ELBA-2024-12186 - gcc-toolset-11-binutils bug fix update

Release Date:2024-02-29


- Refresh CTF patches from upstream (2.42).
- Fix more cases where operations on child dicts could leave errors on
the parent, this time associated with CTF dict creation (upstream PR
- Fix the cu-mapped link feature (not exposed by GNU ld) to use only
the last mapping provided for a given translation unit, rather than a
random mix of first and last
- Fix a couple of tiny missing bits in bfd/, fixing an unlikely CTF strtab
- Fix dependencies of libctf.so and libctf-nobfd.so to cite the libraries
the code actually depends on. (Fixes observed link problems with
libctf-nobfd.so needing extra libraries on the link line versus upstream:
libctf.so changes done purely for consistency.)
Oracle history:
November-15-2023 David Faust - 2.36.1-4.0.1
- Forward-port Oracle patches from 2.36.1-2.0.2
- Reapply binutils-no-builder-comment-in-bfd-stdint.patch after binutils-ctf.patch
to prevent header differences between multiarch builds (Nick Alcock)
- Orabug: 35980324
- Reviewed-by: Jose E. Marchesi
- Reviewed-by: Elena Zannoni
September-12-2023 Nick Alcock - 2.36.1-2.0.2
- Backport CTF improvements since 2.36.1-1.0.1, upstream commits:
260afeca72b Include ld-lib.exp from ctf-lib.exp
86a9d6d158c libctf, link: fix CU-mapped links with CTF_LINK_EMPTY_CU_MAPPINGS
6e14fb059db libctf: propagate errors from parents correctly
1ec7751e61c libctf, tests: do not assume host and target have identical field offsets
4c4a6fbe5ae libctf: get the offsets of fields of unnamed structs/unions right
cfd756274e1 libctf: fix a comment typo
aa5c81ebf64 libctf: work around an uninitialized variable warning
9be4ba47a22 libctf: fix assertion failure with no system qsort_r
bb2a0df25cc libctf: unused variable
f9fa19c0b01 ctf segfaults
707feb32b47 libctf: ctf-link outdated input check faulty
71ef4a4312c ctf: fix various dreadful typos in the ctf_archive format comments
49ab22a159f libctf: avoid potential double free
a771db551ea Modify ld-ctf test files to suit ARM
76a9a62d45c libctf: Avoid use of uninitialised variables
c0046d6fda2 ld: Compile 2 CTF tests with -O2
0e944eea667 libctf: tests: prune warnings from compiler output
d7bb0236646 libctf: avoid mingw warning
ef6f83556c2 libctf: fix linking together multiple objects derived from the same source
79c0f86f196 libctf: impose an ordering on conflicting types
c076d790a1c libctf: add a comment explaining how to use ctf_*open
950c66dbd3a libctf: add LIBCTF_WRITE_FOREIGN_ENDIAN debugging option
8d7444bc2a0 libctf, ld: diagnose corrupted CTF header cth_strlen
b9d34471994 include, libctf, ld: extend variable section to contain functions too
6c7f0d14985 Adjust ld ctf test for 32-bit targets
2ed74e71d9a libctf, ld: handle nonrepresentable types better
0671dcc33e5 libctf: dump: do not stop dumping types on error
646068e870e binutils, ld: make objdump --ctf's parameter optional
9bc14b61075 binutils: make objdump/readelf --ctf-parent actually useful
- Reviewed-by: Jose E. Marchesi
March-30-2022 David Faust - 2.36.1-2.0.1
- Correct bug number for unicode character display: (#2009183)
- Reviewed-by: Jose E. Marchesi
November-16-2021 David Faust - 2.36.1-
- Forward port Oracle patches from 2.36.1-1.0.1
- Reviewed-by: Jose E. Marchesi
October-19-2021 David Faust - 2.36.1-1.0.1
- Backport CTF improvements since 2.36.1, upstream commits:
36f61bf2ad9 PTR_ADD and NPTR_ADD for bfd.h
c759c777c98 libiberty: add htab_eq_string
6ab5b6d0f3a libctf, lookup: fix bounds of pptrtab lookup
e695879142a libctf, testsuite: fix various warnings in tests
b62d5edd0a5 libctf: fix handling of CTF symtypetab sections emitted by older GCC
ea9c2009115 libctf: try several possibilities for linker versioning flags
7d53105d6ed libctf: link against libiberty before linking in libbfd or libctf-nobfd
174fe10cb68 ubsan: libctf: applying zero offset to null pointer
4821e618add Use htab_eq_string in libctf
ae064303efe libctf, ld: fix test results for upstream GCC
49da556c658 libctf, include: support an alternative encoding for nonrepresentable types
8f7b22ea2a9 libctf: fix ELF-in-BFD checks in the presence of ASAN
15131809c23 libctf: fix memory leak in a test
0bd65ce30a8 libctf: don't dereference out-of-bounds locations in the qualifier hashtab
5226ef61131 libctf: make ctf_bfdopen_ctfsect a debugger entry point
86f64bf43f7 libctf, serialize: functions with no args have a NULL dtd_vlen
485170cdb1b libctf, dump: do not emit size or alignment if it would error
69a284867c7 libctf: support encodings for enums
e4c78f303df libctf: a couple of small error-handling fixes
d7b1416ef2c libctf: types: unify code dealing with small-vs-large struct members
08c428aff4a libctf: eliminate dtd_u, part 5: structs / unions
77d724a7ecd libctf: eliminate dtd_u, part 4: enums
986e9e3aa03 libctf: do not corrupt strings across ctf_serialize
2a05d50e90c libctf: don't lose track of all valid types upon serialization
81982d20fac libctf: eliminate dtd_u, part 3: functions
534444b1ee1 libctf: eliminate dtd_u, part 2: arrays
7879dd88efd libctf: eliminate dtd_u, part 1: int/float/slice
eefe721eadf libctf: fix GNU style for do {} while
b9a964318a7 libctf: split up ctf_serialize
01cbfcba4bc libctf: fix comment above ctf_dict_t
bf4c3185a5a libctf: split serialization and file writeout into its own file
087945261c7 libctf: fix some tabdamage and move some code around
211bcd01333 bfd, ld, libctf: skip zero-refcount strings in CTF string reporting
8e7e446446b libctf: free ctf_dynsyms properly
cf6a0b989a5 libctf: fix signed/unsigned comparison confusion
4659554b280 libctf: minor error-handling fixes
f5060e56338 libctf: add a deduplicator-specific type mapping table
478c04a55ee libctf: remove reference to 'unconflicted link mode'.
8915c559d40 libctf, include: remove the nondeduplicating CTF linker
fd12633780a libctf: fix ChangeLog date
ac36e134d96 libctf: reimplement many _iter iterators in terms of _next
eaa2913a7ac libctf: ctf_archive_next should set the parent name consistently
8255cf421c5 libctf regen for NEWS
93993f67849 libctf AC_CANONICAL_TARGET
03c653093d7 libctf: add a NEWS
f4f60336dae libctf, include: find types of symbols by name
c3bf9dc5aa3 Include ld-lib.exp from ctf-lib.exp
758f590744b libctf: add missing header in BFD ELF check
cbd8f5bbcc8 libctf: require a Tcl capable of try/catch to run tests
95148614026 bfd, opcodes, libctf: support --with-included-gettext
ee87f50b8d2 libctf: always name nameless types '', never NULL
5dacd11ddcf libctf: fix uninitialized variable in symbol serialization error handling
caa170493e8 libctf: prohibit nameless ints, floats, typedefs and forwards
78f28b89e8c libctf: rip out dead code handling typedefs with no name
35a01a04544 libctf, ld: fix symtypetab and var section population under ld -r
26503e2f5ea libctf, create: fix ctf_type_add of structs with unnamed members
e05a3e5a491 libctf: lookup_by_name: do not return success for nonexistent pointer types
- Reviewed-by: Jose E. Marchesi

Updated Packages

Release/ArchitectureFilenameMD5sumSuperseded By AdvisoryChannel Label
Oracle Linux 8 (aarch64) gcc-toolset-11-binutils-2.36.1-4.0.2.el8_6.src.rpm1862d5413f100fad9db180a8ef0ae5c8-ol8_aarch64_appstream
Oracle Linux 8 (x86_64) gcc-toolset-11-binutils-2.36.1-4.0.2.el8_6.src.rpm1862d5413f100fad9db180a8ef0ae5c8-ol8_x86_64_appstream

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