ELBA-2021-3337 - iscsi-initiator-utils bug fix and enhancement update

Release Date:2021-09-01


- Fix iscsistart login issue when target is delayed [Orabug: 33087402]
- Log error when auth debug status is set.
[Orabug: 32831137]
- Use timeout when waiting for responses from iscsid.
- Change return error code from iscsid response.
- Fix coredump when printing session info.
- Fix timeout setting on discoverydb commands.
- Reduce delays to improve iscsi boot performance.
- Fix iscsistart login issue when target is delayed.
- Check-ISCSI_ERR_ISCSID_NOTCONN-in-iscsistart-login.
[Orabug: 32716218]
- iscsid -stop connection check for invalid session id.
[Orabug: 31813824]
- iscsid - Proper disconnect of TCP connection.
[Orabug: 30711156]
- Fix SIGPIPE loop in iscsid signal handler.
[Orabug: 31176637]
- Tune TimeoutSec of iscsid service to 10 minutes
[Orabug: 29917429]
- Moddify iscsi-mark-root nodes script to not mark nodes when iscsi.service
is restarted.
[Orabug: 29715514]
- Modify iscsi-mark-root-nodes script to only update node.startup to onboot
for iscsi sessions that are active during boot.
- Add pre rpm scriptlet to fix a bug in previous version of
[Orabug: 29554378]
- Print vital iscsid messages on console using rsyslog facility. This
is particularly useful when using iscsi boot and there is a connection
or session issue.
- Execute systemctl daemon-reload during post installation upgrade
and try to restart iscsi services during upgrade.
[Orabug: 29503805]
- Add 0203-Update-systemd-to-always-restart-iscsid-service.patch to fix
[Orabug: 29306329]
- Add -10.0.3 version.
- Use sd_notify() to tell systemd when iscsid is ready. At the same time,
change iscsid.service to use TYPE=notify and NotifyAcess=main, add
'Requires=iscsid.service' into iscsi.service to cooperate with After to
ensure iscsi.service is started after iscsid.service is ready. [Orabug: 29128380]
- Rename 0053-use-red-hat-name.patch to 0153-use-oracle-for-name.patch
and use com.oracle in prefix
change InitiatorName to 'iqn.1988-12.com.oracle' (Tianyue Lan) [Orabug: 18791695]

- 1989972 set proper attr in rpm db for lockfiles, fixes rpm verificiation warning

Updated Packages

Release/ArchitectureFilenameMD5sumSuperseded By Advisory
Oracle Linux 7 (aarch64) iscsi-initiator-utils-
Oracle Linux 7 (x86_64) iscsi-initiator-utils-

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