ELBA-2022-17964 - tmt Bug Fix update

Release Date:2022-07-12


- Require fresh testcloud with coreos support
- Bad substitution in tmt-reboot
- Ignore 'certificate verify failed' error when handling retries
- Cache content of each loaded environment file
- Initial polarion support for test export
- Fixes names of Artemis API versions
- Convert FmfIdType from TypedDict to a dataclass
- Add CoreOS support to the testcloud provision
- Run containers with root user
- Retry getting environment file
- Test import --general is default now
- Add typing for steps/finish/shell.py
- Enhance tmt.utils.retry_session with timeout support
- Adjust the rpm-ostree install implementation
- Add support for the rpm-ostree package manager
- Add environment-file to possible Plan keys
- Avoid Library url conflict if repo doesn't exist
- Check changes are pushed before export nitrate
- Add typing for beakerlib.py
- Unbundle template from the report.html plugin
- Rename uuid to identifier to prevent conflicts
- Use must for all mandatory spec requirements
- Fail import for packages starting with minus sign
- Adds support for newer Artemis API versions
- Disable the extra verbose progress in testcloud
- Refactor internal executor scripts
- Adds 'missing' imports to help IDEs follow objects
- Add typing for steps/__init__.py
- Implement the test result attribute
- Add typing for plugins/__init__.py
- Detect legacy relevancy during import as well
- Implement the new user story key priority
- Implement new class SerializableContainer
- Add schema for stories
- Add typing for steps/prepare/shell.py
- Add typing for steps/prepare/ansible.py
- Require fmf >= 1.1.0 (we need validation support)
- Package fmf root into the source tarball as well
- Add JSON Schema for tests
- Exclude namespaced backup in beakerlib
- Use --depth=1 when cloning git repos by default
- Handle missing nitrate user during export
- Removes unused GuestContainer.container_id attribute
- Every subpackage must require the main tmt package
- Introduce dataclasses as a requirement
- Avoid re-using image/instance for different values by testcloud plugin
- Add typing for multihost.py
- Except nitrate xmlrpc issues during import
- Exclude beakerlib's backup dir from guest.pull()
- Increase duration for the reboot-related tests
- Several release-related tests and docs adjustments

- Command 'tmt clean' should not run rsync at all
- Dist-git-source for Discover (fmf, shell)
- Adjust the new id key implementation
- Add a new core key id for unique identifiers
- Recommend qemu emulators for other architectures
- Copy the whole git repo only if necessary
- Reveal hidden errors during testcloud booting
- Use time for timeout handling in Guest.reconnect()
- Split Guest class to separate SSH-capable guests
- Explicitly set the docs language in the config
- Kill the running test when rebooting
- Extend the reboot timeout to allow system upgrades
- Allow selecting tasks directly from upgrade config
- Adjust the new upgrade execute plugin
- Allow specifying command for reboot
- Implement upgrade execute plugin
- Buildrequire python3-docutils, append plan adjust
- Implement tmt tests export --nitrate --link-runs
- Detect component from general plan during import
- Adjust the support for steps in standalone mode
- Add results method to ExecutePlugin
- Implement a common ancestor for Action and Plugin
- Allow abstractly excluding steps from runs
- Correctly handle tests --name '.' shortcut
- Rename WorkdirType to WorkdirArgumentType
- Fix workdir parameter type for tmt.utils.Common
- Allows importing jira issues as link-relates
- Enables mypy coverage for empty-ish Python files
- Adds type annotations to tmt.templates
- Prevent infinite recursion if --id is set
- Enable mypy check for Artemis provision plugin
- Adjust provision dry mode propagation, add a test
- Introduce new _options attribute to Common class
- Add specification for remote plans referencing
- Bootstrap type annotations
- Execute script should not be used with discover
- Add the arch key to the hardware specification
- Fix pip install instructions
- Disable network access when building in copr
- Ignore list for dist-git-source
- Remove the obsoleted detach execute method
- Fix login during execute and prepare step
- Import from Makefile with missing build target

- Add multiarch support to testcloud provision
- Consistent summary for test export --nitrate
- Allow dry mode for tests export --nitrate
- Add a nice provisioning progress to Artemis plugin
- Add support for the where keyword to execute
- Adjust support for export of multiple tests
- Add support for exporting multiple tests
- Basic multihost test for the httpd web server
- Update multihost specification with guest groups
- Add a provision plugin for Artemis
- Fix exclude option in fmf discover
- Reduce the number of execute calls for reboot
- Add support for reboot in interactive mode

- Add a command to setup shell completions
- Use /tmp instead of /run/user/ if not available
- Use separate examples in the test specification
- Add more story examples, simplify examples export
- Story.example can hold list of strings
- Fix traceback when connect plugin is used without hostname.
- Adjust disabled shell expansion in Common.run()
- Disable shell expansion in Common.run() by default
- Build epel9 packages, update install docs
- Adjust the full test wrapper and document it
- Test which compiles tmt and runs its testsuite
- Add --exclude search option
- Correct regex for require read from metadata file
- Update document for creating virtual environment
- Option to export fmf-id from run discover -h fmf
- Allow import from restraint's metadata file (#1043)
- Do not disable building for power arch on Fedora
- Update documentation for plan parametrization
- Make .vscode ignored by git
- Drops basestring and unicode built-ins from utils
- Fix timeout behaviour in testcloud plugin
- Fixes possible test of None-ish CWD when running a command
- Remove workdir only when its defined
- Adjust the new tmt plan export feature
- New feature: tmt plan export

- Prevent koji build failures on unsupported arches
- Check remote git URL if it is accessible
- Implement a generic requires for all plugins
- Run commands in podman provision via bash
- Adjust implementation of the new order attribute
- Implement the Core attribute order
- Fix link generation in report.html
- Improve step name handling
- Enable shared volume mounts in podman provision
- Add support for multihost provision and prepare
- Adjust the dnf support for rsync install
- Add dnf support for rsync install
- Update links and refs after migration to teemtee
- Track output for reboot purposes on per-test basis
- Fix test --name '.' used with multiple plans
- Tweak test suite (duration, centos:8, datadir)
- Use os.pathsep to separate TMT_PLUGINS paths (#1049)
- Document framework:shell exit codes
- Add html2text to the convert pip dependencies

Updated Packages

Release/ArchitectureFilenameMD5sumSuperseded By Advisory
Oracle Linux 8 (x86_64) tmt-1.15.0-1.el8.src.rpm77f46f4d6b881ede00586f4df97f9034-

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