ELBA-2021-9111 - libvirt bug fix update

Release Date:2021-03-17


- Exadata: protect libvirt hugepage acquisition from QEMU async init (Wim ten
Have) [Orabug: 32561685]

- exadata: Fix autonomous hugepage acquisition barrier hang (Wim ten Have) [Orabug: 32537538]
- exadata: Fix CPU Packing when out of pCPUs (Wim ten Have) [Orabug: 32527311]

- exadata: force a host CPUs reserved pCPU threshold (Wim ten Have) [Orabug:

- exadata: Add configurable libvirtd mlockall support (Wim ten Have) [Orabug: 32479237]
- exadata: hint a configurable number of memory init threads to qemu (Wim ten Have) [Orabug: 32460334]
- Exadata: domain group should allow for asymmetric creation (Wim ten Have) [Orabug: 32060622]

- util: remove unneeded cleanup labels (Wim ten Have) [Orabug: 32399255]
- virnuma: Don't work around numa_node_to_cpus() for non-existent nodes (Wim ten Have) [Orabug: 32379098]

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