ELBA-2021-9158 - grub2 bug fix update

Release Date:2021-04-02


- Restore versioned certificate provide for aarch64 package to satisfy shim [Orabug: 32670043]

- Enable common subpackage for aarch64
- Disable RHEL patch 0183-efinet-retransmit-if-our-device-is-busy.patch to comply with UEFI spec [Orabug: 27982684]
- Do not sign aarch64 efi binaries [Orabug: 32670043]
- Remove aarch64 deps on shim [Orabug: 32670043]

- xfs: Don't attempt to iterate over empty directory [Orabug: 32584717]
- add SBAT metadata for Oracle Linux grub2
- Use similar format for menu entry in grub environment block
- config file. [Orabug: 32172943]
- Fix degradation in multiboot2 code [Orabug: 32069510]
- Update signing certificate for efi binaries
- Update upstream references [Orabug: 30138841]
- Restore symlink to grub environment file, that was removed during grub2-efi update
if grub2 package is also installed on UEFI machines [Orabug: 27345750]
- fix symlink removal scriptlet, to be executed only on removal [Orabug: 19231481]
- Fix comparison in patch for [Orabug: 18504756]
- Remove symlink to grub environment file during uninstall on EFI platforms [Orabug: 19231481]
- replace dynamic EFI boot folder path generation with predefined 'redhat' (Alex Burmashev)
- Put 'with' in menuentry instead of 'using' [Orabug: 18504756]
- Use different titles for UEK and RHCK kernels [Orabug: 18504756]

Updated Packages

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