ELBA-2021-9110 - scap-security-guide bug fix update

Release Date:2021-03-17


- Update OL7 stig profile to sync with OL7 DISA STIG v2r2 [Orabug: 32485756]
- Create bios and uefi applicability CPEs [Orabug: 32485756]
- Create sshd_use_approved_macs_ordered_stig rule [Orabug: 32485756]
- Create sshd_use_approved_ciphers_ordered rule [Orabug: 32485756]
- Relax oval check to allow white spaces after policy name in selinux_policytype [Orabug: 32485756]
- Remove unnecessary severity adjustments on OL7 STIG profile [Orabug: 32485756]
- Add missing OL platform to remediations [Orabug: 32485756]
- Update grub2 CPE to check for grub2-common instead of grub2-pc [Orabug: 32485756]

Updated Packages

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