ELBA-2023-28939 - python-ogr Bug Fix update

Release Date:2023-09-19


- We have fixed a bug in get_fork method for Pagure about checking the usernames for a match when going through existing forks. (#800)

- OGR now supports PyGithub >= 1.58.

- OGR now understands a few community-hosted GitLab instances that could not be determined automatically from the hostname. Thanks to that, you don't need to hardcode these instances to be mapped correctly. (#775)

- Fixes an issue with project->service mapping where the service with an url not containing the service type wasn't matched. (#771)

- A bug in ogr resulting in returning only first page of pull requests for Pagure has been fixed. (#761)
- ogr now raises GitForgeInternalError rather than PagureAPIException when getting 50x response from the Pagure API. (#762)

- CommitComment.comment has been deprecated in favour of CommitComment.body to make the naming consistent across objects. (#748)
- ogr now requires Python 3.9 or later. (#746)

- Using the method users_with_write_access you can generate the set of users that have write access to the project and the method has_write_access(user) you can find out if the user has write access to the project. (#742)

- New upstream release 0.39.0

- New upstream release 0.38.1

- New upstream release 0.38.0

- New upstream release 0.37.0

- New upstream release 0.36.0

- New upstream release 0.35.0

- New upstream release 0.34.0

- New upstream release 0.33.0

- New upstream release 0.32.0

- New upstream release 0.31.0


Updated Packages

Release/ArchitectureFilenameMD5sumSuperseded By AdvisoryChannel Label
Oracle Linux 9 (aarch64) python-ogr-0.46.0-1.el9.src.rpmffdf60a5215221e1b7526e67965ee9c0-ol9_aarch64_developer_EPEL
Oracle Linux 9 (x86_64) python-ogr-0.46.0-1.el9.src.rpmffdf60a5215221e1b7526e67965ee9c0-ol9_x86_64_developer_EPEL

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