ELBA-2021-15083 - snapd Bug Fix update

Release Date:2021-06-22


- Relase 2.51 to Fedora (RHBZ#1962474)

* Thu May 27 2021 Ian Johnson
- New upstream release 2.51
- cmd/snap: stacktraces debug endpoint
- secboot: deactivate volume again when model checker fails
- store: extra log message, a few minor cleanups
- packaging/debian-sid: update systemd patch
- snapstate: adjust update-gadget-assets user visible message
- tests/nested/core/core20-create-recovery: verify that recovery
system can be created at runtime
- gadget: support creating vfat partitions during bootstrap
- daemon/api_quotas.go: support updating quotas with ensure action
- daemon: tighten access to a couple of POST endpoints that should
be really be root-only
- seed/seedtest, overlord/devicestate: move seed validation helper
to seedtest
- overlord/hookstate/ctlcmd: remove unneeded parameter
- snap/quota: add CurrentMemoryUsage for current memory usage of a
quota group
- systemd: add CurrentMemoryUsage to get current memory usage for a
- o/snapstate: introduce minimalInstallInfo interface
- o/hookstate: print pending info (ready, inhibited or none)
- osutil: a helper to find out the total amount of memory in the
- overlord, overlord/devicestate: allow for reloading modeenv in
devicemgr when testing
- daemon: refine access testing
- spread: disable unattended-upgrades on debian
- tests/lib/reset: make nc exit after a while when connection is
- daemon: replace access control flags on commands with access
- release-tools/changelog.py: refactor regexp + file reading/writing
- packaging/debian-sid: update locale patch for the latest master
- overlord/devicestate: tasks for creating recovery systems at
- release-tools/changelog.py: implement script to update all the
changelog files
- tests: change machine type used for nested testsPrices:
- cmd/snap: include locale when linting description being lower case
- o/servicestate: add RemoveSnapFromQuota
- interfaces/serial-port: add Qualcomm serial port devices to
allowed list
- packaging: merge 2.50.1 changelog back
- interfaces/builtin: introduce raw-input interface
- tests: remove tests.cleanup prepare from nested test
- cmd/snap-update-ns: fix linter errors
- asserts: fix errors reported by linter
- o/hookstate/ctlcmd: allow system-mode for non-root
- overlord/devicestate: comment why explicit system mode check is
needed in ensuring tried recovery systems (#10275)
- overlord/devicesate: observe snap writes when creating recovery
- packaging/ubuntu-16.04/changelog: add placeholder for 2.50.1
- tests: moving to tests directories snaps built locally - part 1
- seed/seedwriter: fail early when system seed directory exists
- o/snapstate: autorefresh phase1 for refresh-control
- c/snap: more precise message for ErrorKindSystemRestart op !=
- tests: simplify the tests.cleanup tool
- boot: helpers for manipulating current and good recovery systems
- o/hookstate, o/snapstate: print revision, version, channel with
snapctl --pending
- overlord: unit test tweaks, use well known snap IDs, setup snap
declarations for most common snaps
- tests/nested/manual: add test for install-device + snapctl reboot
- o/servicestate: restart slices + services on modifications
- tests: update mount-ns test to support changes in the distro
- interfaces: fix linter issues
- overlord: mock logger in managers unit tests
- tests: adding support for fedora-34
- tests: adding support for debian 10 on gce
- boot: reseal given keys when the respective boot chain has changed
- secboot: switch encryption key size to 32 byte (thanks to Chris)
- interfaces/dbus: allow claiming 'well-known' D-Bus names with a
wildcard suffix
- spread: bump delta reference version
- interfaces: builtin: update permitted paths to be compatible with
- overlord: fix errors reported by linter
- tests: remove old fedora systems from tests
- tests: update spread url
- interfaces/camera: allow devices in /sys/devices/platform/**/usb*
- interfaces/udisks2: Allow access to the login manager via dbus
- cmd/snap: exit normally if 'snap changes' has no changes
(LP #1823974)
- tests: more fixes for spread suite on openSUSE
- tests: fix tests expecting cgroup v1/hybrid on openSUSE Tumbleweed
- daemon: fix linter errors
- spread: add Fedora 34, leave a TODO about dropping Fedora 32
- interfaces: fix linter errors
- tests: use op.paths tools instead of dirs.sh helper - part 2
- client: Fix linter errors
- cmd/snap: Fix errors reported by linter
- cmd/snap-repair: fix linter issues
- cmd/snap-bootstrap: Fix linter errors
- tests: update permission denied message for test-snapd-event on
ubuntu 2104
- cmd/snap: small tweaks based on previous reviews
- snap/snaptest: helper that mocks both the squashfs file and a snap
- overlord/devicestate: tweak comment about creating recovery
systems, formatting tweaks
- overlord/devicestate: move devicemgr base suite helpers closer to
test suite struct
- overlord/devicestate: keep track of tried recovery system
- seed/seedwriter: clarify in the diagram when SetInfo is called
- overlord/devicestate: add helper for creating recovery systems at
- snap-seccomp: update syscalls.go list
- boot,image: support image.Customizations.BootFlags
- overlord: support snapctl --halt|--poweroff in gadget install-
- features,servicestate: add experimental.quota-groups flag
- o/servicestate: address comments from previous PR
- tests: basic spread test for snap quota commands
- tests: moving the snaps which are not locally built to the store
- image,c/snap: implement prepare-image --customize
- daemon: implement REST API for quota groups (create / list / get)
- cmd/snap, client: snap quotas command
- o/devicestate,o/hookstate/ctlcmd: introduce SystemModeInfo methods
and snapctl system-mode
- o/servicestate/quota_control.go: introduce (very) basic group
manipulation methods
- cmd/snap, client: snap remove-quota command
- wrappers, quota: implement quota groups slice generation
- snap/quotas: followups from previous PR
- cmd/snap: introduce 'snap quota' command
- o/configstate/configcore/picfg.go: use ubuntu-seed config.txt in
uc20 run mode
- o/servicestate: test has internal ordering issues, consider both
- o/servicestate/quotas: add functions for getting and setting
quotas in state
- tests: new buckets for snapd-spread project on gce
- spread.yaml: update the gce project to start using snapd-spread
- quota: new package for managing resource groups
- many: bind and check keys against models when using FDE hooks v2
- many: move responsibilities down seboot -> kernel/fde and boot ->
- packaging: add placeholder changelog
- o/configstate/configcore/vitality: fix RequireMountedSnapdSnap
- overlord: properly mock usr-lib-snapd tests to mimic an Ubuntu
Core system
- many: hide EncryptionKey size and refactors for fde hook v2 next
- tests: adding debug info for create user tests
- o/hookstate: add 'refresh' command to snapctl (hidden, not
complete yet)
- systemd: wait for zfs mounts (LP #1922293)
- testutil: support referencing files in FileEquals checker
- many: refactor to kernel/fde and allow
to return json
- o/snapstate: store refresh-candidates in the state
- o/snapstate: helper for creating gate-auto-refresh hooks
- bootloader/bootloadertest: provide interface implementation as
mixins, provide a mock for recovery-aware-trusted-asses bootloader
- tests/lib/nested: do not compress images, return early when
restored from pristine image
- boot: split out a helper for making recovery system bootable
- tests: update os.query check to match new bullseye codename used
on sid images
- o/snapstate: helper for getting snaps affected by refresh, define
new hook
- wrappers: support in EnsureSnapServices a callback to observe
changes (#10176)
- gadget: multi line support in gadget's cmdline file
- daemon: test that requesting restart from (early) Ensure works
- tests: use op.paths tools instead of dirs.sh helper - part 1
- tests: add new command to snaps-state to get current core, kernel
and gadget
- boot, gadget: move opening the snap container into the gadget
- tests, overlord: extend unit tests, extend spread tests to cover
full command line support
- interfaces/builtin: introduce dsp interface
- boot, bootloader, bootloader/assets: support for full command line
override from gadget
- overlord/devicestate, overlord/snapstate: add task for updating
kernel command lines from gadget
- o/snapstate: remove unused DeviceCtx argument of
- tests/lib/nested: proper status return for tpm/secure boot checks
- cmd/snap, boot: add snapd_full_cmdline_args to dumped boot vars
- wrappers/services.go: refactor helper lambda function to separate
- boot/flags.go: add HostUbuntuDataForMode
- boot: handle updating of components that contribute to kernel
command line
- tests: add 20.04 to systems for nested/core
- daemon: add new accessChecker implementations
- boot, overlord/devicestate: consider gadget command lines when
updating boot config
- tests: fix prepare-image-grub-core18 for arm devices
- tests: fix gadget-kernel-refs-update-pc test on arm and when
is false
- tests: enable help test for all the systems
- boot: set extra command line arguments when preparing run mode
- boot: load bits of kernel command line from gadget snaps
- tests: update layout for tests - part 2
- tests: update layout for tests - part 1
- tests: remove the snap profiler from the test suite
- boot: drop gadget snap yaml which is already defined elsewhere in
the tests
- boot: set extra kernel command line arguments when making a
recovery system bootable
- boot: pass gadget path to command line helpers, load gadget from
- tests: new os.paths tool
- daemon: make ucrednetGet() return a *ucrednet structure
- boot: derive boot variables for kernel command lines
- cmd/snap-bootstrap/initramfs-mounts: fix boot-flags location from

* Wed May 19 2021 Ian Johnson
- New upstream release 2.50.1
- interfaces: update permitted /lib/.. paths to be compatible with
- interfaces: builtin: update permitted paths to be compatible with
- interfaces/greengrass-support: delete white spaces at the end of
- snap-seccomp: update syscalls.go list
- many: backport kernel command line for 2.50
- interfaces/dbus: allow claiming 'well-known' D-Bus names with a
wildcard suffix
- interfaces/camera: allow devices in /sys/devices/platform/**/usb*
- interfaces/builtin: introduce dsp interface

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