ELBA-2024-17899 - bpf-binutils bug fix update

Release Date:2024-02-09


- Upgrade to binutils-2.38.
- Backport all upstream BPF fixes since binutils-2.38 release:
0c45feb159a bpf: there is no ldinddw nor ldabsdw instructions
ba7c1e37cfb bpf: fix relocation addend incorrect symbol value
ad4e57ab110 bpf: Added linker support for R_BPF_64_NODYLD32.
dd2947e76aa gas: support double-slash line comments in BPF assembly
4c5f2370fd1 gas: change meaning of ; in the BPF assembler
97b29a61f7f bpf: Fixed register parsing disambiguating with possible symbol.
8fbb497b720 gas: bpf: do not allow referring to register names as symbols in operands
e5d6f72eb3d bpf: avoid creating wrong symbols while parsing
d3beaa140dd gas: bpf: new test for MOV with C-like numbers ll suffix
e3e1e1231d7 gas: tc-bpf.c: fix formatting of comment
8b476884c3c opcodes: bpf-dis.c: fix typo in comment
41aa80c5440 bpf: correct neg and neg32 instruction encoding
5be1b787276 bpf: gas: consolidate handling of immediate overflows
6bf6f9245ac bpf: use w regs in 32-bit non-fetch atomic pseudo-c
5b512234c87 bpf: opcodes: fix regression in BPF disassembler
1e18ffc9915 bpf: include, bfd, opcodes: add EF_BPF_CPUVER ELF header flags
03460429385 bpf: gas: add field overflow checking to the BPF assembler
648bd020a28 bpf: remove spurious comment from tc-bpf.c
249d4715e41 bpf: gas: support relaxation of V4 jump instructions
9d1e07bd19f bpf: accept # as an inline comment char
ac284430be5 bpf: gas: add negi and neg32i tests
04896832b2e bpf: fix register NEG[32] instructions
fafcbd14a7e bpf: format not a string literal
02f68ef297b bpf: Add atomic compare-and-exchange instructions
055a4c8e0f1 bpf: Update atomic instruction pseudo-C syntax
5cbe549257b bpf: gas,include,opcode: add suppor for instructions BSWAP{16,32,64}
a50ead7822b bpf: gas: fix in manual that MOVS* pseudoc syntax uses = instead of s=
3ccfc0b46ca bpf: gas,opcodes: fix pseudoc syntax for MOVS* and LDXS* insns
c2ca88d74ba bpf: add support for jal/gotol jump instruction with 32-bit target
e8fc65713d6 bpf: disasemble offsets of value 0 as '+0'
c24fd9547fb bpf: opcodes, gas: support for signed load V4 instructions
2f3dbc5fb5e bpf: opcodes, gas: support for signed register move V4 instructions
d218e7fedc7 DesCGENization of the BPF binutils port
c9819077700 gas: fix building tc-bpf.c on s390x
2b8c7766ea3 gas: bpf: fix tests for pseudo-c syntax
dcdec68b0b5 gas: documentation for the BPF pseudo-c asm syntax
bba4624d035 gas: BPF pseudo-c syntax tests
ff5a51b3772 gas: support for the BPF pseudo-c assembly syntax
5f784ec9277 Changed ld and gas BPF tests
551fde0ae16 Reloc howto access broken for BPF
5e4c7a839d1 BPF relocations review / refactoring
7f6ebecd56e bpf: fix error conversion from long unsigned int to unsigned int [-Werror=overflow]
0dfdb5234a2 opcodes cgen: remove use of PTR
60a3da00bd5 objdump/opcodes: add syntax highlighting to disassembler output
- Orabug 36268634
- Reviewed-by: Reviewed-by: Jose E. Marchesi

Updated Packages

Release/ArchitectureFilenameMD5sumSuperseded By AdvisoryChannel Label
Oracle Linux 7 (aarch64) bpf-binutils-2.38-1.el7.src.rpm38875d1b8dfccf9f93f1c7248a04fb62-ol7_aarch64_developer
Oracle Linux 7 (x86_64) bpf-binutils-2.38-1.el7.src.rpm38875d1b8dfccf9f93f1c7248a04fb62-ol7_x86_64_developer

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