ELBA-2022-1780 - anaconda bug fix and enhancement update

Release Date:2022-05-17


- Switch to BLS kernel rescue generation script
- Fix exception when searching for existing installations in rescue mode
(herbert.van.den.bergh@oracle.com) [Orabug: 32795730]
- Fix the path to the rescue image in the BLS config file [Orabug: 31988381]
- When BTRFS autopartitioning type is used, make sure /boot is on BTRFS [Orabug: 31839671]
- Enable grub2 BLS for XEN guests [Orabug: 31857289]
- Fix syntax error in bug21957916-use-bls-set-default-kernel.patch [Orabug: 31877077]
- Remove CDN from install source screen [Orabug: 31839682]
- Fix work-around-filesystem-full-error-on-btrfs.patch to work around
filesystem out of space error when installing to BTRFS [Orabug: 31845104]
- Update add-oracle-linux-product.d-conf.patch to fix [Orabug: 31863588]
- Updated bug18177078-install-UEK-and-set-as-default.patch due to code change
- Fix oracle efi dir in add-oracle-linux-product.d-conf.patch
- Fix crash when re-creating rescue image.
- Disable rhsm and syspurpose kickstart commands
- Add product.d config file for Oracle Linux [Orabug: 31863588]
- Use UEK for the rescue image on x86_64
[Orabug: 31587690]
- Dont create separate mount point for /home when autopartitioning with btrfs
[Orabug: 31192722]
- Work around filesystem full error when / is on btrfs.
- Enable support of /boot on btrfs and make it the default option.
- Make sure both BaseOS and Appstream repo are initialized when supplied by user.
[Orabug: 31298070]
- Display quit message properly [Orabug: 31075436]
- Fix crash when writing bootloader
- Remove integration with CDN [Orabug: 30902364]
- Remove additional non-Oracle installclass to prevent installer failure [Orabug: 30530690]
- Update reference to URL with info about SMT [Orabug: 30390135]
- Dont automatically insert UEK into package set if it exists in repo.
Changes to comps file should take care of addition [Orabug: 30284307]
- Alter search for packages that provide 'kernel' to also find kernel-uek
[Orabug: 30284307]
- Increase the buffer added to the download space required when determining
the dnf download cache location to avoid hangs on Virtual Box
[Orabug: 29889830]
- iscsid service should not be running when transition to anaconda.target [Orabug: 29446153]
- Use OL8 for the kickstart version [Orabug: 29373077]
- Remove python3-syspurpose requirement. [Orabug 29443881]
- Prevent rescue bootloader entry from becoming the default [Orabug: 29439753]
- Use /etc/os-release first when finding the product name [Orabug: 29373100]
- Remove UI components related to system purpose and RHN subscription. [Orabug: 29373275]
- Add patch to use bls config file to setup default kernel instead of index [Orabug: 21957916]
- liveinst was not built since IS_LIVEINST_ARCH in configure.ac wasnt tweaked
it should now build for armv5,6,7* and aarch64 (philip.copeland@oracle.com)
- Provide the liveinst binary [bug 27116016]

- ovirt: move /var/tmp and /var/crash to own partition (sbonazzo)
Resolves: rhbz#2057475
- Tier 0 Localization
Resolves: rhbz#2016918

- Bump subscription-manager version (mkolman)
Related: rhbz#1968574
- Improve UX in Simple Content Access mode (mkolman)
Resolves: rhbz#1968574
- Add IsSimpleContentAccessEnabled property (mkolman)
Related: rhbz#1968574
- Add support for SCA mode detection from registration data (mkolman)
Related: rhbz#1968574

- Fix the status of the root configuration screen (vponcova)
Related: rhbz#1981807
- Fix the condition for entering the root configuration (vponcova)
Related: rhbz#1981807
- Fix the condition for completing the root configuration (vponcova)
Resolves: rhbz#1981807

- Wait for all background threads to finish before filling installation task
queue (mkolman)
Resolves: rhbz#1824422

- Fix application of network --mtu kickstart option in Anaconda (rvykydal)
Resolves: rhbz#2018301
- Configure the multilib policy of the target system (vponcova)
Resolves: rhbz#1571727
- network: apply kickstart network --nodefroute also from stage2 (rvykydal)
Resolves: rhbz#1990145

- Make network spoke GUI more robust in cases of missing NM Client. (rvykydal)
Resolves: rhbz#2003115
- Do not crash on missing NM Client on --vnc installations (rvykydal)
Related: rhbz#2003115
- In installer environment set static, not transient hostname (rvykydal)
Resolves: rhbz#1975349
- Add product config for AlmaLinux (andrew.lukoshko)
Resolves: rhbz#2003692
- Fix creation of user account with empty password (mkolman)
Resolves: rhbz#1687315

- Payload should wait for all storage related threads to finish (mkolman)
Resolves: rhbz#2007615
- Remove misleading warning about inst.ks.device replacing ksdevice (rvykydal)
Resolves: rhbz#2002722

Updated Packages

Release/ArchitectureFilenameMD5sumSuperseded By Advisory
Oracle Linux 8 (aarch64) anaconda-
Oracle Linux 8 (x86_64) anaconda-

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