ELBA-2023-23824 - fedora-license-data Bug Fix update

Release Date:2023-05-26


- Ensure all text files end with newlines
- Add GPL-2.0-only WITH libpri-OpenH323-exception as allowed
- Consolidate text in public-domain-text.txt
- Add LicenseRef-LDP-1 as not-allowed

- Add HP-1986
- Add public domain notices from the tzdata data files
- Add man-pages public domain notices
- Add new file: SGP4
- Add new file: metamail
- Add automake to public-domain-text.txt
- Add public-domain text for words
- Add man-pages ultra permissive licenses

- fix el7 build failure

- add BNF grammar
- Add BSD-4.3TAHOE
- Add Latex2e-translated-notice
- Update UnixCrypt.toml since we don't use legacy Fedora URLs for SPDX (license
list) identifiers
- Add new file: UnixCrypt
- Add new file: LicenseRef-Schematron-schema
- After the MIT-Festival license was accepted by SPDX, add it to the data
- add field to template to warn about automatic conversion
- Add jisksp16-1990-fonts to public-domain-text.txt
- Add groff public domain notice
- Add public-domain texts for libinstpatch
- Update to correct SPDX id: eCos-exception-2.0
- Update QPL-1.0-INRIA-2004 WITH QPL-1.0-INRIA-2004-exception.toml
- Add new file: QPL-1.0-INRIA-2004 WITH QPL-1.0-INRIA-2004-exception
- Add new file: Xdebug-1.03
- Add new file: NIST-Software

- Add dnsmasq po files public domain notice
- add schema of fedora-license.json
- Add hanamin-fonts to UltraPermissive.txt
- Add fontconfig to public-domain-text.txt
- Add HPND-Markus-Kuhn
- Add BSD-Advertising-Acknowledgement
- Add Kazlib
- Add CMU-Mach
- Add perl-doc to UltraPermissive
- Add public-domain text for perl-libs
- Add public-domain text for perl-Test-Simple

- Add public-domain text for python-multiprocess
- Add public domain text for versioneer in python-llvmlite
- Add Martin-Birgmeier
- Add public domain license in perl-libxml-perl
- Add public domain license in perl-Math-Int64
- Add public domain license in perl-Net-OpenID-Consumer
- Add public domain license in perl-Net-OpenID-Server
- Add public domain license in perl-perlfaq
- Update GPL-2.0-only_WITH_389-exception.toml
- Add new file: GPL-2.0-only WITH 389-exception
- Add public-domain text for jo
- Add public-domain license texts for abseil-cpp
- Update public-domain-text.txt for ecl
- Update public-domain-text.txt for gap-pkg-profiling
- Update public-domain-text.txt for icu4j
- Update public-domain-text.txt for mona
- Update public-domain-text.txt for pl
- Update public-domain-text.txt for pvs-sbcl
- Add Blessing
- Add new file: HPND-sell-variant-MIT-disclaimer
- Add new file: OFFIS
- Add new file: UCAR
- Add new file: TPL-1.0
- Add new file: Brian-Gladman-3-Clause
- Add new file: OpenPBS.toml
- Update public-domain-text.txt for python-pdfminer
- Add MagniComp-EULA as not-allowed

- Update Spencer-94.toml
- Add Spencer-94
- Update public-domain-text.txt for ImageJ
- Add GPL-2.0-or-later WITH SWI-exception
- Add Info-ZIP

- Add GPL-3.0-or-later WITH Autoconf-exception-macro
- Add GNAT-exception.
- Add AdaCore-doc.
- combine gdouros fonts entry
- Add public domain text covering gdouros-*-fonts
- Add GPL-2.0-or-later WITH Autoconf-exception-generic
- Add JPL-image license
- Update mkdsv.py to replace 'notes' with 'usage' for not allowed table
- Update not-allowed-licenses.adoc.j2 to have usage
- add text of BUSL-1.1.toml
- Update LPPL-1.3a.toml

- Fix erroneous substitutions of legacy-name for name
- Add NIST Public Domain license as approved
- Add Blue Oak Model License 1.0.0 as approved

- address change in LICENSING structure in spec file
- Make REUSE conformant
- Use revised LicenseRef-Not-Copyrightable
- Revise usage note for CC0-1.0

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_38_Mass_Rebuild

- Add BSD-1-Clause license as an approved license
- add perl-XML-Writer to Update UltraPermissive.txt
- move TTWL and add extension
- Move TPDL.toml
- Add new file: HPND-export-US
- Update Bitstream-Charter.toml

- Add GPL-2.0-only WITH GCC-exception-2.0
- Update LicenseRef-HSNCL.toml - remove usage
- Update UltraPermissive.txt: add for texlive-kix
- add for texlive-docbytex
- Update UltraPermissive.txt: add texlive-courseoutline
- Add new file: LicenseRef-CoreMark-Pro
- Add new file: LOOP
- Add new file: TTWL
- Add new file: TPDL
- Add new file: MIT-Wu
- Add new file: SunPro
- remove Fedora block
- Add new file: IJG-short
- Add new file: Bitstream-Charter
- Add new file: Knuth-CTAN
- Add new file: libutil-David-Nugent
- Add new file: W3C-19980720
- Add Symlinks
- add link to legal-doc artifacts
- Old 'Python' could be either 'Python-2.0.1' or 'PSF-2.0'

- Add ibus-table-chinese FRWR statement to UltraPermissive
- Update UltraPermissive.txt (jlovejoy@redhat.com)
- Add new file for collecting Freely Redistributable (jlovejoy@redhat.com)
- Add BSD-3-Clause-Modification (code@musicinmybrain.net)
- Add public domain license in perl-IO-HTML (mspacek@redhat.com)
- Add GPL-3.0-only WITH Qt-GPL-exception-1.0 (arthur@bols.dev)
- packaging: Don't unnecessarily generate rpmlint data (gotmax@e.email)
- Add public domain text found in .NET 7 source code (omajid@redhat.com)
- data: add HSNCL license (dcavalca@fedoraproject.org)
- Add the OCaml LGPL linking exception (loganjerry@gmail.com)

- Add Public Domain license text used in libselinux (plautrba@redhat.com)
- Make LicenseRef for GPLv2 with UPX exception more SPDX-confrmant
- Add the equivalent LicenseRef-UPX and LicenseRef-GPL-2.0-or-later WITH UPX

- redefine JSON format
- Also use rich-deps on EL 8 (miro@hroncok.cz)
- Once again, abandon the toml module, use tomllib/tomli/tomli-w instead
- Fix typos in license review template (dcavalca@fedoraproject.org)
- rename [fedora]name to [fedora]legacy-name
- rename [fedora]abbreviation to [fedora]legacy-abbreviation
- Revise toml for GPL-2.0-or-later WITH x11vnc-openssl-exception
- Add FSFULLRWD (rfontana@redhat.com)
- Add OFL-1.1-RFN as allowed-fonts (rfontana@redhat.com)
- use tomllib instead of toml
- document availablity of fedora-licenses.json artifact

- Add MS-LPL as not-allowed
- Add ISO-8879 to not-allowed with big usage exception
- Delete redundant license info from README.md
- Add LicenseRef-Glyphicons as not-allowed
- Add Spencer-99
- Add LicenseRef-UPX as not-allowed
- Add LicenseRef-STREAM as not-allowed
- Simplify overcomplicated condition to evaluate if a license is approved
- Handle licenses with only SPDX identifier in mkjson.py

- 1.5 release

- 1.4 release

- Initial build

Updated Packages

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