.2 (bcl)
- Use LC_ALL=C for parted calls (#1045854) (bcl)
- Fix to work with the changed yum.config._getsysver (bruno)
- Add check for extlinux tools (#881317) (bcl)
- Cleanup arg parsing a bit (#725047) (bcl)

- add 'troubleshooting' submenu with 'basic graphics mode' to UEFI boot menu (awilliam)
- make UEFI boot menu resemble the BIOS and non-live boot menus more (awilliam)
- drop 'xdriver=vesa' from basic graphics mode parameters (per ajax) (awilliam)
- Ensure filesystem modules end up in the live image initramfs. (notting)
- Don't use mkfs.extN options for any filesystem types. (notting)
- litd: Add --label option to override LIVE label (helio)
- liveimage-mount: add missing import (bcl)
- Change vfat limit from 2047 to 4095 (#995552) (bcl)

Updated Packages

Release/ArchitectureFilenameMD5sumSuperseded By Advisory
Oracle Linux 8 (aarch64) livecd-tools-28.1-1.el8.src.rpm78a8688f31c12bce11f086bddd00c242-
Oracle Linux 8 (x86_64) livecd-tools-28.1-1.el8.src.rpm78a8688f31c12bce11f086bddd00c242-

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