ELBA-2024-3112 - tlog bug fix and enhancement update

Release Date:2024-05-23


- Release v14
- configure: correctly handle systemd versions before 245

- Update the Fedora license
- MAN: Add missing comma in tlog-rec-session.conf

- Exit transfer loop when output fd is closed
- Revert 'Prevent infinite transfer loop on GDM login'

- Release v12
- Prevent infinite transfer loop on GDM login.
- tlog-play: add journal namespace support.
- tlitest: extend delay for limit-action delay test.

- Fire SIGCHLD after utempter_add_record since it probably eats it.
- Correct suse rpmbuild
- Update debbuild for travis CI

- Skip utmp removal with piped IO on stdin

- Release v9
- Add libutempter support
- Require journal match filter
- Add file reader match functionality
- Restore cursor visibility and color attributes on tlog-play exit
- Add 'time' real clock timestamp message field
- Various upstream CI improvements

- Test fixups from v8

- Release v8
- Spec file fixes for EL6
- Spec file improvements for Debian/Ubuntu pkg-config
- Tlog-play improve authentication options
- Handle piped in I/O from stdin and improve the main recording transfer exit
- Use empty string on hostname resolution failure

- Release v7
- Allow tlog-play redirection of stdout
- Add -i/--interactive option to tlog-rec-session. Allows login
programs to call tlog-rec-session more transparently.
- Make in_txt/out_txt fields optional. This handles missing fields
when reading from Elasticsearch or other backends.

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_31_Mass_Rebuild

- Release v6. Added features and implemented fixes follow. See README.md and
manpages for documentation of new features.
- Add integration tests for end-to-end test coverage.
- Fix compiler type comparison error with json-c json_object_array_length
return value.
- Fix a distribution issue causing incorrect M4_CONF_PATH expansion.
- Log more detailed error when systemd journal is not present.

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_30_Mass_Rebuild

- Release v5. Added features and implemented fixes follow. See README.md and
manpages for documentation of new features.
- Implement support for --configuration option for all programs.
The option makes the program output its configuration in JSON and then
- Add BuildDependencies to allow yum-builddep.
- Open JSON writer file with euid/egid. To allow creating protected log files
with tlog-rec-session, open the JSON writer's file with the EUID and
GUID the program was started with.
- Installing Packages with the APT Addon instead of apt-get.
- Switch to using TLOG_ERRS_RAISE macros.
- Fix tlog-play cleanup-path segfault.
- Modify command-line option parsing.
- Remove 'fields' field from ES query URL to fix compatibility with
Elasticsearch 5.
- Remove unused _source parameter from ES query URL.
- Fix tlog-rec-session file permissions bug.
- Use CLOCK_MONOTONIC for rate-limiting writing.
- Filter out some more input control sequences.

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_29_Mass_Rebuild

- Rebuilt for libjson-c.so.4 (json-c v0.13.1)

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_28_Mass_Rebuild

- Release v4. Added features and implemented fixes follow. See README.md and
manpages for documentation of new features.
- Extract user session recording functionality from tlog-rec into a new tool:
tlog-rec-session. It should be used as the user's login shell now, and
tlog-rec should be used as a general recording and testing tool.
- Add (optional) support for writing to and reading from Systemd Journal - the
'journal' reader and writer.
- Make tlog-rec default to 'file' writer, and tlog-rec-session to 'journal',
if built with Journal support, and to 'syslog' otherwise.
- Add '-o' option to tlog-rec as an alias to '--file-path'.
- Add '-i' option to tlog-play as an alias to '--file-path'.
- Assume locale charset is UTF-8, if ASCII charset is detected, since that is
a likely indication the locale settings were lost. E.g. upon console login
or 'su -' on Fedora and RHEL.
- Switch the 'ver' JSON field type to string. Now it should be two numbers
separated by a dot. The increase of the first number indicates
forward-incompatible changes, the increase of the second number -
forward-compatible. If the dot and the second number are omitted, the second
number is considered to be zero. Bump the format version to '2'.
- Add a new JSON field: 'rec', containing an opaque host-unique recording ID.
Bump the format version to '2.1'.
- Add support for playback controls, both through the command line and via
playback-time control keys, including: speed adjustment, pause/resume,
fast-forward to a time, and packet-by-packet stepping through the recording.
- Add optional rate-limiting of logged messages. Both throttling and dropping
messages are supported.
- Add '--lax' option to tlog-play to allow playing back recordings with
missing messages.
- Fix input being ignored when there is a lot of output, while recording.
- Remove addition of tlog-rec (tlog-rec-session) to /etc/shells from RPM
packaging to prevent users from changing their shells themselves once it has
been assigned.
- Add support for specifying the shell to start via the tlog-rec-session
executable name. E.g. by making a tlog-rec-session-shell-zsh ->
tlog-rec-session symlink and executing it. That can be used to specify
particular shells to be recorded for specific users by assigning these
symlinks as their login shells.
- Make error messages from all the tools a bit less noisy and more readable.

- Rebuilt for libjson-c.so.3

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_27_Binutils_Mass_Rebuild

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_27_Mass_Rebuild

- Release v3. Added features and implemented fixes follow.
- Make each JSON message timing data start with window size.
This makes it possible to pick up the stream from any message and also
combine messages, with window size known and preserved at all times.
- Add 'term' field to JSON messages, specifying terminal type.
- Add 'ver' field to JSON messages, specifying message format version.
- Set 'SHELL' environment variable to actual user shell in tlog-rec.
- Check for locale's charset and abort tlog-rec if it's anything but the only
supported UTF-8.
- Add -v/--version option support to tlog-rec and tlog-play.
- Fix tlog-rec and tlog-play error output by accumulating error messages and
outputting them only after terminal settings are restored, on exit. Output
startup warnings before switching to raw terminal settings.
- Output a newline after restoring terminal settings in tlog-rec and
tlog-play, so that following output is not stuck to the end of the last line
of the raw output.
- Add an Elasticsearch mapping to documentation directory.
- Disable input logging by default to avoid storing passwords. Please enable
it explicitly in configuration, or on the command line, if necessary.
- Close log file written by tlog-rec on executing the shell in the child to
prevent log modification by the recorded user.
- Support running tlog-rec SUID/SGID to prevent recorded users from killing or
modifying it. Make tlog-rec SUID/SGID to user 'tlog' in the RPM package.
- Add session locking to tlog-rec. This prevents tlog-rec from recording if
the audit session is already recorded by creating per-audit-session lock
files in /var/run/tlog. This only makes sense with tlog-rec SUID/SGID.
When certain failures occur while creating a lock file, session is assumed
unlocked and is recorded anyway, as it is safer to record a session than
not. Add corresponding setup to the RPM package.
- Reproduce the recorded program (shell) exit status in tlog-rec similarly to
how Bash reproduces the last executed command status.
- Update and expand README.md to describe secure log message filtering with
rsyslog, and playback directly from Elasticsearch, among other, smaller

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_26_Mass_Rebuild

- Release v2. Not ready for production. Following features are added.
- Fully-fledged command-line interface to tlog-play, along with config file
and man pages.
- Support for playback from file in tlog-play.
- Make tlog-play follow mode controllable and off by default.
- Get tlog-rec shell also from TLOG_REC_SHELL environment variable.
- Support non-TTY stdin/stdout in tlog-rec, allowing its use with
non-interactive SSH sessions.
- Support building on and packaging for EPEL5.

- Release v1. Not ready for production. Following features are included.
- Recording of user input, program output and window size changes.
- Support for writing into syslog and files.
- Tlog-rec configuration through system-wide configuration file
/etc/tlog/tlog-rec.conf, environment variables and command line.
- Very basic playback directly from ElasticSearch.

Updated Packages

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Oracle Linux 8 (aarch64) tlog-14-1.el8.src.rpmed75b755f472ef534831e1eb813b01e2-ol8_aarch64_appstream
Oracle Linux 8 (x86_64) tlog-14-1.el8.src.rpmed75b755f472ef534831e1eb813b01e2-ol8_x86_64_appstream

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