ELBA-2022-12719 - python-ogr Bug Fix update

Release Date:2022-01-18


- We have introduced a new function into that allows you to get commit SHA of the HEAD of the branch. (#668)
- A list of Gitlab projects provided by now contains objects with additional metadata. (#667)

- OGR now fully supports getting PR comments by its ID.

- Removal of features which have been marked as deprecated since .
- Removal of renamed properties
- ->
- ->
- Removal of methods for accessing issues or pull requests from class.
- String can no longer be used as commit status, is now required.
- constructor has been refactored. In order to use static and offline
representation of a pull request, use instead.
- property has been added for accessing .

- Ogr now catches internal exceptions from Gitlab and Github and converts them
to ogr exceptions, GitlabAPIException and GithubAPIException, respectively. A
new exception, OgrNetworkError, has been introduced for signalling situations
where a request could not be performed due to a network outage. (#642)
- The documentation was converted to Google-style docstrings. (#646)
- Releases and development builds of ogr are now built in copr projects
packit/packit-dev and packit/packit-releases. (#644)

- New method to get pull request and issue comments by their comment ID on
GitHub and GitLab. (#640)

- Please check [COMPATIBILITY.md](https://github.com/packit/ogr/blob/main/COMPATIBILITY.md) to see which methods are implemented for
particular services.
- Ogr now supports reacting to a comment (issue, pull request) with a given
reaction. It's possible to obtain the reactions and delete them (only when
reaction is added by using ogr API). (#636)

- New upstream release 0.28.0

- New upstream release 0.27.0

- New upstream release 0.26.0

- New upstream release 0.25.0

- New upstream release 0.24.1

- New upstream release 0.24.0

- New upstream release 0.23.0

- New upstream release 0.21.0


Updated Packages

Release/ArchitectureFilenameMD5sumSuperseded By Advisory
Oracle Linux 8 (aarch64) python-ogr-0.34.0-1.el8.src.rpm193a83912fab89b91891bbbe2d769c8b-
Oracle Linux 8 (x86_64) python-ogr-0.34.0-1.el8.src.rpm193a83912fab89b91891bbbe2d769c8b-

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