ELBA-2022-21576 - trafficserver Bug Fix update

Release Date:2022-09-23


- FTI on EL8 due to lack of libbrotli pkg; use RPM autodeps instead

- Update dependencies to enable brotli compression (RHBZ#2125520)

- Update to 9.1.3, resolves CVE-2022-25763, CVE-2022-31779, CVE-2021-37150,
CVE-2022-28129, CVE-2022-31780
- Resolve glibc 2.36 (f37) header incompatibility that caused FTBFS RHBZ#2112282

- Don't try to use Crypto Policies on RHEL 7

- Cherry-pick OpenSSL 3 compatibility required for RHEL 9
- Switch to OpenSSL 3 on f36+
- Include automake in BuildRequires

- Exclude s390x architecture -- not supported upstream

- Further changes based on package review; perl dependencies, paths

- Changes based on spec review; change 'RedHat' capitalization,
and add link to upstream file layout discussion

- Changes based on spec review

- Allow self:process setsched, requested on EL8

- Set SELinux policy to be more restrictive on privileged UDP ports

- Initial revision
- Adapt to modern rpm conventions
- Add draft SELinux policy
- Don't run as root, just claim CAP_NET_BIND_SERVICE for
privileged ports
- Merge and cleanup of upstream .spec file along with Copr version
maintained by Hiroaki Nakamura , based on
long-ophaned package. ChangeLog included below for reference.

- Update to 9.1.1

- Update to 9.1.0
- Disable mime-sanity-check which is usable only in debug build

- Update to 9.0.2
- Use yaml-cpp vendored in lib/yamlcpp

- Update to 8.1.2

Updated Packages

Release/ArchitectureFilenameMD5sumSuperseded By Advisory
Oracle Linux 9 (x86_64) trafficserver-9.1.3-3.el9.src.rpme869a8a6340ce87c7db8c8f3e7af5c2b-

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