ELEA-2021-0865 - cloud-init bug fix and enhancement update

Release Date:2021-03-19


- Add conditional restart of NetworkManager for cloud-final. [Orabug: 31965645]
- Correct postinstall upgrade cloud-init.service mismerge order.
- Add Oracle Linux variant to known distros
- Add cloud-init hotplug event handling support [Orabug: 30485135]
- Oracle data source should configure secondary VNICs [Orabug: 30487563]
- Add support for netfailover detection [Orabug: 30487591]
- Avoid hotplug handling when configure_secondary_nics is disabled [Orabug: 31086905]
- Set per-platform default NM_CONTROLLED=no for OCI [Orabug: 31086905]
- Remove secondary VNIC config from cache for hot unplug [Orabug: 31086905]
- Fix OL distro specific issues and dependency compatibility [Orabug: 30435672]
- Fix swap file size allocation logic to allocate maxsize [Orabug: 29952349]
- Make Oracle datasource detect dracut based config files [Orabug: 29956753]

- ci-DataSourceAzure-update-password-for-defuser-if-exist.patch [bz#1900807]
- Resolves: bz#1900807
(Update existing user password RHEL7x)

Updated Packages

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