ELBA-2024-3228 - lvm2 bug fix and enhancement update

Release Date:2024-05-23


- Fixed deletion issue for symlink when device is opened [Orabug: 36228608]
- Prevent duplicate uuid device to replace existing one in udev [Orabug: 35987487]
- Prevent duplicate label to replace existing one in udev [Orabug: 34898273]

- Fix multisegment RAID1 allocator using one disk for both legs.
- Fix lvconvert -m 0 taking rimage_0 even if it is out of sync.
- Add warning message when mirror images have (r)efresh bit set.
- Document lv_attr volume type bit (g) for raid+integrity in lvs(8).

- Fix error paths in lvm_import_vdo.sh.

- Fix handling of devices with symlinks in lvm_import_vdo.sh.

- Fix verbose option in lvm_import_vdo.sh.

- Improve VDO support.

- Fix handling of invalid values passed to vdo_block_map_era_length.

- Fix [vdo_]use_compression options.
- Fix vgimportdevices operating on incomplete VGs fails when nothing to import.
- Fix message processing on thin-pool extension leaving devices behind.

- Fix lvm crash when recreating PV with UUID of a missing PV.
- Fix lvconvert --type vdo-pool with --test should not write signature.
- Use correect profile in lvmdbusd preventing messages in JSON output.

- Fix effect of setting multipath_component_detection to 0.

- Exit with error when --devicesfile used does not exist.

- Additional important fixes from upstream up to commit 3b0f9ce.

- Fix devices file and autoactivation related issues.

- Revert autoactivation changes.

- Update to upstream version 2.03.14.
- See WHATS_NEW for list of changes.

- Fix incorrect memory free.

- Fix various lvm_import_vdo issues.
- Fix conversion to vdo when virtual size is above 2TiB.

- Rename vdoimport to lvm_import_vdo.

- Fix missing executable flag on vdoimport.

- Fix handling of pmspare by vgsplit, vgmerge and vgremove.
- Fix detection of active components of external origin volume.

- Fix device_id handling of scsi_debug WWID.
- Add vdoimport support.

- Fix conversion of writecache LVs to thin pool data volume.
- Add deviceidtype option for lvmdevices.

- Allow extending thin-pool data with writecache on top.
- Fix removing thin-pool data converted to writeache.

- Fix loading of VDO kernel module.

- Update to upstream version 2.03.12.
- See WHATS_NEW for list of changes.

- Fix 'Failed to get primary device' for NVMe devices.

- Fix mpath filtering of NVMe devices.
- Check if lvcreate passes read_only_volume_list with tags and skips zeroing.
- Limit pool metadata spare to 16GiB.
- Improves conversion and allocation of pool metadata.
- Fix different limits used for metadata by lvm2 and thin-tools.
- Fix interrupting lvconvert --splitcache command with striped origin volumes.

- Fix problem with wiping of converted LVs.
- Fix memleak in scanning.
- Fix corner case allocation for thin-pools.

- Fix pvck handling MDA at offset different from 4096.
- Partial or degraded activation of writecache is not allowed.
- Enhance error handling in fsadm and handle correct fsck result.
- Dmeventd lvm plugin ignores higher reserved_stack lvm.conf values.
- Support using BLKZEROOUT for clearing devices.
- Fixed interrup handling.
- Fix block cache when device has too many failing writes.
- Fix block cache waiting for IO completion with failing disks.
- Add configure --enable-editline support as an alternative to readline.
- Enhance reporting and error handling when creating thin volumes.
- Enable vgsplit for VDO volumes.
- Lvextend of vdo pool volumes ensure at least 1 new VDO slab is added.
- Restore lost signal blocking while VG lock is held.
- Improve estimation of needed extents when creating thin-pool.
- Use extra 1% when resizing thin-pool metadata LV with --use-policy.
- Enhance --use-policy percentage rounding.
- Allow pvmove of writecache origin.
- Report integrity fields.
- Integrity volumes defaults to journal mode.

- Revert wipe_lv changes.

- Merge fixes from upstream.

- Merge fixes from upstream.

- Merge fixes from upstream.

- Fix support for lvconvert --repair of pools used by third party applications.
- Fix formating of vdopool (vdo_slab_size_mb was smaller by 2 bits).
- Fix busy loop in dmeventd.
- Fix lvmlocks.service using incorrect option.

- Attaching writecache require inactive LV.

- Writecache bug fixes.

- VDO and writecache volume improvements.
- Prohibit reshaping of stacked raid LVs to prevent corruption.

- VDO: Adapt for changed vdo_format output.

- Ensure minimum required region size on striped RaidLV creation.
- Fix resize of thin-pool with data and metadata of different segtype.
- Improve mirror type leg splitting.
- Fix activation order when removing merged snapshot.
- Experimental VDO support for lvmdbusd.
- Correctly set read_ahead for LVs when pvmove is finished.
- Add support for DM_DEVICE_GET_TARGET_VERSION into device_mapper.
- Activate thin-pool layered volume as 'read-only' device.
- Ignore crypto devices with UUID signature CRYPT-SUBDEV.
- Synchronize with udev when dropping snapshot.
- Add missing device synchronization point before removing pvmove node.
- See WHATS_NEW for more.

- Fix lvmlockd is not started with sanlock running.

- Update tests.

- Remove unsupported OPTIONS+='event_timeout' udev rule from 11-dm-lvm.rules.
- Prevent creating VGs with PVs with different logical block sizes.
- Fix metadata writes from corrupting with large physical block size.

- Fix scanning of PVs with size not matching device.
- Allow --stripe/--stripesize in mirror conversions.

- Update to upstream release 2.03.05.

- Update to upstream release 2.03.04.

- Improve -lXXX%VG modifier which improves cache segment estimation.

- Introduce LVM_SUPPRESS_SYSLOG to suppress syslog usage by generator.
- Fix generator querying config options missing from lvm.conf.

- Fix handling of exported VGs lvmdbusd.
- Restore missing man info lvcreate --zero for thin-pools.
- Drop misleadning comment for metadata minimum_io_size for VDO segment.
- Ensure migration_threshold for cache is at least 8 chunks.

- Fix dmeventd linking issues related to vdo.
- Fix vdo status parsing.

- Fix libdevmapper-event linking issue.
- Fix missing proper initialization of pv_list struct when adding pv.
- Fix (de)activation of RaidLVs with visible SubLVs.
- Prohibit mirrored 'mirror' log via lvcreate and lvconvert.
- Use sync io if async io_setup fails, or use_aio=0 is set in config.
- Fix more issues reported by coverity scan.

- Fix possible write beyond metadata area.
- Fix coverity issues.

- Fix architecture of lvm2-dbusd subpackage.

- Fix configure file issues.

- New upstream release.
- Deduplication and compression - support for VDO volumes.
- Dropped lvmetad, clvmd and liblvm2app.

- Reject conversions on raid1 LVs with split tracked SubLVs.
- Reject conversions on raid1 split tracked SubLVs.
- Fix dmstats list failing when no regions exist.
- Reject conversions of LVs under snapshot.
- Limit suggested options on incorrect option for lvconvert subcommand.
- Add vdo plugin for monitoring VDO devices.

- Never send any discard ioctl with test mode.
- Fix thin-pool alloc which needs same PV for data and metadata.
- Enhance vgcfgrestore to check for active LVs in restored VG.
- Provide possible layouts when converting between linear and striped/raid.
- Fix unmonitoring of merging snapshots.
- Cache can uses metadata format 2 with cleaner policy.
- Avoid showing internal error in lvs output or pvmoved LVs.
- Fix check if resized PV can also fit metadata area.
- Reopen devices RDWR only before writing to avoid udev issues.
- Change pvresize output confusing when no resize took place.
- Fix lvmetad hanging on shutdown.
- Fix mem leak in clvmd and more coverity issues.

- Remove deprecated python bindings.

- Switch hardcoded python3 path into the %{__python3} macro
- Patch is needed for the configure file because it mistakenly unsets the user
defined variable PYTHON before checking it

- Bugfix release mainly fixing known cache and lvmlockd issues.
- Remove lvm1 and pool format handling and add filter to ignore them.
- Rework disk scanning and when it is used.
- Add new io layer using libaio for faster scanning.
- Support activation of component LVs in read-only mode.
- Avoid non-exclusive activation of exclusive segment types.
- Restore pvmove support for clusterwide active volumes (2.02.177).
- Add prioritized_section() to restore cookie boundaries (2.02.177).
- Again accept striped LV as COW LV with lvconvert -s (2.02.169).
- Restore usability of thin LV to be again external origin for another thin (2.02.169).
- See WHATS_NEW and WHATS_NEW_DM in the documentation directory for more.

- Remove python2 bindings.
- Remove lvm2-testsuite subpackage.

- Escape macros in %changelog

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_28_Mass_Rebuild

- Update Python 2 dependency declarations to new packaging standards
(See https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FinalizingFedoraSwitchtoPython3)

- When writing text metadata content, use complete 4096 byte blocks.
- Change text format metadata alignment from 512 to 4096 bytes.
- When writing metadata, consistently skip mdas marked as failed.
- Refactor and adjust text format metadata alignment calculation.
- Fix python3 path in lvmdbusd to use value detected by configure.
- Reduce checks for active LVs in vgchange before background polling.
- Ensure _node_send_message always uses clean status of thin pool.
- Fix lvmlockd to use pool lock when accessing _tmeta volume.
- Report expected sanlock_convert errors only when retries fail.
- Avoid blocking in sanlock_convert on SH to EX lock conversion.
- Deactivate missing raid LV legs (_rimage_X-missing_Y_Z) on decativation.
- Skip read-modify-write when entire block is replaced.
- Categorise I/O with reason annotations in debug messages.
- Allow extending of raid LVs created with --nosync after a failed repair.
- Command will lock memory only when suspending volumes.
- Merge segments when pvmove is finished.
- Remove label_verify that has never been used.
- Ensure very large numbers used as arguments are not casted to lower values.
- Enhance reading and validation of options stripes and stripes_size.
- Fix printing of default stripe size when user is not using stripes.
- Activation code for pvmove automatically discovers holding LVs for resume.
- Make a pvmove LV locking holder.
- Do not change critical section counter on resume path without real resume.
- Enhance activation code to automatically suspend pvmove participants.
- Prevent conversion of thin volumes to snapshot origin when lvmlockd is used.
- Correct the steps to change lock type in lvmlockd man page.
- Retry lock acquisition on recognized sanlock errors.
- Fix lock manager error codes in lvmlockd.
- Remove unnecessary single read from lvmdiskscan.
- Check raid reshape flags in vg_validate().
- Add support for pvmove of cache and snapshot origins.
- Avoid using precommitted metadata for suspending pvmove tree.
- Ehnance pvmove locking.
- Deactivate activated LVs on error path when pvmove activation fails.
- Add 'io' to log/debug_classes for logging low-level I/O.
- Avoid importing persistent filter in vgscan/pvscan/vgrename.
- Fix memleak of string buffer when vgcfgbackup runs in secure mode.
- Do not print error when clvmd cannot find running clvmd.
- Prevent start of new merge of snapshot if origin is already being merged.
- Fix offered type for raid6_n_6 to raid5 conversion (raid5_n).
- Deactivate sub LVs when removing unused cache-pool.
- Do not take backup with suspended devices.
- Avoid RAID4 activation on incompatible kernels under all circumstances.
- Reject conversion request to striped/raid0 on 2-legged raid4/5.
- Activation tree of thin pool skips duplicated check of pool status.
- Remove code supporting replicator target.
- Do not ignore failure of _info_by_dev().
- Propagate delayed resume for pvmove subvolumes.
- Suppress integrity encryption keys in 'table' output unless --showkeys supplied.

- Add testsuite subpackage.

- Fix segfault in lvm_pv_remove in liblvm. (2.02.173)
- Do not allow storing VG metadata with LV without any segment.
- Fix printed message when thin snapshot was already merged.
- Remove created spare LV when creation of thin-pool failed.
- Avoid reading ignored metadata when MDA gets used again.
- Fix detection of moved PVs in vgsplit. (2.02.175)
- Ignore --stripes/--stripesize on RAID takeover
- Disallow creation of snapshot of mirror/raid subLV (was never supported).
- Keep Install section only in *.socket systemd units.
- Improve used paths for generated systemd units and init shells.
- Fix regression in more advanced vgname extraction in lvconvert (2.02.169).
- Allow lvcreate to be used for caching of _tdata LV.
- Avoid internal error when resizing cache type _tdata LV (not yet supported).
- Show original converted names when lvconverting LV to pool volume.
- Move lib code used only by liblvm into metadata-liblvm.c.
- Distinguish between device not found and excluded by filter.
- Monitor external origin LVs.
- Allow lvcreate --type mirror to work with 100%FREE.
- Improve selection of resource name for complex volume activation lock.
- Avoid cutting first character of resource name for activation lock.
- Support for encrypted devices in fsadm.
- Improve thin pool overprovisioning and repair warning messages.
- Fix incorrect adjustment of region size on striped RaidLVs.
- Issue a specific error with dmsetup status if device is unknown.
- Fix RT_LIBS reference in generated libdevmapper.pc for pkg-config.

- Use --help with blockdev when checking for --getsize64 support in fsadm.
- Dump lvmdbusd debug information with SIGUSR1.
- Fix metadata corruption in vgsplit and vgmerge intermediate states.
- Add PV_MOVED_VG PV status flag to mark PVs moving between VGs.
- Fix lvmdbus hang and recognise unknown VG correctly.
- Improve error messages when command rules fail.
- Require LV name with pvmove in a shared VG.
- Allow shared active mirror LVs with lvmlockd, dlm, and cmirrord.
- Support lvconvert --repair with cache and cachepool volumes.
- lvconvert --repair respects --poolmetadataspare option.
- Fix thin pool creation in a shared VG. (2.02.173)
- Schedule exit when received SIGTERM in dmeventd.
- Fix blkdeactivate regression with failing DM/MD devs deactivation (1.02.142).
- Add blkdeactivate -r wait option to wait for MD resync/recovery/reshape.
- Use blkdeactivate -r wait in blk-availability systemd service/initscript.
- Also try to unmount /boot on blkdeactivate -u if on top of supported device.
- Fix typo in blkdeactivate's '--{dm,lvm,mpath}options' option name.
- Correct return value testing when get reserved values for reporting.
- Take -S with dmsetup suspend/resume/clear/wipe_table/remove/deps/status/table.
- Fix mistakenly commented out %python_provide line for python3-lvm.

- Bump to rebuild on rebuilt corosync
- Cleanup spec file conditionals

- NOTE: Deprecating python bindings and liblvm2app.
- Prevent raid1 split with trackchanges in a shared VG.
- Avoid double unlocking of client & lockspace mutexes in lvmlockd.
- Fix leaking of file descriptor for non-blocking filebased locking.
- Fix check for 2nd mda at end of disk fits if using pvcreate --restorefile.
- Use maximum metadataarea size that fits with pvcreate --restorefile.
- Always clear cached bootloaderarea when wiping label e.g. in pvcreate.
- Disallow --bootloaderareasize with pvcreate --restorefile.
- Fix lvmlockd check for running lock managers during lock adoption.
- Add --withgeneralpreamble and --withlocalpreamble to lvmconfig.
- Add warning when creating thin-pool with zeroing and chunk size >= 512KiB.
- Introduce exit code 4 EINIT_FAILED to replace -1 when initialisation fails.
- Add synchronization points with udev during reshape of raid LVs.
- Restore umask when creation of node fails.
- Add --concise to dmsetup create for many devices with tables in one command.
- Accept minor number without major in library when it knows dm major number.
- Introduce single-line concise table output format: dmsetup table --concise.

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_27_Binutils_Mass_Rebuild

- Rebuild with binutils fix for ppc64le (#1475636)

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_27_Mass_Rebuild

- Create /dev/disk/by-part{uuid,label} and gpt-auto-root symlinks with udev.
- Add synchronization points with udev during conversion of raid LVs.
- Improve --size args validation and report more detailed error message.
- Initialize debugging mutex before any debug message in clvmd.
- Log error instead of warn when noticing connection problem with lvmetad.
- Fix memory leak in lvmetad when working with duplicates.
- Remove restrictions on reshaping open and clustered raid devices.
- Add incompatible data_offset to raid metadata to fix reshape activation.
- Accept 'lvm -h' and 'lvm --help' as well as 'lvm help' for help.
- Suppress error message from accept() on clean lvmetad shutdown.
- Tidy clvmd client list processing and fix segfaults.
- Protect clvmd debug log messages with mutex and add client id.
- Fix shellcheck reported issues for script files.

- Do not lvdisplay --maps unset settings of cache pool.
- Fix lvdisplay --maps for cache pool without policy settings.
- Support aborting of flushing cache LV.
- Improve lvcreate --cachepool arg validation.
- Cache format2 flag is now using segment name type field.
- Disallow cachepool creation with policy cleaner and mode writeback.
- Lvconvert --repair handles failing raid legs (present but marked 'D'ead).
- Add display_percent helper function for printing percent values.
- Add dm_percent_to_round_float for adjusted percentage rounding.
- Fix lvcreate extent percentage calculation for mirrors.
- Reenable conversion of data and metadata thin-pool volumes to raid.
- Linear to RAID1 upconverts now use 'recover' sync action, not 'resync'.
- No longer necessary to '--force' a repair for RAID1.
- Improve raid status reporting with lvs.
- dm_get_status_raid() handle better some incosistent md statuses.
- Limit maximal size of thin-pool for specific chunk size.
- Print a warning about in-use PVs with no VG using them.
- Disable automatic clearing of PVs that look like in-use orphans.
- Extend validation of filesystems resized by fsadm.
- Properly handle subshell return codes in fsadm.
- Stop using '--yes' mode when fsadm runs without terminal.
- Support storing status flags via segtype name field.
- Enhance lvconvert automatic settings of possible (raid) LV types.
- Add missing NULL to argv array when spliting cmdline arguments.
- Don't reinstate still-missing devices when correcting inconsistent metadata.
- Allow lvchange to change properties on a thin pool data sub LV.
- Fix reusing of dm_task structure for status reading (used by dmeventd).
- Drop unneeded --config option from raid dmeventd plugin.
- Accept truncated files in calls to dm_stats_update_regions_from_fd().
- Restore Warning by 5% increment when thin-pool is over 80% (1.02.138).
- Reset array with dead rimage devices once raid gets in sync.

- Fix lvmdbusd not passing --all with vgreduce --removemissing.

- Fix lvmdbusd mangling config options.

- Add RAID takeover and reshaping.
- Add pvcreate prompt when device size doesn't match setphysicalvolumesize.
- Remove obsolete lvmchange binary - convert to built-in command.
- Support cache segment with configurable metadata format.
- Add option for lvcreate/lvconvert --cachemetadataformat auto|1|2.
- Add allocation/cache_metadata_format profilable settings.
- Command line options, help and man pages using common definitions.
- Add build-time configuration command line to 'lvm version' output.
- Disable lvmetad when lvconvert --repair is run.
- Raise mirror/raid default regionsize to 2MiB.
- Support shrinking of RaidLVs.
- Introduce global/fsadm_executable to make fsadm path configurable.
- Look for limited thin pool metadata size when using 16G metadata.
- Add lvconvert pool creation rule disallowing options with poolmetadata.
- Fix missing lvmlockd LV locks in lvchange and lvconvert.
- Fix dmeventd setup for lvchange --poll.
- Fix use of --poll and --monitor with lvchange and vgchange.
- Disallow lvconvert of hidden LV to a pool.
- Ignore --partial option when not used for activation.
- Allow --activationmode option with lvchange --refresh.
- Allow valid lvconvert --regionsize change
- Fix SIGINT blocking to prevent corrupted metadata
- Fix systemd unit existence check for lvmconf --services --startstopservices.
- Check and use PATH_MAX buffers when creating vgrename device paths.
- Handle known table line parameter order change in specific raid target vsns.
- Show more information for cached volumes in lvdisplay [-m].
- Use function cache_set_params() for both lvcreate and lvconvert.
- Skip rounding on cache chunk size boudary when create cache LV.
- Improve cache_set_params support for chunk_size selection.
- Fix metadata profile allocation/cache_[mode|policy] setting.
- Fix missing support for using allocation/cache_pool_chunk_size setting.
- Support conversion of raid type, stripesize and number of disks
- Reject writemostly/writebehind in lvchange during resynchronization.
- Deactivate active origin first before removal for improved workflow.
- Fix regression of accepting both --type and -m with lvresize. (2.02.158)
- Add extra memory page when limiting pthread stack size in clvmd.
- Support striped/raid0[raid10_near conversions.
- Support region size changes on existing RaidLVs.
- Avoid parallel usage of cpg_mcast_joined() in clvmd with corosync.
- Support raid6_{ls,rs,la,ra}_6 segment types and conversions from/to it.
- Support raid6_n_6 segment type and conversions from/to it.
- Support raid5_n segment type and conversions from/to it.
- Support new internal command _dmeventd_thin_command.
- Introduce new dmeventd/thin_command configurable setting.
- Use new default units 'r' for displaying sizes.
- Also unmount mount point on top of MD device if using blkdeactivate -u.
- Restore check preventing resize of cache type volumes (2.02.158).
- Add missing udev sync when flushing dirty cache content.
- vgchange -p accepts only uint32 numbers.
- Report thin LV date for merged LV when the merge is in progress.
- Detect if snapshot merge really started before polling for progress.
- Checking LV for merging origin requires also it has merged snapshot.
- Extend validation of metadata processing.
- Enable usage of cached volumes as snapshot origin LV.
- Fix displayed lv name when splitting snapshot (2.02.146).
- Warn about command not making metadata backup just once per command.
- Enable usage of cached volume as thin volume's external origin.
- Support cache volume activation with -real layer.
- Improve search of lock-holder for external origin and thin-pool.
- Support status checking of cache volume used in layer.
- Avoid shifting by one number of blocks when clearing dirty cache volume.
- Extend metadata validation of external origin LV use count.
- Fix dm table when the last user of active external origin is removed.
- Improve reported lvs status for active external origin volume.
- Fix table load for splitted RAID LV and require explicit activation.
- Always active splitted RAID LV exclusively locally.
- Do not use LV RAID status bit for segment status.
- Check segtype directly instead of checking RAID in segment status.
- Reusing exiting code for raid image removal.
- Fix pvmove leaving -pvmove0 error device in clustered VG.
- Avoid adding extra '_' at end of raid extracted images or metadata.
- Optimize another _rmeta clearing code.
- Fix deactivation of raid orphan devices for clustered VG.
- Fix lvconvert raid1 to mirror table reload order.
- Add internal function for separate mirror log preparation.
- Fix segfault in lvmetad from missing NULL in daemon_reply_simple.
- Simplify internal _info_run() and use _setup_task_run() for mknod.
- Better API for internal function _setup_task_run.
- Avoid using lv_has_target_type() call within lv_info_with_seg_status.
- Simplify internal lv_info_with_seg_status API.
- Decide which status is needed in one place for lv_info_with_seg_status.
- Fix matching of LV segment when checking for it info status.
- Report log_warn when status cannot be parsed.
- Test segment type before accessing segment members when checking status.
- Implement compatible target function for stripe segment.
- Use status info to report merge failed and snapshot invalid lvs fields.
- See WHATS_NEW and WHATS_NEW_DM in the documentation directory for more.

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_26_Mass_Rebuild

- Rebuild for readline 7.x

- Rebuild for Python 3.6

- Display correct sync_percent on large RaidLVs
- lvmdbusd --blackboxsize added, used to override default size of 16
- Allow a transiently failed RaidLV to be refreshed
- Use lv_update_and_reload() inside mirror code where it applies.
- Preserve mirrored status for temporary layered mirrors.
- Use transient raid check before repairing raid volume.
- Implement transient status check for raid volumes.
- Only log msg as debug if lvm2-lvmdbusd unit missing for D-Bus notification.
- Avoid duplicated underscore in name of extracted LV image.
- Missing stripe filler now could be also 'zero'.
- lvconvert --repair accepts --interval and --background option.
- More efficiently prepare _rmeta devices when creating a new raid LV.
- Document raid status values.
- Always exit dmsetup with success when asked to display help/version.

- Only log msg as debug if lvm2-lvmdbusd unit missing for D-Bus notification.

- Use log_error in regex and sysfs filter to describe reason of failure.
- Fix blkdeactivate to deactivate dev stack if dev on top already unmounted.
- Prevent non-synced raid1 repair unless --force
- Prevent raid4 creation/conversion on non-supporting kernels
- Add direct striped -> raid4 conversion
- Fix raid4 parity image pair position on conversions from striped/raid0*
- Fix a few unconverted return code values for some lvconvert error path.
- Disable lvconvert of thin pool to raid while active.
- Disable systemd service start rate limiting for lvm2-pvscan@.service.
- Log failure of raid device with log_error level.
- Use dm_log_with_errno and translate runtime to dm_log only when needed.
- Make log messages from dm and lvm library different from dmeventd.
- Notice and Info messages are again logged from dmeventd and its plugins.
- Dmeventd now also respects DM_ABORT_ON_INTERNAL_ERRORS as libdm based tool.
- Report as non default dm logging also when logging with errno was changed.
- Use log_level() macro to consistently decode message log level in dmeventd.
- Still produce output when dmsetup dependency tree building finds dev missing.
- Check and report pthread_sigmask() failure in dmeventd.
- Check mem alloc fail in _canonicalize_field_ids().
- Use unsigned math when checking more then 31 legs of raid.
- Fix 'dmstats delete' with dmsetup older than v1.02.129
- Fix stats walk segfault with dmsetup older than v1.02.129

- Add various fixes for lvmdbusd from upcoming lvm2 version 2.02.167.

- Fix lvm2-activation-generator to read all LVM2 config sources. (2.02.155)
- Fix lvchange-rebuild-raid.sh to cope with older target versions.
- Use dm_config_parse_without_dup_node_check() to speedup metadata reading.
- Fix lvconvert --repair regression
- Fix reported origin lv field for cache volumes. (2.02.133)
- Always specify snapshot cow LV for monitoring not internal LV. (2.02.165)
- Fix lvchange --discard|--zero for active thin-pool.
- Enforce 4MiB or 25% metadata free space for thin pool operations.
- Fix lock-holder device for thin pool with inactive thin volumes.
- Use --alloc normal for mirror logs even if the mimages were stricter.
- Use O_DIRECT to gather metadata in lvmdump.
- Ignore creation_time when checking for matching metadata for lvmetad.
- Fix possible NULL pointer derefence when checking for monitoring.
- Add lvmreport(7) man page.
- Don't install lvmraid(7) man page when raid excluded. (2.02.165)
- Report 0% as dirty (copy%) for cache without any used block.
- Fix lvm2api reporting of cache data and metadata percent.
- Restore reporting of metadata usage for cache volumes (2.02.155).
- Support raid scrubbing on cache origin LV.
- Fix man entry for dmsetup status.
- Introduce new dm_config_parse_without_dup_node_check().
- Don't omit last entry in dmstats list --group.

- Add lvmraid(7) man page.
- Use udev db to check for mpath components before running pvscan for lvmetad.
- Use lsblk -s and lsblk -O in lvmdump only if these options are supported.
- Fix number of stripes shown in lvcreate raid10 message when too many.
- Change lvmdbusd to use new lvm shell facilities.
- Do not monitor cache-pool metadata when LV is just being cleared.
- Add allocation/cache_pool_max_chunks to prevent misuse of cache target.
- Give error not segfault in lvconvert --splitmirrors when PV lies outside LV.
- Fix typo in report/columns_as_rows config option name recognition (2.02.99).
- Avoid PV tags when checking allocation against parallel PVs.
- Disallow mirror conversions of raid10 volumes.
- Fix dmeventd unmonitoring when segment type (and dso) changes.
- Don't allow lvconvert --repair on raid0 devices or attempt to monitor them.
- No longer adjust incorrect number of raid stripes supplied to lvcreate.
- Move lcm and gcd to lib/misc.
- Fix vgsplit of external origins. (2.02.162)
- Prohibit creation of RAID LVs unless VG extent size is at least the page size.
- Suppress some unnecessary --stripesize parameter warnings.
- Fix 'pvmove -n name ...' to prohibit collocation of RAID SubLVs
- Improve explanation of udev fallback in libdevmapper.h.

- Fix selection of PVs when allocating raid0_meta.
- Fix sdbus socket leak leading to hang in lvmnotify.
- Specify max stripes for raid LV types: raid0:64; 1:10; 4,5:63; 6:62; 10:32.
- Avoid double suffix when naming _rmeta LV paired with _rimage LV.

- Add profile for lvmdbusd which uses lvm shell json report output.
- Restrict in-command modification of some parms in lvm shell.
- Apply LVM_COMMAND_PROFILE early for lvm shell.
- Refactor reporting so lvm shell log report collects whole of cmd execution.
- Support LVM_*_FD envvars to redirect output to file descriptors.
- Limit use of --corelog and --mirrorlog to mirrors in lvconvert.
- Reject --nosync option for RAID6 LVs in lvcreate.
- Do not refresh whole cmd context if profile dropped after processing LVM cmd.
- Support straightforward lvconvert between striped and raid4 LVs.
- Support straightforward lvconvert between raid1 and mirror LVs.
- Report supported conversions when asked for unsupported raid lvconvert.
- Add '--rebuild PV' option to lvchange to allow for PV selective rebuilds.
- Preserve existing mirror region size when using --repair.
- Forbid stripe parameters with lvconvert --repair.
- Unify stripe size validation into get_stripe_params to catch missing cases.
- Further lvconvert validation logic refactoring.
- Add 'lvm fullreport' man page.
- Add dm_report_destroy_rows/dm_report_group_output_and_pop_all for lvm shell.
- Adjust group handling and json production for lvm shell.

- Support lvconvert -Zn also when doing full cache pool conversion.
- Suppress not zeroing warn when converting to thin LV for non-zeroing tpool.
- Fix automatic updates of PV extension headers to newest version.
- Improve lvconvert --trackchanges validation to require --splitmirrors 1.
- Add note about lastlog built-in command to lvm man page.
- Fix unrecognised segtype flag message.
- lvconvert not clears cache pool metadata ONLY with -Zn.
- Enabled lvconvert --uncache to work with partial VG.
- Fix json reporting to escape ''' character that may appear in reported string.

- Enable LVM notifications over dbus for lvmdbusd.

- https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/Automatic_Provides_for_Python_RPM_Packages

- Prohibit some lvchange/lvresize that were failing on raid0 volumes.
- Fix segfaults in complex vgsplits. (2.02.159)
- Reformat unwieldy lvconvert man page.
- Allow --force to be passed through to pvcreate from vgcreate. (2.02.144)
- Fix lvresize of filesystem when LV has already right size (2.02.141)
- New LVM_LOG_FILE_MAX_LINES env var to limit max size of created logs.
- Disable queueing on mpath devs in blk-availability systemd service/initscript.
- Add new -m|--mpathoption disablequeueing to blkdeactivate.
- Automatically group regions with 'create --segments' unless --nogroup.
- Fix resource leak when deleting the first member of a group.
- Allow --bounds with 'create --filemap' for dmstats.
- Enable creation of filemap regions with histograms.
- Enable histogram aggregation for regions with more than one area.
- Enable histogram aggregation for groups of regions.
- Add a --filemap option to 'dmstats create' to allow mapping of files.
- Add dm_stats_create_regions_from_fd() to map file extents to regions.

- Minor fixes from coverity.

- Add raid0_meta segment type that provides metadata space for raid conversions.
- Fix created link for a used pool for vgmknode.
- Introduce and use is_power_of_2 macro.
- Support conversions between striped and raid0 segment types.
- Add infrastructure for raid takeover lvconvert options.
- Update default dmstats field selections for groups.
- Add 'obj_type', 'group_id', and 'statsname' fields to dmstats reports.
- Add --area, --region, and --group to dmstats to control object selection.
- Add --alias, --groupid, --regions to dmstats for group creation and deletion.
- Add 'group' and 'ungroup' commands to dmstats.
- Allow dm_stats_delete_group() to optionally delete all group members.
- Add dm_stats_get_object_type() to return the type of object present.
- Add dm_stats_walk_init() allowing control of objects visited by walks.
- Add dm_stats_get_group_descriptor() to return the member list as a string.
- Introduce dm_stats_get_nr_groups() and dm_stats_group_present().
- Add dm_stats_{get,set}_alias() to set and retrieve alias names for groups.
- Add dm_stats_get_group_id() to return the group ID for a given region.
- Add dm_stats_{create,delete}_group() to allow grouping of stats regions.
- Add enum-driven dm_stats_get_{metric,counter}() interfaces.
- Add dm_bitset_parse_list() to parse a string representation of a bitset.
- Thin dmeventd plugin umounts lvm2 volume only when pool is 95% or more.

- Add a more efficient native vgimportclone command to replace the script.
- Make lvmlockd always attempt to connect to lvmetad if no connection exists.
- Let lvmetad handle new connections after shutdown signal.
- Disable lvmetad when vgcfgrestore begins and enable it again after.
- Make pvscan do activation if lvmetad is configured but not running.
- Fix rescanning the PVs for a single VG when using lvmetad.
- Pool metadata lvresize uses now same code as resize of normal volume.
- Preserve monitoring status when updating thin-pool metadata.
- Return 0 (inactive) when status cannot be queried in _lv_active().
- Switch to log_warn() for failing activation status query.
- Replace vgimportclone script with binary.
- While lvmetad is shutting down, continue handling all connections cleanly.
- Refactor lvconvert argument handling code.
- Notify lvmetad when vgcfgrestore changes VG metadata.
- Add --logonly option to report only cmd log for a command, not other reports.
- Add log/command_log_selection to configure default selection used on cmd log.
- Use 'orphan' object type in cmd log for groups to collect PVs not yet in VGs.
- Add lvm lastlog command for query and display of last cmd's log in lvm shell.
- Report per-object return codes via cmd log while processing multiple objects.
- Annotate processing code with log report hooks for per-object command log.
- Also pass common printed messages (besides warnings and errors) to log report.
- Log warnings and errors via report during cmd processing if this is enabled.
- Make it possible to iterate over internal 'orphan' VGs in process_each_vg fn.
- Make -S|--select option groupable that allows this option to be repeated.
- Make -O|--sort option groupable that allows this option to be repeated.
- Add --configreport option to select report for which next options are applied.
- Add support for priorities on grouping command arguments.
- Add report/{pvs,vgs,lvs,pvsegs,segs}_{cols,sort}_full to lvm.conf.
- Add lvm fullreport command for joined PV, VG, LV and segment report per VG.
- Integrate report group handling and cmd log report into cmd processing code.
- Add log/report_command_log to lvm.conf to enable or disable cmd log report.
- Add log/report_output_format to lvm.conf for default report output format.
- Recognize --reportformat {basic|json} option to select report output format.
- Add log/command_log_{sort,cols} to lvm.conf to configure command log report.
- Add log_object_{type,name,id,group,group_id} fields to cmd log.
- Add log_{seq_num,type,context,message,errno,ret_code} fields to cmd log.
- Add CMDLOG report type - a separate report type for command logging.
- Recognize 'all' keyword used in selection as synonym for '' (no selection).
- Add dm_report_set_selection to set selection for multiple output of report.
- Add DM_REPORT_OUTPUT_MULTIPLE_TIMES flag for multiple output of same report.
- Move field width handling/sort init from dm_report_object to dm_report_output.
- Add _LOG_BYPASS_REPORT flag for bypassing any log report currently set.
- Introduce DM_REPORT_GROUP_JSON for report group with JSON output format.
- Introduce DM_REPORT_GROUP_BASIC for report group with basic report output.
- Introduce DM_REPORT_GROUP_SINGLE for report group having single report only.
- Add dm_report_group_{create,push,pop,destroy} to support report grouping.

- Change pvscan --cache -aay to scan locally if lvmetad fails.

- Don't allow duplicate orphan PVs to be used with vgcreate/vgextend/pvcreate.
- Improve handling of lvmetad update failures.
- Yes/No prompt accepts '^[ ^t]*([Yy]([Ee]([Ss]|)|)|[Nn]([Oo]|))[ ^t]*$'.
- If available, also collect output from lsblk command when running lvmdump -s.

- Fix regression in blkdeactivate causing dm and md devices to be skipped. (2.02.155)

- Reject PV tags on pvmove cmdline because only 1 PV is supported. (2.02.141)
- Fix compilation error when building with configure --disable-devmapper.
- Fix lvmconfig --type diff to display complete diff if config cascade used.
- Automatically filter out partitioned loop devices with partscan (losetup -P).
- Fix lvm devtypes internal error if -S used with field name from pvs/vgs/lvs.
- When reporting Data%,Snap%,Meta%,Cpy%Sync use single ioctl per LV.
- Add lvseg_percent_with_info_and_seg_status() for percent retrieval.
- Enhance internal seg_status handling to understand snapshots better.
- When refresh failed in suspend, call resume upon error path.
- Support passthrough cache mode when waiting for clean cache.
- Check cache status only for 'in-use' cache pools.
- Extend setup_task() to preset flushing for dm_task object.
- When checking LV is a merging COW, validate its a COW LV first.
- Correcting value in copy_percent() for 100%.
- Update vgreduce to use process_each_vg.
- Update lvconvert to use process_each_lv.
- Update pvscan to use process_each_vg for autoactivation.
- Add basic support for --type raid0 using md.
- Add support for lvchange --cachemode for cached LV.
- Fix liblvm2app error handling when setting up context.
- Delay liblvm2app init in python code until it is needed.
- Simplify thread locking in lvmetad to fix locking problems.
- Allow pvremove -ff to remove a duplicate PV.
- Fix lvm2-activation-generator to read lvm.conf without full command setup.
- Allow a minimal context to be used in lvm2app for reading lvm.conf.
- Report passthrough caching mode when parsing cache mode.

- Fix liblvm segfault after failure initialising lvmetad connection.
- Retry open without O_NOATIME if it fails (not file owner/CAP_FOWNER).
- Split _report into one fn for options and arguments and one for processing.
- Show library version in message even if dm driver version is unavailable.

- Change warning messages related to duplicate PVs.
- A named device is always processed itself, not switched for a duplicate.
- Add PV attr 'd' and report field 'duplicate' for duplicate PVs.
- Add config setting to disallow VG changes when duplicate PVs exist.
- Use device size and active LVs to choose the preferred duplicate PV.
- Disable lvmetad when duplicate PVs are seen.
- Support --chunksize option also when caching LV when possible.
- Add function to check for target presence and version via 1 ioctl.

- Use any inherited tags when wiping metadata sub LVs to ensure activation.
- Add str_list_wipe.
- Improve support for interrupting procesing of volumes during lvchange.
- Use failed command return code when lvchanging read-only volume.
- Show creation transaction_id and zeroing state of pool with thin volume.
- Stop checking for dm_cache_mq policy with cache target 1.9 (alias to smq).
- Check first /sys/module/dm_* dir existance before using modprobe.
- Remove mpath from 10-dm.rules, superseded by 11-dm-mpath.rules (mpath>=0.6.0).
- Add dm_udev_wait_immediate to libdevmapper for waiting outside the library.

- Fix error path after reusing of _setup_task (2.02.150).
- Fix memory access for empty sysfs values (2.02.149).
- Disable lvmetad when lvm1 metadata is seen, so commands revert to scanning.
- Suppress errors when snapshot merge gets delayed because volume is in use.
- Avoid internal snapshot LV names in messages.
- Autodetect and use /run/lock dir when available instead of /var/lock.
- lvchange --refresh for merging thin origin will retry to deactivate snapshot.
- Recognize in-progress snapshot merge for thin volumes from dm table.
- Avoid deciding to initiate a pending snapshot merge during resume.
- Improve retrying lvmetad requests while lvmetad is being updated.
- Read devices instead of using the lvmetad cache if rescan fails.
- Move lvmetad token/filter check and device rescan to the start of commands.
- Don't try deactivating fictional internal LV before snapshot merge. (2.02.105)
- When not obtaining devs from udev, check they exist before caching them.
- Detect device mismatch also when compiling without udev support.
- Do not strip LVM- when debug reporting not found uuid.

- Avoid using flushing dm status ioctl when checking for usable DM device.
- Check for devices without LVM- uuid prefix only with kernels < 3.X.
- Reuse %FREE size aproximation with lvcreate -l%PVS thin-pool.
- Allow the lvmdump directory to exist already provided it is empty.
- Show lvconverted percentage with 2 decimal digits.
- Fix regression in suspend when repairing --type mirror (2.02.133).
- Change log_debug ioctl flags from single characters into words.

- Do not flush thin-pool when checking metadata fullness.
- Remove spurious error about no value in /sys/dev/block/major:minor/dm/uuid.
- Fix device mismatch detection for LV if persistent .cache file is used.
- Fix holder device not being found in /dev while sysfs has it during dev scan.

- Introduce TARGET_NAME and MODULE NAME macros.
- Replace hard-coded module and target names with macros.
- Add pv_major and pv_minor report fields.
- Detect and warn about mismatch between devices used and assumed for an LV.
- Adjust raid status function.

- If available, use /proc/self/mountinfo to detect mounted volume in fsadm.
- Fix resize of stacked raid thin data volume (2.02.141).
- Fix test for lvremove failure in lvconvert --uncache (2.02.146).

- More man page cleanups in lvconvert.
- Fix makefile vpath in /udev when generating udev rules files.
- Another attempt to improve VG name parsing for lvconvert (2.02.144).
- Use new cache status info and skip flushing for failed cache.
- Support --uncache with missing PVs.
- Improve parsing of cache status and report Fail, Error, needs_check, ro.

- Tidy report field names, headings and widths.
- Add vgscan --notifydbus to send a dbus notification.
- Add dbus notification from commands after a PV/VG/LV changes state.

- Require python3-gobject-base insetad of python3-gobject.

- Make it possible to use lvremove and lvrename on historical LVs.
- For historical LVs, report 'none' for lv_layout and 'history' for lv_role.
- Add full_{ancestors,descendants} fields to report LV ancestry with history.
- Report (h)istorical state within 5th bit (State) of the lv_attr field.
- Add lv_historical reporting field to report if LV is historical or not.
- Add lv_time_removed reporting field to display removal time for hist. LVs.
- Report lv_name, lv_uuid, vg_name, lv_time for historical LVs.
- Add --nohistory switch to lvremove to disable history recording on demand.
- Add -H|--history switch to lvs and lvdisplay to include historical LVs.
- Create historical LVs out of removed thin snapshot LVs and record in history.
- Add metadata/lvs_history_retention_time for automatic removal of hist. LVs.
- Add metadata/record_lvs_history config for switching LV history recording.
- Add support and infrastructure for tracking historical LVs.
- Improve lvconvert man page.
- Add kernel_cache_policy lvs field.
- Display [unknown] instead of 'unknown device' in pvs output.
- Fix error path when pvcreate allocation fails (2.02.144).
- Display [unknown] instead of blank for unknown VG names in pvs output.
- Fix dm_config_write_node and variants to return error on subsection failures.
- Remove 4096 char limit due to buffer size if writing dm_config_node.

- Only show (u)sed pv_attr char when PV is not (a)llocatable. (2.02.143)
- Update makefile to generate lcov output also for lvmpolld and lvmlockd.
- Fix SystemdService lvm2-lvmdbusd.service name.
- Improve support for env LVM_VG_NAME for reference VG name in lvconvert.
- Fix regression when lvresize accepted zero sizes. (2.02.141)
- Always warn user about PV in use even when pvremove uses --force --force.
- Use uninitialized pool header detection in all cases.
- Fix read error detection when checking for uninitialized thin-pool header.
- Fix error path for internal error in lvmetad VG lookup code.
- Fix string boundary check in _get_canonical_field_name().
- Always initialized hist struct in _stats_parse_histogram().

- Reinstate lvm2-lockd on all architectures as sanlock package is fixed now.

- Remove Requires: sanlock-lib for lvm2-lockd subpackage if sanlock not compiled.

- Add Requires: python3-gobject dependency for lvm2-dbusd subpackage.
- Build lvm2-lockd with sanlock support only on x86_64, arch64 and power64 arch.

- Introduce new lvm2-dbusd package providing LVM D-Bus daemon and service.
- Fix error path when sending thin-pool message fails in update_pool_lv().
- Support reporting CheckNeeded and Fail state for thin-pool and thin LV.
- For failing thin-pool and thin volume correctly report percentage as INVALID.
- Report -1, not 'unkown' for lv_{snapshot_invalid,merge_failed} with --binary.
- Add configure --enable-dbus-service for an LVM D-Bus service.
- Replace configure --enable-python_bindings with python2 and python3 versions.
- If PV belongs to some VG and metadata missing, skip it if system ID is used.
- Automatically change PV header extension to latest version if writing PV/VG.
- Identify used PVs in pv_attr field by new 'u' character.
- Add pv_in_use reporting field to report if PV is used or not.
- Add pv_ext_vsn reporting field to report PV header extension version.
- Add protective flag marking PVs as used even if no metadata available.
- Improve status parsing for thin-pool and thin devices.

- Fix memory pool corruption in pvmove (2.02.141).
- Support control of spare metadata creation when repairing thin-pool.
- Fix config type of 'log/verbose' from bool to int (2.02.99).
- Fix inverted data LV thinp watermark calc for dmeventd response (2.02.133).
- Use use_blkid_wiping=0 if not defined in lvm.conf and support not compiled in.
- Do not check for suspended devices if scanning for lvmetad update.
- Clear cached bootloader areas when PV format changed.
- Fix partn table filter with external_device_info_source='udev' and blkid<2.20.
- Use fully aligned allocations for dm_pool_strdup/strndup() (1.02.64).
- Fix thin-pool table parameter feature order to match kernel output.

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_24_Mass_Rebuild

- Add metadata/check_pv_device_sizes switch to lvm.conf for device size checks.
- Warn if device size is less than corresponding PV size in metadata.
- Cache device sizes internally.
- Restore support for command breaking in process_each_lv_in_vg() (2.02.118).
- Use correct mempool when process_each_lv_in_vg() (2.02.118).
- Fix lvm.8 man to show again prohibited suffixes.
- Fix configure to set proper use_blkid_wiping if autodetected as disabled.
- Initialise udev in clvmd for use in device scanning. (2.02.116)
- Add seg_le_ranges report field for common format when displaying seg devices.
- Honour report/list_item_separator for seg_metadata_le_ranges report field.
- Don't mark hidden devs in -o devices,metadata_devices,seg_pe_ranges.(2.02.140)
- Change LV sizes in seg_pe_ranges report field to match underlying devices.
- Add kernel_cache_settings report field for cache LV settings used in kernel.
- Fix man page for dmsetup udevcreatecookie.

- Fix lvm2app to return either 0 or 1 for lvm_vg_is_{clustered,exported}.
- Add kernel_discards report field to display thin pool discard used in kernel.
- Correct checking of target presence when driver access is disabled.
- Eval poolmetadatasize arg earlier in lvresize.
- Fix vgcfgrestore to respect allocatable attribute of PVs.
- Add report/mark_hidden_devices to lvm.conf.
- Use brackets consistently in report fields to mark hidden devices.
- Restore background polling processing during auto-activation (2.02.119).
- Fix invalid memory read when reporting cache LV policy_name (2.02.126).

- Update lvmlockd with the new VG seqno before devices are suspended.
- Rework vgrename to use the common processing code in toollib.
- Make pvs show new devices on the system since the last .cache update.
- Document F,D and M thin pool health status chars for lv_attr in lvs man page.
- Also add lvm2-activation{-early,-net}.service systemd status for lvmdump -s.

- Support lvrename for hidden (used) cache pools.
- Fix lvrename for stacked cache pools
- Better support for dmsetup static linkage.
- Extend validity checks on dmeventd client socket.

- Restore archiving before changing metadata in vgextend (2.02.117).
- Dropped internal usage of log_suppress(2).
- Cleaned logging code for buffer size usage.
- Added internal id_read_format_try() function to check and read valid UUID.
- Change lvcreate, lvrename, lvresize to use process_each_vg.
- Change process_each_vg to handle single VG as separate arg.
- Issue error if ambiguous VG name is supplied in most commands.
- Make process_each fns always work through full list of known VG names.
- Use dm_get_status_mirror() instead of individual parsers.
- Add mem pool arg for check_transient_status() target function.
- Avoid misleading error with -m is omitted with lvconvert to raid types.
- Add system_id to vginfo cache.
- Mirror plugin in dmeventd uses dm_get_status_mirror().
- Add dm_get_status_mirror() for parsing mirror status line.

- Add new --sinceversion option for lvmconfig --type new.
- Fix inactive table loaded for wrapping thin-pool when resizing it.
- Extend the list of ignored libraries when locking memory.
- Show error message when trying to create unsupported raid type.
- Improve preloading sequence of an active thin-pool target.
- Drop extra space from cache target line to fix unneded table reloads.

- Add a model file for Coverity.
- Show correct error message for unsupported yet cache pool repair.
- Allow lvconvert cache pools' data and metadata LV to raid.
- Fix reading of old metadata with missing cache policy or mode settings.
- Issue error if external_device_info_source=udev and udev db record incomplete.
- Update lvmetad duplicate VG name handling to use hash function extensions.
- Detect invalid vgrenames by vgid where the name is unchanged.
- Fix passing of 32bit values through daemons (mostly lvmlockd).
- Use local memory pool for whole alloc_handle manipulation.
- Add missing pointer validation after dm_get_next_target().
- Do not deref NULL pointer in debug message for _match_pv_tags().
- Drop unneeded stat() call when checking for sysfs file.
- Fix memory leak on error path of failing thin-pool percentage check.
- Add missing test for failing node allocation in lvmetad.
- Correct configure messages when enabling/disabling lvmlockd.
- Extend dm_hash to support multiple values with the same key.
- Add missing check for allocation inside dm_split_lvm_name().
- Test dm_task_get_message_response for !NULL in dm_stats_print_region().
- Add checks for failing dm_stats_create() in dmsetup.
- Add missing fifo close when failed to initialize client connection.

- Refactor some lvmetad code and adjust some duplicate PV messages.
- No longer repair/wipe VG/PVs if inaccessible because foreign or shared.
- Pass correct data size to mirror log calc so log can be bigger than 1 extent.

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/python3.5

- Shutdown lvmetad automatically after one hour of inactivity.

- Support repeated -o|--options for reporting commands.
- Support -o- and -o# for reporting commands to remove and compact fields.
- Fix missing PVs from pvs output if vgremove is run concurrently.
- Remove unwanted error message when running pvs/vgs/lvs and vgremove at once.
- Check newly created VG's metadata do not overlap in metadata ring buffer.
- Check metadata area size is at least the minimum size defined for the format.
- Thin pool targets uses low_water_mark from profile.
- Dropping 'yet' from error of unsupported thick snapshot of snapshots.
- Do not support unpartitioned DASD devices with CDL formatted with pvcreate.
- For thins use flush for suspend only when volume size is reduced.
- Enable code which detects the need of flush during suspend.
- Ensure --use-policy will resize volume to fit below threshold.
- Correct percentage evaluation when checking thin-pool over threshold.
- Fix lvmcache to move PV from VG to orphans if VG is removed and lvmetad used.
- Fix lvmcache to not cache even invalid info about PV which got removed.
- Support checking of memlock daemon counter.
- Allow all log levels to be used with the lvmetad -l option.
- Add optional shutdown when idle support for lvmetad.
- Fix missing in-sync progress info while lvconvert used with lvmpolld.
- Add report/compact_output_cols to lvm.conf to define report cols to compact.
- Do not change logging in lvm2 library when it's already set.
- Check for enough space in thin-pool in command before creating new thin.
- Make libblkid detect all copies of the same signature if use_blkid_wiping=1.
- Fix vgimportclone with -n to not add number unnecessarily to base VG name.
- Cleanup vgimportclone script and remove dependency on awk, grep, cut and tr.
- Add vg_missing_pv_count report field to report number of missing PVs in a VG.
- Properly identify internal LV holding sanlock locks within lv_role field.
- Add metadata_devices and seg_metadata_le_ranges report fields for raid vols.
- Fix lvm2-{activation,clvmd,cmirrord,monitor} service to exec before mounting.
- Disable thin monitoring plugin when it fails too often (>10 times).
- Fix/restore parsing of empty field '-' when processing dmeventd event.
- Enhance dm_tree_node_size_changed() to recognize size reduction.
- Support exit on idle for dmenventd (1 hour).
- Add support to allow unmonitor device from plugin itself.
- New design for thread co-operation in dmeventd.
- Dmeventd read device status with 'noflush'.
- Dmeventd closes control device when no device is monitored.
- Thin plugin for dmeventd improved percentage usage.
- Snapshot plugin for dmeventd improved percentage usage.
- Add dm_hold_control_dev to allow holding of control device open.
- Add dm_report_compact_given_fields to remove given empty fields from report.
- Use libdm status parsing and local mem raid dmeventd plugin.
- Use local mem pool and lock only lvm2 execution for mirror dmeventd plugin.
- Lock protect only lvm2 execution for snapshot and thin dmeventd plugin.
- Use local mempool for raid and mirror plugins.
- Reworked thread initialization for dmeventd plugins.
- Dmeventd handles snapshot overflow for now equally as invalid.
- Convert dmeventd to use common logging macro system from libdm.
- Return -ENOMEM when device registration fails instead of 0 (=success).
- Enforce writethrough mode for cleaner policy.
- Add support for recognition and deactivation of MD devices to blkdeactivate.
- Move target status functions out of libdm-deptree.
- Correct use of max_write_behind parameter when generating raid target line.
- Fix dm-event systemd service to make sure it is executed before mounting.

- Remove %{epoch} from cmirror requires.

- Fix lvmconf to set locking_type=2 if external locking library is requested.
- Remove verbose message when rescanning an unchanged device. (2.02.119)
- Add origin_uuid, mirror_log_uuid, move_pv_uuid, convert_lv_uuid report fields.
- Add pool_lv_uuid, metadata_lv_uuid, data_lv_uuid reporting fields.
- Fix PV label processing failure after pvcreate in lvm shell with lvmetad.
- Update man pages for dmsetup and dmstats.
- Improve help text for dmsetup.
- Use --noflush and --nolockfs when removing device with --force.
- Parse new Overflow status string for snapshot target.
- Check dir path components are valid if using dm_create_dir, error out if not.
- Fix /dev/mapper handling to remove dangling entries if symlinks are found.
- Make it possible to use blank value as selection for string list report field.

- Fix PV label processing failure after pvcreate in lvm shell with lvmetad.
- Rename 'make install_full_man' to install_all_man and add all_man target.
- Fix vgimportclone cache_dir path name (2.02.115).
- Swapping of LV identifiers handles more complex LVs.
- Use passed list of PVS when allocating space in lvconvert --thinpool.
- Disallow usage of --stripe and --stripesize when creating cache pool.
- Warn user when caching raid or thin pool data LV.
- When layering LV, move LV flags with segments.
- Ignore persistent cache if configuration changed. (2.02.127)
- Fix devices/filter to be applied before disk-accessing filters. (2.02.112)
- Make tags only when requested via 'make tags'.
- Configure supports --disable-dependency-tracking for one-time builds.
- Fix usage of configure.h when building in srcdir != builddir.
- Do not check for full thin pool when activating without messages (1.02.107).

- Fix use of uninitialized device status if reading outdated .cache record.
- Restore support for --monitor option in lvcreate (2.02.112).
- Read thin-pool data and metadata percent without flush.
- Detect blocked thin-pool and avoid scanning their thin volumes.
- Check if dm device is usable before checking its size (2.02.116).
- Extend parsing of cache_check version in configure.
- Make lvpoll error messages visible in lvmpolld's stderr and in syslog.
- Add 'make install_full_man' to install all man pages regardless of config.
- Parse thin-pool status with one single routine internally.
- Add --histogram to select default histogram fields for list and report.
- Add report fields for displaying latency histogram configuration and data.
- Add dmstats --bounds to specify histogram boundaries for a new region.
- Add dm_histogram_to_string() to format histogram data in string form.
- Add public methods to libdm to access numerical histogram config and data.
- Parse and store histogram data in dm_stats_list() and dm_stats_populate().
- Add an argument to specify histogram bounds to dm_stats_create_region().
- Add dm_histogram_bounds_from_{string,uint64_t}() to parse histogram bounds.
- Add dm_histogram handle type to represent a latency histogram and its bounds.

- Reinstate dm_task_get_info@Base to libdevmapper exports. (1.02.106)

- Drop error message when vgdisplay encounters an exported VG. (2.02.27)
- Fix shared library generation to stop exporting internal functions.(2.02.120)
- Accept --cachemode with lvconvert.
- Fix and improve reporting properties of cache-pool.
- Enable usage of --cachepolicy and --cachesetting with lvconvert.
- Don't allow to reduce size of thin-pool metadata.
- Fix debug buffer overflows in cmirrord logging.
- Add --foreground and --help to cmirrord.
- Add 'precise' column to statistics reports.
- Add --precise switch to 'dmstats create' to request nanosecond counters.
- Add precise argument to dm_stats_create_region().
- Add support to libdm-stats for precise_timestamps
- Fix devmapper.pc pkgconfig file to declare -lrt dependency properly.

- Allocation setting cache_pool_cachemode is replaced by cache_mode.
- Don't attempt to close config file that couldn't be opened.
- Check for valid cache mode in validation of cache segment.
- Change internal interface handling cache mode and policy.
- When no cache policy specified, prefer smq (if available) over mq.
- Add demo cache-mq and cache-smq profiles.
- Add cmd profilable allocation/cache_policy,cache_settings,cache_mode.
- Require cache_check 0.5.4 for use of --clear-needs-check-flag.
- Fix lvmetad udev rules to not override SYSTEMD_WANTS, add the service instead.
- Fix 'dmstats list -o all' segfault.
- Separate dmstats statistics fields from region information fields.
- Add interval and interval_ns fields to dmstats reports.
- Do not include internal glibc headers in libdm-timestamp.c (1.02.104)
- Exit immediately if no device is supplied to dmsetup wipe_table.
- Suppress dmsetup report headings when no data is output. (1.02.104)
- Adjust dmsetup usage/help output selection to match command invoked.
- Fix dmsetup -o all to select correct fields in splitname report.
- Restructure internal dmsetup argument handling across all commands.
- Add dm_report_is_empty() to indicate there is no data awaiting output.
- Add more arg validation for dm_tree_node_add_cache_target().
- Add --alldevices switch to replace use of --force for stats create / delete.

- Do not init filters, locking, lvmetad, lvmpolld if command doesn't use it.
- Order fields in struct cmd_context more logically.
- Add lock_type to lvmcache VG summary and info structs.
- Fix regression in cache causing some PVs to bypass filters (2.02.105).
- Make configure --enable-realtime the default now.
- Add dmstats.8 man page
- Add dmstats --segments switch to create one region per device segment.
- Add dmstats --regionid, --allregions to specify a single / all stats regions.
- Add dmstats --allprograms for stats commands that filter by program ID.
- Add dmstats --auxdata and --programid args to specify aux data and program ID.
- Add report stats sub-command to provide repeating stats reports.
- Add clear, delete, list, and print stats sub-commands.
- Add create stats sub-command and --start, --length, --areas and --areasize.
- Recognize 'dmstats' as an alias for 'dmsetup stats' when run with this name.
- Add a 'stats' command to dmsetup to configure, manage and report stats data.
- Add statistics fields to dmsetup -o.
- Add libdm-stats library to allow management of device-mapper statistics.
- Add --nosuffix to suppress dmsetup unit suffixes in report output.
- Add --units to control dmsetup report field output units.
- Add support to redisplay column headings for repeating column reports.
- Fix report header and row resource leaks.
- Report timestamps of ioctls with dmsetup -vvv.
- Recognize report field name variants without any underscores too.
- Add dmsetup --interval and --count to repeat reports at specified intervals.
- Add dm_timestamp functions to libdevmapper.
- Recognise vg/lv name format in dmsetup.
- Move size display code to libdevmapper as dm_size_to_string.

- Fix long option hyphen removal. (2.02.122)
- Fix clvmd freeze if client disappears without first releasing its locks.
- Fix lvconvert segfaults while performing snapshots merge.
- Ignore errors during detection if use_blkid_wiping=1 and --force is used.
- Recognise DM_ABORT_ON_INTERNAL_ERRORS env var override in lvm logging fn.
- Fix alloc segfault when extending LV with fewer stripes than in first seg.
- Fix handling of cache policy name.
- Set cache policy before with the first lvm2 cache pool metadata commit.
- Fix detection of thin-pool overprovisioning (2.02.124).
- Fix lvmpolld segfaults on 32 bit architectures.
- Add lvmlockd lock_args validation to vg_validate.
- Fix ignored --startstopservices option if running lvmconf with systemd.
- Hide sanlock LVs when processing LVs in VG unless named or --all used.
- Introduce libdevmapper wrappers for all malloc-related functions.

- Add Requires: system-release>=23 for lvmpolld to be enabled by default
instead of original Requires: fedora-release which may break installations
in environments where fedora-release is not available.

- Fix getline memory usage in lvmpolld.
- Add support --clear-needs-check-flag for cache_check of cache pool metadata.
- Add lvmetactl for developer use only.
- Rename global/lock_retries to lvmlockd_retries.
- Replace --enable-lvmlockd by --enable-lockd-sanlock and --enable-lockd-dlm.
- Include tool.h for default non-library use.
- Introduce format macros with embedded % such as FMTu64.

- Move sending thin pool messages from resume to suspend phase.
- Report warning when pool is overprovisioned and not auto resized.
- Recognize free-form date/time values for lv_time field in selection criteria.
- Added experimental lvmlockd with configure --enable-lvmlockd.
- Fix regression in select to match string fields if using synonyms (2.02.123).
- Fix regression when printing more lv names via display_lvname (2.02.122).
- Add missing error logging to unlock_vg and sync_local_dev_names callers.
- Add experimental support to passing messages in suspend tree.
- Add dm_report_value_cache_{set,get} to support caching during report/select.
- Add dm_report_reserved_handler to handle report reserved value actions.
- Support dynamic value in select: DM_REPORT_FIELD_RESERVED_VALUE_DYNAMIC_VALUE.
- Support fuzzy names in select: DM_REPORT_FIELD_RESERVED_VALUE_FUZZY_NAMES.
- Thin pool trace messages show a device name and major:minor.
- Add new lvm2-lockd subpackage with lvmlockd daemon.

- Add report/time_format lvm.conf option to define time format for report.
- Fix makefile shell compare == when building lvmetad lvmpolld (2.02.120).
- Add --type full to lvmconfig for full configuration tree view.
- Add undocumented environment variables to lvm man page. (2.02.119)
- Add device synchronization point before activating a new snapshot.
- Add --withspaces to lvmconfig to add spaces in output for better readability.
- Add custom main function to libdaemon.
- Use lvmetad to track out-of-date metadata discovered.
- Fix makefile shell compare == when building lvmetad lvmpolld (2.02.120).
- Add --type full to lvmconfig for full configuration tree view.
- Add undocumented environment variables to lvm man page. (2.02.119)
- Add device synchronization point before activating a new snapshot.
- Add --withspaces to lvmconfig to add spaces in output for better readability.
- Add custom main function to libdaemon.
- Use lvmetad to track out-of-date metadata discovered.
- Add since, after, until and before time operators to be used in selection.
- Add support for time in reports and selection: DM_REPORT_FIELD_TYPE_TIME.
- Support report reserved value ranges: DM_REPORT_FIELD_RESERVED_VALUE_RANGE.
- Support report reserved value names: DM_REPORT_FIELD_RESERVED_VALUE_NAMED.
- Add DM_CONFIG_VALUE_FMT_{INT_OCTAL,STRING_NO_QUOTES} config value format flag.
- Add DM_CONFIG_VALUE_FMT_COMMON_{ARRAY,EXTRA_SPACE} config value format flag.
- Add dm_config_value_{get,set}_format_flags to get and set config value format.

- Flush stdout before printing to stderr.
- Use pre-allocated buffer for printed LV names in display_lvname.
- Support thins with size of external origin unaligned with thin pool chunk.
- Allow extension of reduced thin volumes with external origins.
- Consider snapshot and origin LV as unusable if component devices suspended.
- Fix lvmconfig segfault on settings with undefined default value (2.02.120).
- Add explicit 's' (shared) LV activation mode.
- Ignore hyphens in long options names (i.e. --long-option == --longoption).
- Distinguish between on-disk and lvmetad versions of text metadata.
- Remove DL_LIBS from Makefiles for daemons that don't need them.
- Zero errno in before strtoul call in dmsetup if tested after the call.
- Zero errno in before strtoul call in lvmpolld.
- Fix a segfault in pvscan --cache --background command.
- Fix test for AREA_PV when checking for failed mirrors.
- Do not use --sysinit in lvm2-activation{-early,-net}.service if lvmpolld used.
- Maintain outdated PV info in lvmetad till all old metadata is gone from disk.
- Do not fail polling when poll LV not found (already finished or removed).
- Replace poll_get_copy_vg/lv fns with vg_read() and find_lv() in polldaemon.
- Close all device fds only in before sleep call in polldaemon.
- Simplify Makefile targets that generate exported symbols.
- Move various -D settings from Makefiles to configure.h.
- New dm_tree_node_set_thin_pool_read_only(DM_1_02_99) for read-only thin pool.
- Enhance error message when thin-pool message fails.
- Fix dmeventd logging to avoid threaded use of static variable.
- Remove redundant dmeventd SIGALRM coded.
- Add dm_task_get_errno() to return any unexpected errno from a dm ioctl call.
- Use copy of errno made after each dm ioctl call in case errno changes later.

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_23_Mass_Rebuild

- Enable and use lvmpolld - the LVM polling daemon by default.
- Add Requires: fedora-release>=23-0.13 for lvmpolld to be enabled by default.
- Make various adjustments to Makefile compilation flags.
- Add lvmpolld debug message class.
- Add lvmpolld client mode for querying running server instance for status info.
- Fix some libdaemon socket creation and reuse error paths.
- Daemons (libdaemon) support exit on idle also in non-systemd environment.
- Provide make dist and make rpm targets
- Configure lvm.conf for use_lvmetad and use_lvmpolld.
- Add lvpoll for cmdline communication with lvmpolld.
- Add lvmpolld acting as a free-standing version of polldaemon.
- Avoid repeated identical lvmetad VG lookups in commands processing all VGs.
- Handle switches to alternative duplicate PVs efficiently with lvmetad.
- Properly validate PV size for pvcreate --restorefile.
- Fix check if pvcreate wiped device (2.02.117).
- Fix storing of vgid when caching metadata (2.02.118).
- Fix recursive lvm-config man page. (2.02.119)
- Refactor polldaemon interfaces to poll every operation by VG/LV couple
- Skip wait after testing in _wait_for_single_lv when polling finished
- Return 'None' in python for empty string properties instead of crashing.
- Distinguish signed numerical property type in reports for lvm2app library.
- Reread raid completion status immediately when progress appears to be zero.
- lvm2app closes locking on lvm_quit().
- Configure detects /run or /var/run.
- Add missing newline in clvmd --help output.
- New dm_task_get_info(DM_1_02_97) supports internal_suspend state.
- New symbols are versioned and comes with versioned symbol name (DM_1_02_97).

- New lvm2-python3-libs subpackage to provide Python 3 bindings for LVM2.
- New LVM_LOG_FILE_EPOCH, LVM_EXPECTED_EXIT_STATUS env vars. Man page to follow.
- Remove detailed content from lvm.conf man page: use lvmconfig instead.
- Generate complete config files with lvmconfig or 'make generate'.
- Also display info on deprecated config with lvmconfig --withcomments.
- Display version since which config is deprecated in lvmconfig --withversions.
- Add --showdeprecated to lvmconfig to also display deprecated settings.
- Hide deprecated settings in lvmconfig output for all types but current,diff.
- Introduce support for exit on idle feature in libdaemon
- Add --showunsupported to lvmconfig to also display unsupported settings.
- Display unsupported settings for lvmconfig --type current,diff only by default
- Honour lvmconfig --ignoreunsupported and --ignoreadvanced for all --type.
- Make python bindings usable with python3 (and compatible with 2.6 & 2.7).
- Add lvmconfig -l|--list as shortcut for lvmconfig --type list --withsummary.
- Add lvmconfig --type list to display plain list of configuration settings.
- Introduce lvmconfig as the preferred form of 'lvm dumpconfig'.
- Add lv_ancestors and lv_descendants reporting fields.
- Add --ignorelocal option to dumpconfig to ignore the local section.
- Close connection to lvmetad after fork.
- Make lvchange able to resume background pvmove polling again.
- Split pvmove update metadata fn in an initial one and a subsequent one.
- Refactor shared pvmove and lvconvert code into new _poll files.
- Add --unconfigured option to dumpconfig to print strings unconfigured.
- Add --withsummary option to dumpconfig to print first line - summary comment.
- Use number of device holders to help choose between duplicate PVs.
- Try to make lvmetad and non-lvmetad duplicate PV handling as similar as poss.
- Issue warnings about duplicate PVs discovered by lvmetad.
- Track alternative devices with matching PVIDs in lvmetad.
- Check for lvm binary in blkdeactivate and skip LVM processing if not present.
- Add --enable-halvm and --disable-halvm options to lvmconf script.
- Add --services, --mirrorservice and --startstopservices option to lvmconf.
- Use proper default value of global/use_lvmetad when processing lvmconf script.
- Respect allocation/cling_tag_list during intial contiguous allocation.
- Make changes persist with python addTag/removeTag.
- Set correct vgid when updating cache when writing PV metadata.
- More efficient clvmd singlenode locking emulation.
- Reject lvcreate -m with raid4/5/6 to avoid unexpected layout.
- Don't skip invalidation of cached orphans if vg write lck is held (2.02.118).
- Log relevant PV tags when using cling allocation.
- Fix selection to not match if using reserved value in criteria with >,<,>=,<.
- Fix selection to not match reserved values for size fields if using >,<,>=,<.
- Include uuid or device number in log message after ioctl failure.
- Add DM_INTERNAL_SUSPEND_FLAG to dm-ioctl.h.
- Move blkdeactivate script from lvm2 package to device-mapper subpackage.
- Install blkdeactivate script and its man page with make install_device-mapper.

- Fix LV processing with selection to always do the selection on initial state.
- Store metadata size + checksum in lvmcache and add struct lvmcache_vgsummary.
- Remove inaccessible clustered PVs from 'pvs -a'.
- Don't invalidate cached orphan information while global lock is held.
- Avoid rescan of all devices when requested pvscan for removed device.
- Measure configuration timestamps with nanoseconds when available.
- Disable lvchange of major and minor of pool LVs.
- Fix pvscan --cache to not scan and read ignored metadata areas on PVs.
- Add After=iscsi-shutdown.service to blk-availability.service systemd unit.
- Disallow vgconvert from changing metadata format when lvmetad is used.
- Don't do a full read of VG when creating a new VG with an existing name.
- Reduce amount of VG metadata parsing when looking for vgname on a PV.
- Avoid reparsing same metadata when reading same metadata from multiple PVs.
- Save extra device open/close when scanning device for size.
- Fix seg_monitor field to report status also for mirrors and thick snapshots.
- Replace LVM_WRITE with LVM_WRITE_LOCKED flags in metadata if system ID is set.
- Preserve original format type field when processing backup files.
- Implement status action for lvm2-monitor initscript to display monitored LVs.
- Allow lvchange -p to change kernel state only if metadata state differs.
- Fix incorrect persistent .cache after report with label fields only (2.02.106).
- Reinstate PV tag recognition for pvs if reporting label fields only (2.02.105).
- Rescan devices before vgimport with lvmetad so exported VG is seen.
- Fix hang by adjusting cluster mirror regionsize, avoiding CPG msg limit.
- Do not crash when --cachepolicy is given without --cachesettings.
- Add NEEDS_FOREIGN_VGS flag to vgimport so --foreign is always supplied.
- Add --foreign to the 6 display and reporting tools and vgcfgbackup.
- Install /etc/lvm/lvmlocal.conf template with local section for systemid.
- Record creation_host_system_id in lvm2 metadata (never set yet).
- Reinstate recursive config file tag section processing. (2.02.99)
- Add 'lvm systemid' to display the current system ID (never set yet).
- Fix configure to properly recognize --with-default-raid10-segtype option.
- Do not refresh filters/rescan if no signature is wiped during pvcreate.
- Enforce none external dev info for wiping during pvcreate to avoid races.
- Add global/system_id_source and system_id_file to lvm.conf (disabled).
- Add support for VG system_id to control host access to VGs.
- Update vgextend to use process_each_vg.
- Add --ignoreskippedcluster to pvchange.
- Allow pvchange to modify several properties at once.
- Update pvchange to use process_each_pv.
- Fix pvs -a used with lvmetad to filter out devices unsuitable for PVs.
- Fix selection to recognize units for ba_start, vg_free and seg_start fields.
- Add support for -S/--select to vgexport and vgimport.
- Add support for -S/--select to vgdisplay, lvdisplay and pvdisplay without -C.
- Add support for -S/--select to vgremove and lvremove.
- Add support for -S/--select to vgchange,lvchange and pvchange.
- Add infrastructure to support selection for non-reporting tools.
- Add LVM_COMMAND_PROFILE env var to set default command profile name to use.
- Set CLOEXEC flag on file descriptors originating in libdaemon.
- Add dm_report_object_is_selected for generalized interface for report/select.

- Deactivate unused thin pools activated with lvm2 pre-2.02.112 versions.
- Check lock holding LV when lvconverting stacked raid LV in cluster.
- Support udev external dev info for filters: PV min size, mpath, md, partition.
- Add fw_raid_component_detection lvm.conf option to enable FW raid detection.
- Add devices/external_device_info_source lvm.conf option ('none' by default).
- Scan pools in for_each_sub_lv() and add for_each_sub_lv_except_pools().
- Fix lvm2app lvm_lv_get_property return value for fields with info/status ioctl.
- Fix lvm2app regression in lvm_lv_get_attr causing unknown values (2.02.115).
- Preserve chunk size with repair and metadata swap of a thin pool.
- Fix raid --splitmirror 1 functionality (2.02.112).
- Fix tree preload to handle splitting raid images.
- Do not support unpartitioned DASD devices.
- Improve config validation to check if setting with string value can be empty.

- Set default cache_mode to writehrough when missing in metadata.
- Add BuildRequires: device-mapper-persistent-data
for proper thin and cache tool configuration.

- Report segment types without monitoring support as undefined.
- Support lvchange --errorwhenfull for thin pools.
- Improve the processing and reporting of duplicate PVs.
- Report lv_health_status and health attribute also for thin pool.
- Add lv_when_full reporting field.
- Add support for lvcreate --errorwhenfull y|n for thin pools.
- Fix lvconvert --repair to honour resilience requirement for segmented RAID LV.
- Filter out partitioned device-mapper devices as unsuitable for use as PVs.
- Also notify lvmetad about filtered device if using pvscan --cache DevicePath.
- Use LVM's own selection instead of awk expressions in clvmd startup scripts.
- Do not filter out snapshot origin LVs as unusable devices for an LVM stack.
- Fix incorrect rimage names when converting from mirror to raid1 LV (2.02.112).
- Introduce pvremove_many to avoid excessive metadata re-reading and messages.
- Check for cmirror availability during cluster mirror creation and activation.
- Add cache_policy and cache_settings reporting fields.
- Add missing recognition for --binary option with {pv,vg,lv}display -C.
- Fix vgimportclone to notify lvmetad about changes done if lvmetad is used.
- Fix vgimportclone to properly override config if it is missing in lvm.conf.
- Fix automatic use of configure --enable-udev-systemd-background-jobs.
- Correctly rename active split LV with -splitmirrors for raid1.
- Add report/compact_output to lvm.conf to enable/disable compact report output.
- Still restrict mirror region size to power of 2 when VG extent size is not.
- Reduce severity of ioctl error message when dmeventd waitevent is interrupted.
- Report 'unknown version' when incompatible version numbers were not obtained.
- Report more info from thin pool status (out of data, metadata-ro, fail).
- Support error_if_no_space for thin pool target.
- Fix segfault while using selection with regex and unbuffered reporting.
- Add dm_report_compact_fields to remove empty fields from report output.
- Remove unimplemented dm_report_set_output_selection from libdevmapper.h.

- Avoid file descriptor leak in clients that open repeated lvmetad connections.
- Add --cachepolicy and --cachesettings to lvcreate.
- Fix regression when parsing /dev/mapper dir (2.02.112).
- Fix missing rounding to 64KB when estimating optimal thin pool chunk size.
- Fix typo in clvmd initscript causing CLVMD_STOP_TIMEOUT var to be ignored.
- Fix size in pvresize 'Resizing to ...' verbose msg to show proper result size.

- Fix regression when parsing /dev/mapper dir (2.02.112).
- Fix missing rounding to 64KB when estimating optimal thin pool chunk size.
- Fix typo in clvmd initscript causing CLVMD_STOP_TIMEOUT variable to be ignored.
- Fix size in pvresize 'Resizing to ...' verbose msg to show proper result size.

- Add --cachepolicy and --cachesettings options to lvchange.
- Validate that converted volume and specified pool volume differ in lvconvert.
- Fix regression in vgscan --mknodes usage (2.02.112).
- Default to configure --enable-udev-systemd-background-jobs for systemd>=205.
- Fix ignore_vg() to properly react on various vg_read errors (2.02.112).
- Failed recovery returns FAILED_RECOVERY status flag for vg_read().
- Exit with non-zero status code when pvck encounters a problem.
- Fix clean_tree after activation/resume for cache target (2.02.112).
- Fix memory corruption with sorting empty string lists (1.02.86).
- Fix man dmsetup.8 syntax warning of groff.
- Accept unquoted strings and / in place of {} when parsing configs.

- Add cache_{read,write}_{hits,misses} reporting fields.
- Add cache_{total,used,dirty}_blocks reporting fields.
- Add _corig as reserved suffix.
- Reduce number of VG writes and commits when creating spare volumes.
- When remove_layer_from_lv() removes layer, restore subLV names.
- Cache-pool in use becomes invisible LV.
- Don't prompt for removal of _pmspare in VG without pool metadata LV.
- Deactivation of snapshot origin detects and deactivates left-over snapshots.
- Properly report error when taking snapshot of any cache type LV.
- Add basic thread debugging messages to dmeventd.
- Include threads being shutdown in dmeventd device registration responses.
- Inital support for external users of thin pools based on transaction_id.
- Report some basic percentage info for cache pools.
- Introduce size_mb_arg_with_percent() for advanced size arg reading.
- Add extra support for '.' as decimal point in size args.
- Add configure parameters for default segment type choices.
- Add global/sparse_segtype_default setting to use thin for --type sparse.
- Update and correct lvcreate and lvcovert man pages.
- Mark pools and snapshots as unzeroable volumes.
- Check for zeroing of volume after segment type is fully detected.
- Better support for persistent major and minor options with lvcreate.
- Refactor lvcreate towards more complete validation of all supported options.
- Support lvcreate --type linear.
- Improve _should_wipe_lv() to warn with message.
- Inform about temporarily created volumes only in verbose mode.
- Better support for --test mode with pool creation.
- Query lock holding LV when replacing and converting raid volumes.
- Add extra validate for locked lv within validate_lv_cache_create().
- Add internal lvseg_name() function.
- Skip use of lock files for virtual internal VG names.
- Fix selection on {vg,lv}_permissions fields to properly match selection criteria.
- Fix lv_permissions reporting to display read-only{-override} instead of blank.
- Fix liblvm2cmd and lvm shell to respect quotes around args in cmd line string.
- Permit extent sizes > 128KB that are not power of 2 with lvm2 format.
- Remove workaround for lvm2-monitor.service hang on stop if lvmetad stopped.
- Change vgremove to use process_each_lv_in_vg.
- Allow lvconvert --repair and --splitmirrors on internal LVs.
- Introduce WARN_ flags to control some metadata warning messages.
- Use process_each_pv in vgreduce.
- Refactor process_each_pv in toollib.
- Introduce single validation routine for pool chunk size.
- Support --yes like --force in vg/lvremove to skip y|n prompt.
- Support --yes with lvconvert --splitsnapshot.
- Fix detection of unsupported thin external lvconversions.
- Fix detection of unsupported cache and thin pool lvconversions.
- Fix detection of unsupported lvconversion of cache to snapshot.
- Improve code for creation of cache and cache pool volumes.
- Check cluster-wide (not local) active status before removing LV.
- Properly check if activation of removed cached LV really activated.
- lvremove cached LV removes cachepool (keep with lvconvert --splitcache).
- Always remove spare LV with last removed pool volume.
- Support lvconvert --splitcache and --uncache of cached LV.
- Option --cache has also shortcut -H (i.e. lvcreate -H).
- Refactor lvcreate code and better preserve --type argument.
- Refactor filter processing around lvmetad.
- Refactor process_each_lv in toollib.
- Refactor process_each_vg in toollib.
- Pools cannot be used as external origin.
- Use lv_update_and_reload() for snapshot reload.
- Don't print message in adjusted_mirror_region_size() in activation.
- Improve lv_update_and_reload() to find out proper lock holding LV.
- Improve search of LV in lv_ondisk().
- Do not scan sysfs in lv_check_not_in_use() when device is closed.
- Backup final metadata after resync of mirror/raid.
- Unify handling of --persistent option for lvcreate and lvchange.
- Validate major and minor numbers stored in metadata.
- Use -fPIE when linking -pie executables.
- Support DEBUG_MEMLOCK to trap unsupported mmap usage.
- Enable cache segment type by default.
- Ensure only supported volume types are used with cache segments.
- Fix inablility to specify cachemode when 'lvconvert'ing to cache-pool.
- Grab cluster lock for active LVs when setting clustered attribute.
- Use va_copy to properly pass va_list through functions.
- Add function to detect rotational devices.
- Review internal checks for mirror/raid/pvmove volumes.
- Track mirror segment type with separate MIRROR flag.
- Fix cmirror endian conversions.
- Introduce lv_is_pvmove/locked/converting/merging macros.
- Avoid leaving linear logical volume when thin pool creation fails.
- Don't leak alloc_handle on raid target error path.
- Properly validate raid leg names.
- Archive metadata before starting their modification in raid target.
- Add missing vg_revert() in suspend_lv() raid and snapshot error path.
- Add missing backup of lvm2 metadata after some raid modifications.
- Use vg memory pool for extent allocation.
- Add allocation/physical_extent_size config option for default PE size of VGs.
- Demote an error to a warning when devices known to lvmetad are filtered out.
- Re-order filter evaluation, making component filters global.
- Fix logic that checks for full scan before iterating through devices.
- Introduce common code to modify metadata and reload updated LV.
- Fix rename of active snapshot volume in cluster.
- Make sure shared libraries are built with RELRO option.
- Update cache creation and dm_config_node to pass policy.
- Allow activation of any thin-pool if transaction_id supplied is 0.
- Don't print uninitialized stack bytes when non-root uses dm_check_version().
- Fix selection criteria to not match reserved values when using >, <, >=, <.
- Add DM_LIST_HEAD_INIT macro to libdevmapper.h.
- Fix dm_is_dm_major to not issue error about missing /proc lines for dm module.

- Pass properly sized char buffers for sscanf when initializing clvmd.
- Reinstate nosync logic when extending mirror. (2.02.110)
- Fix total area extent calculation when allocating cache pool. (2.02.110)
- Restore proper buffer size for parsing mountinfo line (1.02.89)

- Fix manipulation with thin-pools which are excluded via volume_list.
- Support lv/vgremove -ff to remove thin vols from broken/inactive thin pools.
- Fix typo breaking configure --with-lvm1=shared.
- Modify lvresize code to handle raid/mirrors and physical extents.
- Don't allow pvcreate to proceed if scanning or filtering fails.
- Cleanly error when creating RAID with stripe size < PAGE_SIZE.
- Print name of LV which on activation triggers delayed snapshot merge.
- Add lv_layout and lv_role LV reporting fields.
- Properly display lvs lv_attr volume type and target type bit for cache origin.
- Fix pvcreate_check() to update cache correctly after signature wiping.
- Fix primary device lookup failure for partition when processing mpath filter.
- If LV inactive and non-clustered, do not issue 'Cannot deactivate' on -aln.
- Remove spurious 'Skipping mirror LV' message on pvmove of clustered mirror.
- Improve libdevmapper-event select() error handling.
- Add extra check for matching transation_id after message submitting.
- Add dm_report_field_string_list_unsorted for str. list report without sorting.
- Support --deferred with dmsetup remove to defer removal of open devices.
- Update dm-ioctl.h to include DM_DEFERRED_REMOVE flag.
- Add support for selection to match string list subset, recognize { } operator.
- Fix string list selection with '[value]' to not match list that's superset.
- Fix string list selection to match whole words only, not prefixes.

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_21_22_Mass_Rebuild

- Allow approximate allocation with +%FREE in lvextend.
- Fix a segfault in lvscan --cache when devices were already missing. (2.02.108)
- Display actual size changed when resizing LV.
- Remove possible spurious 'not found' message on PV create before wiping.
- Handle upgrade from 2.02.105 when an LV now gaining a uuid suffix is active.
- Remove lv_volume_type field from reports. (2.02.108)
- Fix incorrect persistent .cache after vgcreate with PV creation. (2.02.108)
- Add dm_tree_set_optional_uuid_suffixes to libdevmapper to handle upgrades.

- Remove an erroneous duplicate const from libdevmapper.h. (2.02.107)
- Add lvscan --cache which re-scans constituents of a particular LV.
- Make dmeventd's RAID plugin re-scan failed PVs when lvmetad is in use.
- Improve code sharing for lvconvert and lvcreate and pools (cache & thin).
- Improve lvconvert --merge validation.
- Improve lvconvert --splitsnapshot validation.
- Add report/list_item_separator lvm.conf option.
- Add lv_active_{locally,remotely,exclusively} LV reporting fields.
- Enhance lvconvert thin, thinpool, cache and cachepool command line support.
- Display 'C' only for cache and cache-pool target types in lvs.
- Prompt for confirmation before change LV into a snapshot exception store.
- Return proper error codes for some failing lvconvert funtions.
- Add initial code to use cache tools (cache_check|dump|repair|restore).
- Support lvdisplay --maps for raid.
- Add --activationmode degraded to activate degraded raid volumes by default.
- Add separate lv_active_{locally,remotely,exclusively} LV reporting fields.
- Recognize 'auto'/'unmanaged' values in selection for appropriate fields only.
- Add report/binary_values_as_numeric lvm.conf option for binary values as 0/1.
- Add --binary arg to pvs,vgs,lvs and {pv,vg,lv}display -C for 0/1 on reports.
- Add separate reporting fields for each each {pv,vg,lv}_attr bit.
- Separate LV device status reporting fields out of LV fields.
- Fix regression causing PVs not in VGs to be marked as allocatable (2.02.59).
- Fix VG component of lvid in vgsplit/vgmerge and check in vg_validate.
- Add lv_full_name, lv_parent and lv_dm_path fields to reports.
- Change lv_path field to suppress devices that never appear in /dev/vg.
- Postpone thin pool lvconvert prompts (2.02.107).
- Require --yes option to skip prompt to lvconvert thin pool chunksize.
- Support lvremove -ff to remove thin volumes from broken thin pools.
- Require --yes to skip raid repair prompt.
- Change makefile %.d generation to handle filename changes without make clean.
- Fix use of buildir in make pofile.
- Enhance private volumes UUIDs with suffixed for easier detection.
- Do not use reserved _[tc]meta volumes for temporary LVs.
- Leave backup pool metadata with _meta%d suffix instead of reserved _tmeta%d.
- Allow RAID repair to reuse PVs from same image that suffered a failure.
- New RAID images now avoid allocation on any PVs in the same parent RAID LV.
- Always reevaluate filters just before creating PV.
- Fix dm_report_field_string_list to handle delimiter with multiple chars.
- Add dm_report_field_reserved_value for per-field reserved value definition.

- fix license handling

- Add cmirror-standalone subpackage containing new lvm2-cmirrord.service
systemd unit for standalone cmirrord daemon management without cluster
resource manager involvement.
- Add lvm2-cluster-standalone subpackage containing new lvm2-clvmd.service
and lvm2-cluster-activation.service systemd unit for standalone clvmd
daemon management without cluster resource manager involvement.
- Add Requires: resource-agents for lvm2-cluster and cmirror subpackages.
The resource-agents package provides 'clvm' cluster resource to manage
clvmd and cmirrord instances. This replaces obsolete clvmd and cmirrord
- Introduce LCK_ACTIVATION to avoid concurrent activation of basic LV types.
- Fix open_count test for lvchange --refresh or mirrors and raids.
- Update pvs,vgs,lvs and lvm man page for selection support.
- Add -S/--select to lvm devtypes for report selection.
- Add -S/--select to pvs,vgs,lvs and {pv,vg,lv}display -C for report selection.
- Use dm_report_init_with_selection now, implicit 'selected' field appears.
- Make use of libdm's DM_REPORT_FIELD_TYPE{SIZE,PERCENT,STRING_LIST} for fields.
- Support all-or-nothing pvmove --atomic.
- Automatically add snapshot metadata size for -l %ORIGIN calculation.
- When converting RAID origin to cache LV, properly rename sub-LVs.
- Use RemoveOnStop for lvm2-lvmetad.socket systemd unit.
- Add thin-generic configuration profile for generic thin settings.
- Fix crash when reporting empty labels on pvs.
- Use retry_deactivation also when cleaning orphan devices.
- Wait for client threads when shutting down lvmetad.
- Remove PV from cache on pvremove.
- Avoid repeatedly reporting of failure to connect to lvmetad.
- Introduce MDA_FAILED to permit metadata updates even if some mdas are missing.
- Prompt when setting the VG cluster attr if the cluster is not setup.
- Allow --yes to skip prompt in vgextend (worked only with -f).
- Don't use name mangling for LVM - it never uses dm names with wrong char set.
- Remove default.profile and add {command,metadata}_profile_template.profile.
- Use proper umask for systemd units generated by lvm2-activation-generator.
- Check for failing mirror_remove_missing() function.
- Prompt before converting volumes to thin pool and thin pool metadata.
- Add dumpconfig --type profilable-{metadata,command} to select profile type.
- Exit immediately with error if command profile is found invalid.
- Separate --profile cmd line arg into --commandprofile and --metadataprofile.
- Strictly separate command profiles and per-VG/LV profiles referenced in mda.
- Fix dumpconfig --type diff when run as second and later cmd in lvm shell.
- Fix wrong profile reuse from previous run if another cmd is run in lvm shell.
- Move cache description from lvm(8) to new lvmcache(7) man page.
- Display skipped prompt in silent mode.
- Make reporting commands show help about possible sort keys on '-O help'.
- Add metadata_percent to lvs_cols.
- Take account of parity areas with alloc anywhere in _calc_required_extents.
- Use proper uint64 casting for calculation of cache metadata size.
- Better support for nesting of blocking signals.
- Use only sigaction handler and drop duplicate signal handler.
- Separate signal handling and flock code out into lib/misc.
- Don't start dmeventd checking seg_monitor and monitoring is disabled.
- Catch CTRL-c during pvremove prompts.
- Show correct availability status for snapshot origin in lvscan.
- Move segment thin pool/volume info into segment display 'lvdisplay --maps'.
- Display thin pool usage even when just thin volume is available.
- Display monitoring status for monitorable segments in 'lvdisplay --maps'.
- Display virtual extents for virtual LVs in 'lvdisplay --maps'.
- Make vgsplit fail cleanly when not all PVs are specified for RAID 4/5/6.
- Make vgsplit work on mirrors with logs that share PVs with images.
- Use devices/ignore_suspended_devices=0 by default if not defined in lvm.conf.
- Use proper libmem mempool for allocation of unknown segment name.
- Add --readonly to reporting and display tools for lock-free metadata access.
- Add locking_type 5 for dummy locking for tools that do not need any locks.
- Fix _recover_vg() error path when lock conversion fails.
- Use X for LV attributes that are unknown when activation disabled.
- Only output lvdisplay 'LV Status' field when activation is enabled.
- Use lvmetad_used() in pvscan instead of config_tree.
- Configure --enable-udev-systemd-background-jobs if not disabled explicitly.
- Add lvmdump -s to collect system info and context (currently systemd only).
- Refactor allocation code to make A_POSITIONAL_FILL explicit.
- Use thread-safe ctime_r() for clvmd debug logging.
- Skip adding replies to already finished reply thread.
- Use mutex to check number of replies in request_timed_out() in clvmd.
- Drop usage of extra reply_mutex for localsock in clvmd.
- Protect manipulation with finished flag with mutex in clvmd.
- Shift mutex creation and destroy for localsock in clvmd to correct place.
- Fix usage of --test option in clvmd.
- Skip more libraries to be mlocked in memory.
- Remove LOCKED flag for pvmove replaced with error target.
- Return invalid command when specifying negative polling interval.
- Make 'help' and '?' reporting fields implicit.
- Recognize implicit 'selected' field if using dm_report_init_with_selection.
- Add support for implicit reporting fields which are predefined in libdm.
- Add DM_REPORT_FIELD_TYPE_PERCENT: separate number and percent fields.
- Add dm_percent_range_t,dm_percent_to_float,dm_make_percent to libdm for reuse.
- Add dm_report_reserved_value to libdevmapper for reserved value definition.
- Also display field types when listing all fields in selection help.
- Recognize 'help' keyword in selection string to show brief help for selection.
- Always order items reported as string list field lexicographically.
- Add dm_report_field_string_list to libdevmapper for direct string list report.
- Add DM_REPORT_FIELD_TYPE_STRING_LIST: separate string and string list fields.
- Add dm_str_list to libdevmapper for string list type definition and its reuse.
- Add dmsetup -S/--select to define selection criteria for dmsetup reports.
- Add dm_report_init_with_selection to intialize report with selection criteria.
- Add DM_REPORT_FIELD_TYPE_SIZE: separate number and size reporting fields.
- Use RemoveOnStop for dm-event.socket systemd unit.
- Document env var 'DM_DEFAULT_NAME_MANGLING_MODE' in dmsetup man page.
- Warn user about incorrect use of cookie with 'dmsetup remove --force'.
- Also recognize 'help'/'?' as reserved sort key name to show help.
- Add dm_units_to_factor for size unit parsing.
- Increase bitset size for minors for thin dmeventd plugin.

- Remove separate sub-package release tags to fix last commit.

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_21_Mass_Rebuild

- Remove obsolete lvm2-sysvinit subpackage.

- Require exact lvm2/device-mapper version among LVM2 subpackages
so all of them are always updated synchronously within one update.

- Require latest device-mapper-persistent-data 0.3.2-1.
- Fix ignored --dataalignment/dataalignmentoffset for pvcreate --restorefile.
- Fix lost information about bootloader area when using lvmetad.
- Don't require --major to be specified when using -My option on kernels > 2.4.
- Add configure --disable-thin_check_needs_check to support old thin_check.
- Use thin_check --clear-needs-check-flag by default.
- Add lvmthin man page to section 7.
- Ensure mapped device names are not too long in vg_validate and lvrename.
- Ensure resume failure in lvrename results in command failure.
- Add explicit error message when using lvdisplay -c -m.
- Report error if superfluous argument (e.g. PV name) supplied to pvscan.
- Fix error message for pvdisplay -c -m and add one for pvdisplay -c -s.
- Use EINVALID_CMD_LINE correctly instead of ECMD_FAILED in vgimport/export.
- Obtain list of known VGs from lvmetad for pvchange --all.
- Add man page for lvm-dumpconfig to section 8.
- Validate name for renamed sub LVs.
- When lvrename fails on argument parsing return EINVALID_CMD_LINE.
- Fix exit code regression in failing pvchange command (2.02.66).
- Include 'lvm dumpconfig --type missing' and '--type diff' output to lvmdump.
- Return failure when specifying negative size for pvresize.
- Fix memory corruption in cmd context refresh if clvmd leaks opened device.
- Reinitialise lvmcache properly on fork to fix premature polldaemon exit.
- Add 'lvm dumpconfig --type diff' to show differences from defaults.
- Fix swap signature detection for devices smaller then 2MB.
- Resolve memory release order for clvmd shutdown.
- Report error when lvm2 activation is released in critical_section.
- Fix memory corruption when pvscan reports long pv names.
- Do not report internal orphan VG names when reporting pvdisplay/pvscan.
- Fix pvdisplay -c man page referencing KB instead of sectors.
- Skip redundant synchronization calls on local clvmd.
- Use correct PATH_MAX for locking dir path.
- Do not check for backups when when its creation is disabled.
- Don't allow --mergedconfig without --type current in dumpconfig. Fix memleak.
- Make global/lvdisplay_shows_full_device_path lvm.conf setting profilable.
- Make global/{units|si_unit_consistency|suffix} lvm.conf setting profilable.
- Validate minimal chunk size for snapshot COW volume in lvconvert.
- Disallow lvconvert of origin to snapshot COW volume.
- Make report lvm.conf settings profilable.
- Add existing report settings to lvm.conf.
- Use VG read lock during 'pvscan --cache -aay' autoactivation.
- Issue a VG refresh before autoactivation only if the PV has changed/is new.
- Add flag to lvmetad protocol to indicate the PV scanned has changed/is new.
- Also add vgname to lvmetad protocol when referencing VGs for PVs scanned.
- Add man page for lvm2-activation-generator.
- Don't print an error and accept empty value for global/thin_disabled_features.
- Do not try to check empty pool with scheduled messages.
- Fix return value in pool_has_message() when quering for any message.
- Cleanup all client resources on clvmd exit.
- Use BLKID_CFLAGS when compiling with blkid support.
- Make lvm 'dumpconfig --type default' complete for it to be consumed by lvm.
- Run pvscan --cache via systemd-run in udev if the PV label is detected lost.
- Fix memleak when lvmetad discovers PV to appear on another device.
- Fix calculation of maximum size of COW device for snapshot (2.02.99).
- Do not allow stripe size to be bigger then extent size for lvresize.
- Zero snapshot COW header when creating read-only snapshot.
- Comment out config lines in dumpconfig output without default values defined.
- Improve detection of clustered mirror support.
- Enhance raid code with feature flags, for now checks for raid10.
- Move parsing of VG metadata from vg_commit() back to vg_write() (2.02.99)
- Avoid a PV label scan while in a critical section.
- Create /dev/disk/by-id/lvm-pv-uuid- symlink for each PV via udev.
- lvcreate computes RAID4/5/6 stripes if not given from # of allocatable PVs.
- Fix merging of old snapshot into thin volume origin.
- Use --ignoreskippedcluster in lvm2-monitor initscript/systemd unit.
- Do not use VG read/write state for LV read/write state.
- Use --ignoreskippedcluster in activation systemd units if use_lvmetad=0.
- Allow approximate allocation when specifying size in percentage terms.
- Add basic LVM support for cache[pool] segment types.
- Use local exclusive activation for creation of raid in cluster.
- Use correctly signed 64b constant when selecting raid volumes.
- Remove ExecReload from lvmetad systemd unit: lvmetad -R undefined. (2.02.98)
- Do not fork lvmetad if running under systemd.
- Wipe DM_snapshot_cow signature without prompt in new LVs with blkid wiping.
- Avoid exposing temporary devices when initializing raid metadata volumes.
- Add internal tags command to display any tags defined on the host.
- Prohibit use of external origin with size incompatible with thin pool.
- Avoid trying to convert single to thin pool and volume at the same time.
- Add support for partitions on ZFS zvol.
- Fix unwanted drop of hold flocks on forked children.
- Respect LVM_LVMETAD_PIDFILE env var for lvm command.
- Fix test when checking target version for available thin features.
- Detect thin feature external_origin_extend and limit extend when missing.
- Issue error if libbblkid detects signature and fails to return offset/length.
- Update autoconf config.guess/sub to 2014-01-01.
- Online thin pool metadata resize requires 1.10 kernel thin pool target.
- Check for sprintf error when building internal device path.
- Check for sprintf error when creating path for dm control node.
- When buffer for dm_get_library_version() is too small, return error code.
- Always reinitialize _name_mangling_mode in dm_lib_init().
- Stop timeout thread immediately when the last worker thread is finished.
- Fix dmeventd logging with parallel wait event processing.
- Reuse _node_send_messages() for validation of transaction_id in preload.
- Transaction_id could be lower by one only when messages are prepared.
- Wrap is_selinux_enabled() to be called just once.
- Use correctly signed 64b constant when working with raid volumes.
- Exit dmeventd with pidfile cleanup instead of raising SIGKILL on DIE request.
- Add new DM_EVENT_GET_PARAMETERS request to dmeventd protocol.
- Do not use systemd's reload for dmeventd restart, use dmeventd -R instead.

- Avoid exposing temporary devices when initializing thin pool volume.
- Remove udev rule for multipath's PATH_FAILED event processing,
multipath handles that properly in its own udev rules now.
- Remove duplicate udev rule for cryptsetup temporary devices,
cryptsetup handles that properly directly in its code.

- Fix thin LV flagging for udev to skip scanning only if the LV is wiped.
- Replace use of xfs_check with xfs_repair in fsadm.
- Mark lvm1 format metadata as FMT_OBSOLETE. Do not use it with lvmetad.
- Invalidate cached VG struct after a PV in it gets orphaned. (2.02.87)
- Mark pool format metadata as FMT_OBSOLETE.
- Use major:minor in lvm2-pvscan@.service for proper global_filter application.
- Syntax and spelling fixes in some man pages.
- Dependency scan counts with snapshots and external origins.
- Make sure VG extent size is always greater or equal to PV phys. block size.
- Optimize double call of stat() for cached devices.
- Enable support for thin provisioning for default configuration.
- Disable online thin pool metadata resize for 1.9 kernel thin target.
- Shortened code for initialization of raid segment types.
- Test for remote exclusive activation after activation fails.
- Support lvconvert --merge for thin snapshots.
- Add support to read thin device id from table line entry.
- Drop extra test for origin when testing merging origin in lv_refresh().
- Extend lv_remove_single() to not print info about removed LV.
- Replace open_count check with lv_check_not_in_use() for snapshot open test.
- Add error messages with LV names for failing lv refresh.
- Compile/link executables with new RELRO and PIE options (non-static builds).
- Support per-object compilation cflags via CFLAGS_object.o.
- Automatically detect support for compiler/linker options to use RELRO and PIE.
- Add --splitsnapshot to lvconvert to separate out cow LV.
- Reinstate origin reload to complete lvconvert -s with active LVs. (2.02.98)
- Select only active volume groups if vgdisplay -A is used.
- Add -p and LVM_LVMETAD_PID env var to lvmetad to change pid file.
- Allow lvmetad to reuse stale socket.
- Only unlink lvmetad socket on error if created by the same process.
- Append missing newline to lvmetad missing socket path error message.
- Add allocation/use_blkid_wiping to lvm.conf to enable blkid wiping.
- Enable blkid_wiping by default if the blkid library is present.
- Add configure --disable-blkid_wiping to disable libblkid signature detection.
- Add -W/--wipesignatures lvcreate option to support wiping on new LVs.
- Add allocation/wipe_signatures_when_zeroing_new_lvs to lvm.conf.
- Do not fail the whole autoactivation if the VG refresh done before fails.
- Do not connect to lvmetad on vg/lvchange --sysinit -aay and socket absent.
- Use lv_check_not_in_use() when testing device in use before merging.
- Check for failure of lvmcache_add_mda() when writing pv.
- Check for failure of dev_get_size() when reporting device size.
- Drop extra unneeded '/' when scanning sysfs directory.
- Fix undef value if skipped clustered VG ignored for toollib PV seg. (2.02.103)
- Support validation of VG/LV names in liblvm/python.
- Allow creation of PVs with arguments to liblvm/python.
- Ensure sufficient metadata copies retained in liblvm/python vgreduce.
- Fix installation of profiles from conf subdir when not building in srcdir.
- Show UUIDs for missing PVs in reports.
- Add reporting of thin_id device id for thin volumes.
- Fix reporting of empty numerical values for recently-added fields.
- Revert activation of activated nodes if a node preload callback fails.
- Avoid busy looping on CPU when dmeventd reads event DM_WAIT_RETRY.
- Ensure global mutex is held when working with dmeventd thread.
- Drop taking timeout mutex for un/registering dmeventd monitor.
- Allow section names in config file data to be quoted strings.
- Close fifos before exiting in dmeventd restart() error path.
- Catch invalid use of string sort values when reporting numerical fields.
- Require util-linux >= 2.24 for blkid wiping support (via device-mapper pkg).
- Add BuildRequires: libblkid-devel to build with blkid wiping functionality.
- Do not install /run and /run/lvm directory but only own them by lvm2 package.
These dirs are controlled by systemd's tmpfiles.d/lvm2.conf configuration.
- Consolidate file permissions for all packaged files.

- Drop INSTALL from docs, escape percents in %changelog.

- Change lvm2-python-libs to require lvm2, not just lvm2-libs.

- Fix SYSTEMD_READY assignment for foreign devs in lvmetad rules.

- Workaround VG refresh race during autoactivation by retrying the refresh.
- Handle failures in temporary mirror used when adding images to mirrors.
- Fix and improve logic for implicitely exclusive activations.
- Return success when LV cannot be activated because of volume_list filter.
- Return proper error state for remote exclusive activation.
- Fix clvmd message verification to not reject REMOTE flag. (2.02.100)
- Compare equality of double values with DBL_EPSILON predefined constant.
- Use additional gcc warning flags by default.
- Add ignore_lvm_mirrors to config file to read/ignore labels on mirrors.
- Use #ifdef __linux__ instead of linux throughout.
- Consistently report on stderr when device is not found for dmsetup info.
- Skip race errors when non-udev dmsetup build runs on udev-enabled system.
- Skip error message when holders are not present in sysfs.

- Fix missing lvmetad scan for PVs found on MD partitions.
- Respect DM_UDEV_DISABLE_OTHER_RULES_FLAG in lvmetad udev rules.

- Add internal flag for temporary LVs to properly direct udev to not interfere.
- Fix endless loop in blkdeactivate ... if unable to umount/deactivate.
- Add dev-block-:.device systemd alias for complete PV tracking.
- Use major:minor as short form of --major and --minor arg for pvscan --cache.
- Remove 2>/dev/null from three lvm commands executed by vgimportclone.
- Add configure --enable-udev-systemd-background-jobs.
- Add lvm2-pvscan@.service to run pvscan as a service for lvmetad/autoactivation.
- Fix lvconvert swap of poolmetadata volume for active thin pool.
- Check for open count with a timeout before removal/deactivation of an LV.
- Report RAID images split with tracking as out-of-sync ('I').
- Improve parsing of snapshot lv segment.
- Add workaround for deactivation problem of opened virtual snapshot.
- Disable unsupported merge for virtual snapshot.
- Move code to remove virtual snapshot from tools to lib for lvm2app.
- Fix possible race during daemon worker thread creation (lvmetad).
- Fix possible deadlock while clearing lvmetad cache for full rescan.
- Fix possible race while creating/destroying memory pools.
- Recognise NVM Express devices in filter.
- Fix failing metadata repair when lvmetad is used.
- Fix incorrect memory handling when reading messages from lvmetad.
- Fix locking in lvmetad when handling the PV which is gone.
- Recognize new flag to skip udev scanning in udev rules and act appropriately.
- Add support for flagging an LV to skip udev scanning during activation.
- Improve message when unable to change discards setting on active thin pool.
- Run full scan before vgrename operation to avoid any cache name collision.
- Fix lvconvert when converting to a thin pool and thin LV at once.
- Skip race errors when non-udev dmsetup build runs on udev-enabled system.
- Skip error message when holders are not present in sysfs.
- Use __linux__ instead of linux define to make libdevmapper.h C compliant.

- Ensure vgid matches before removing vgname entry from lvmetad cache.
- Add --ignoreskippedcluster for exit status success when clustered VGs skipped.
- Fix 3 minute udev timeout so that it is applied for all LVM volumes.
- Fix thin/raid & activation config defaults with configure --disable-devmapper.
- Fix RAID calculation for sufficient allocatable space.
- lvconvert from linear to mirror or RAID1 now honors mirror_segtype_default.
- Add thin-performance configuration profile.
- Add lvm.conf allocation/thin_pool_chunk_size_policy option.
- Fix contiguous & cling allocation policies for parity RAID. (2.02.100)
- Have lvmconf --enable/disable-cluster reset/set use_lvmetad.
- Add seg_size_pe field to reports.
- Support start+length notation with command line PE ranges.
- Exit cleanly with message when pvmove cannot restart because LV is inactive.
- Define symbolic names for subsystem udev flags in libdevmapper for easier use.
- Make subsystem udev rules responsible for importing DM_SUBSYSTEM_UDEV_FLAG*.

- Fix missing build dependency for scripts subdir in Makefile.
- Fix node up/down handling in clvmd corosync module.
- Fix 3-thread clvmd deadlock triggered by cleanup on EOF from client.
- Remove VG from lvmetad before restoring it with vgcfgrestore.
- Add devtypes report command to display built-in recognised block device types.
- Fix CC Makefile override which had reverted to using built-in value. (2.02.75)
- Recognise bcache block devices in filter (experimental).
- Run lvm2-activation-net after lvm2-activation service to prevent parallel run.
- Add man page entries for lvmdump's -u and -l options.
- Fix lvm2app segfault while using lvm_list_pvs_free fn if there are no PVs.
- Improve of clvmd singlenode locking simulation.
- lvconvert no longer converts LVs of 'mirror' segment type to thinpool.
- lvconvert no longer converts thinpool sub-LVs to 'mirror' segment type.
- Direct udev to use 3min timeout for LVM devices. Recent udev has default 30s.
- Do not scan multipath or RAID components and avoid incorrect autoactivation.
- Fix MD/loop udev handling to fire autoactivation after setup or coldplug only.
- Make RAID capable of single-machine exclusive operations in a cluster.
- Drop calculation of read ahead for deactivated volume.
- Check for exactly one lv segment in validation of thin pools and volumes.
- Fix dmeventd unmonitoring of thin pools.
- Fix lvresize for stacked thin pool volumes (i.e. mirrors).
- Write Completed debug message before reinstating log defaults after command.
- Refresh existing VG before autoactivation (event retrigger/device reappeared).
- Use pvscan -b in udev rules to avoid a deadlock on udev process count limit.
- Add pvscan -b/--background for the command to be processed in the background.
- Don't assume stdin file descriptor is readable.
- Avoid unlimited recursion when creating dtree containing inactive pvmove LV.
- Require exactly 3 arguments for lvm2-activation-generator. Remove defaults.
- Inform lvmetad about any lost PV label to make it in sync with system state.
- Support most of lvchange operations on stacked thin pool meta/data LVs.
- Enable non-clustered pvmove of snapshots and snapshot origins.
- Add ability to pvmove non-clustered RAID, mirror, and thin volumes.
- Make lvm2-activation-generator silent unless it's in error state.
- Remove 'mpath major is not dm major' msg for mpath component scan (2.02.94).
- Prevent cluster mirror logs from being corrupted by redundant checkpoints.
- Fix ignored lvmetad update on loop device configuration (2.02.99).
- Use LVM_PATH instead of hardcoded value in lvm2 activation systemd generator.
- Fix vgck to notice on-disk corruption even if lvmetad is used.
- Move mpath device filter before partitioned filter (which opens devices).
- Require confirmation for vgchange -c when no VGs listed explicitly.
- Also skip /var and /var/log by default in blkdeactivate when unmounting.
- Add support for bind mounts in blkdeactivate.
- Add blkdeactivate -v/--verbose for debug output from external tools used.
- Add blkdeactivate -e/--errors for error messages from external tools used.
- Suppress messages from external tools called in blkdeactivate by default.
- Fix inability to remove a VG's cluster flag if it contains a mirror.
- Fix bug making lvchange unable to change recovery rate for RAID.
- Prohibit conversion of thin pool to external origin.
- Workaround gcc v4.8 -O2 bug causing failures if config/checks=1 (32bit arch).
- Verify clvmd message validity before processing and log error if incorrect.
- When creating PV on existing LV don't forbid reserved LV names on LVs below.
- When converting mirrors, default segtype should be the same unless specified.
- Make 'raid1' the default mirror segment type.
- Fix clogd descriptor leak when daemonizing.
- Fix clvmd descriptor leak on restart.
- Add pipe_open/close() to use instead of less efficient/secure popen().
- Inherit and apply any profile attached to a VG if creating new thin pool.
- Add initial support thin pool lvconvert --repair.
- Add --with-thin-repair and --with-thin-dump configure options.
- Add lvm.conf thin_repair/dump_executable and thin_repair_options.
- Require 1.9 thin pool target version for online thin pool metadata resize.
- Ignore previous LV seg with alloc contiguous & cling when num stripes varies.
- Fix segfault if devices/global_filter is not specified correctly.
- Tidy dmeventd fifo initialisation.
- Detect invalid sector supplied to 'dmsetup message'.
- Free any previously-set string if a dm_task_set_* function is called again.
- Do not allow passing empty new name for dmsetup rename.
- Display any output returned by 'dmsetup message'.
- Add dm_task_get_message_response to libdevmapper.
- Create dmeventd timeout threads as 'detached' so exit status is freed.
- Add DM_ABORT_ON_INTERNAL_ERRORS env var support to abort on internal errors.

- Fix metadata area offset/size overflow if it's >= 4g and while using lvmetad.
- Require the newest device-mapper-persistent-data-0.2.3-1.
- Fix spec file's util-linux version definition for proper expansion when used.

- o Features/Extensions/Additions:
- Add support for poolmetadataspare LV, that will be used for pool recovery.
- Improve activation order when creating thin pools in non-clustered VG.
- Add lvm2-activation-net systemd unit to activate LVs on net-attached storage.
- Automatically flag thin snapshots to be skipped during activation.
- Add support for persistent flagging of LVs to be skipped during activation.
- Make selected thinp settings customizable by a profile.
- Support storing profile name in metadata for both VGs and LVs.
- Add support for configuration profiles.
- Add support for thin volumes in vgsplit.
- Add lvresize support for online thin pool metadata volume resize.
- Add detection for thin pool metadata resize kernel support.
- Add vg->vg_ondisk / lv_ondisk() holding committed metadata.
- Add detection of mounted fs also for vgchange deactivation.
- Detect maximum usable size for snapshot for lvresize.
- Improve RAID kernel status retrieval to include sync_action/mismatch_cnt.
- Add external origin support for lvcreate.
- Support automatic config validation.
- Add PV header extension: extension version, flags and bootloader areas.
- Initial support for lvconvert of thin external origin.
- Improve activation code for better support of stacked devices.
- vgimport '--force' now allows import of VGs with missing PVs.
- Allow removal or replacement of RAID LV components that are error segments.
- Make 'vgreduce --removemissing' able to handle RAID LVs with missing PVs.
- Give precedence to EMC power2 devices with duplicate PVIDs.
- Recognise Storage Class Memory (IBM S/390) devices in filter.
- Recognise STEC skd devices in filter.
- Recognise Violin Memory vtms devices in filter.
- Automatically restore MISSING PVs with no MDAs.
- Detect mounted fs also via reading /proc/self/mountinfo.
- o Command Interface/Options:
- Support ARG_GROUPABLE with merge_synonym (for --raidwritemostly).
- Add --ignoreactivationskip to lvcreate/vgchange/lvchange to ignore skip flag.
- Add --setactivationskip to lvcreate/lvchange to set activation skip flag.
- Add --type profilable to lvm dumpconfig to show profilable config settings.
- Add --mergedconfig to lvm dumpconfig for merged --config/--profile/lvm.conf.
- Support changing VG/LV profiles: vgchange/lvchange --profile/--detachprofile.
- Add new --profile command line arg to select a configuration profile for use.
- For creation of snapshot require size for at least 3 chunks.
- Do not accept size parameters bigger then 16EiB.
- Accept --yes in all commands so test scripts can be simpler.
- Add lvcreate/lvchange --[raid]{min|max}recoveryrate for raid LVs.
- Add lvchange --[raid]writemostly/writebehind support for RAID1
- Add lvchange --[raid]syncaction for scrubbing of RAID LVs.
- Add --validate option to lvm dumpconfig to validate current config on demand.
- Add --ignoreadvanced and --ignoreunsupported switch to lvm dumpconfig.
- Add --withcomments and --withversions switch to lvm dumpconfig.
- Add --type {current|default|missing|new} and --atversion to lvm dumpconfig.
- Add --bootloaderareasize to pvcreate and vgconvert to create bootloader area.
- Do not take a free lv name argument for lvconvert --thinpool option.
- Allow lvconvert --stripes/stripesize only with --mirrors/--repair/--thinpool.
- Do not ignore -f in lvconvert --repair -y -f for mirror and raid volumes.
- Support use of option --yes for lvchange --persistent.
- Fix clvmd support for option -d and properly use its argument.
- o Reporting:
- Issue an error msg if lvconvert --type used incorrectly with other options.
- Use LOG_DEBUG/ERR msg severity instead default for lvm2-activation-generator.
- Add LV report fields: raid_mismatch_count/raid_sync_action/raid_write_behind.
- Add LV reporting fields raid_min_recovery_rate, raid_max_recovery_rate.
- Add sync_percent as alias for copy_percent LV reporting field.
- Add lv_ prefix to modules reporting field.
- Use units B or b (never E) with no decimal places when displaying sizes < 1k.
- List thin-pool and thin modules for thin volumes.
- Add 's(k)ip activation' bit to lvs -o lv_attr to indicate skip flag attached.
- Improve error loging when user tries to interrupt commands.
- Add vgs/lvs -o vg_profile/lv_profile to report profiles attached to VG/LV.
- Report lvs volume type 'e' with higher priority.
- Report lvs volume type 'o' also for external origin volumes.
- Report lvs target type 't' only for thin pools and thin volumes.
- Add 'active' LV reporting field to show activation state.
- Add 'monitor' segment reporting field to show dmevent monitoring status.
- Add explicit message about unsupported pvmove for thin/thinpool volumes.
- Add pvs -o pv_ba_start,pv_ba_size to report bootloader area start and size.
- Fix pvs -o pv_free reporting for PVs with zero PE count.
- Report blank origin_size field if the LV doesn't have an origin instead of 0.
- Report partial and in-sync RAID attribute based on kernel status
- Log output also to syslog when abort_on_internal_error is set.
- Change lvs heading Copy% to Cpy%Sync and print RAID4/5/6 sync% there too.
- Report error for nonexisting devices in dmeventd communication.
- Reduce some log_error messages to log_warn where we don't fail.
- o Configuration:
- Add activation/auto_set_activation_skip to control activation skip flagging.
- Add default.profile configuration profile and install it on make install.
- Add config/profile_dir to set working directory to load profiles from.
- Use mirror_segtype_default if type not specified for linear->mirror upconvert.
- Refine lvm.conf and man page documentation for autoactivation feature.
- Override system's global_filter settings for vgimportclone.
- Find newest timestamp of merged config files.
- Add 'config' section to lvm.conf to set the way the LVM configuration is handled.
- Add global/raid10_segtype_default to lvm.conf.
- Accept activation/raid_region_size in preference to mirror_region_size config.
- Add log/debug_classes to lvm.conf to control debug log messages.
- Allow empty activation/{auto_activation|read_only|}_volume_list config option.
- Relax ignore_suspended_devices to read from mirrors that don't have a device marked failed.
- o Documentation:
- Add man page entries for profile configuration and related options.
- Document lvextend --use-policies option in man.
- Improve lvcreate, lvconvert and lvm man pages.
- o API/interfaces:
- liblvm/python API: Additions: PV create/removal/resize/listing
- liblvm/python API: Additions: LV attr/origin/Thin pool/Thin LV creation
- Fix exported symbols regex for non-GNU busybox sed.
- Add LV snapshot support to liblvm and python-lvm.
- Remove python liblvm object. systemdir can only be changed using env var now.
- Add dm_get_status_snapshot() for parsing snapshot status.
- Append discards and read-only fields to exported struct dm_status_thin_pool.
- Validate passed params to dm_get_status_raid/thin/thin_pool().
- Add dm_mountinfo_read() for parsing /proc/self/mountinfo.
- Add dm_config_write_{node_out/one_node_out} for enhanced config output.
- Add dm_config_value_is_bool to check for boolean value in supported formats.
- Add DM_ARRAY_SIZE public macro.
- Add DM_TO_STRING public macro.
- Implement ref-counting for parents in python lib.
- o Fixes (general):
- Do not zero init 4KB of thin snapshot for non-zeroing thin pool (2.02.94).
- Correct thin creation error paths.
- Add whole log_lv and metadata_lv sub volumes when creating partial tree.
- Properly use snapshot layer for origin which is also thin volume.
- Avoid generating metadata backup when calling update_pool_lv().
- Send thin messages also for active thin pool and inactive thin volume.
- Avoid creation of multiple archives for one command.
- Avoid flushing thin pool when just requesting transaction_id.
- Fix use of too big chunks of memory when communication with lvmetad.
- Also filter partitions on mpath components if multipath_component_detection=1.
- Do not use persistent filter with lvmetad.
- Move syslog code out of signal handle in dmeventd.

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