ELBA-2023-28981 - lexertl14 Bug Fix update

Release Date:2023-09-19


- Use a proper patch to fix multilib paths, and offer it upstream

- Improve the Summary

- Update to 86c90c3 (Restore the ability to run tests with BUILD_TESTING
and ctest)

- Update to 5bd3180
- Changed from std::size_t to uint16_t for ease of use
- Added missing #include and functions
- regex macro BOL and EOL fixes
- Added exit state syntax check for missing right chevron

- Update to c4bcaf8
- More SonarLint etc changes
- Applied SA changes
- Added tests

- Update to 2e2893c
- Added replace.hpp
- Now throwing exception in case of stack underflow
- Updated serialization support
- More use of auto
- Use cend()
- More UTF-32 support
- Added stream_num.hpp
- Fixed #include

- Update to aeddda8 (Unicode 15.1.0 and other minor enhancements)

- Indicate dirs. in files list with trailing slashes

- Update to 8b8ead2 (Update to the latest Unicode standard)

- Update License to SPDX

- Update to cd5a1f1 (Unicode 15)

- Update to 2ea71b8

- Dep. on cmake-filesystem is now auto-generated

- Update to commit 488602f

- Initial package for EPEL8

Updated Packages

Release/ArchitectureFilenameMD5sumSuperseded By AdvisoryChannel Label
Oracle Linux 8 (aarch64) lexertl14-0.1.0-18.20230904git86c90c3.el8.src.rpma3f17a026d59efe5ba5253c90d2f9755-ol8_aarch64_developer_EPEL
Oracle Linux 8 (x86_64) lexertl14-0.1.0-18.20230904git86c90c3.el8.src.rpma3f17a026d59efe5ba5253c90d2f9755-ol8_x86_64_developer_EPEL

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