ELEA-2021-0866 - open-vm-tools bug fix and enhancement update

Release Date:2021-03-17


- fix spaces in vmware udev rule for scsi devices
[Orabug: 24461968]
- Fix vmware udev rule in 99-vmware-scsi-timeout.rules file.
[Orabug: 22815019]
- Increase timeout for scsi devices on VMWare guests by adding a udev rule.
- Created a new file 99-vmware-scsi-timeout.rules
- Modified spec file to install this new file.
[Orabug: 21819156]

- ovt-Rectify-a-log-spew-in-vmsvc-logging-vmware-vmsvc-roo.patch [bz#1911853]
- Resolves: bz#1911853
([ESXi][RHEL7.9][ warning] [guestinfo] GuestInfoGetDiskDevice: Missing disk device name; VMDK mapping unavailable for '/', fsName: '/dev/sda2')

Updated Packages

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