ELSA-2007-0640 - conga security, bug fix, and enhancement update

Release Date:2007-11-19


- Replaced Redhat copyrighted and trademarked images in the conga-0.10.0 tarball.


- Fixed bz253783
- Fixed bz253914 (conga doesn't allow you to reuse nfs export and nfs client resources)
- Fixed bz254038 (Impossible to set many valid quorum disk configurations via conga)
- Fixed bz253994 (Cannot specify multicast address for a cluster)
- Resolves: bz253783, bz253914, bz254038, bz253994


- Fixed bz249291 (delete node task fails to do all items listed in the help document)
- Fixed bz253341 (failure to start cluster service which had been modifed for correction)
- Related: bz253341
- Resolves: bz249291


- Fixed bz230451 (fence_xvm.key file is not automatically created. Should have a least a default)
- Fixed bz249097 (allow a space as a valid password char)
- Fixed bz250834 (ZeroDivisionError when attempting to click an empty lvm volume group)
- Fixed bz250443 (storage name warning utility produces a storm of warnings which can lock your browser)
- Resolves: bz249097, bz250443, bz250834
- Related: bz230451


- Fixed bz245947 (luci/Conga cluster configuration tool not initializing cluster node members)
- Fixed bz249641 (conga is unable to do storage operations if there is an lvm snapshot present)
- Fixed bz249342 (unknown ricci error when adding new node to cluster)
- Fixed bz249291 (delete node task fails to do all items listed in the help document)
- Fixed bz249091 (RFE: tell user they are about to kill all their nodes)
- Fixed bz249066 (AttributeError when attempting to configure a fence device)
- Fixed bz249086 (Unable to add a new fence device to cluster)
- Fixed bz249868 (Use of failover domain not correctly shown)
- Resolves bz245947, bz249641, bz249342, bz249291, bz249091,
- Resolves bz249066, bz249086, bz249868
- Related: bz249351


- Fixed bz245202 (Conga needs to support Internet Explorer 6.0 and later)
- Fixed bz248317 (luci sets incorrect permissions on /usr/lib64/luci and /var/lib/luci)
- Resolves: bz245202 bz248317

- Fixed bz238655 (conga does not set the 'nodename' attribute for manual fencing)
- Fixed bz221899 (Node log displayed in partially random order)
- Fixed bz225782 (Need more luci service information on startup - no info written to log about failed start cause)
- Fixed bz227743 (Intermittent/recurring problem - when cluster is deleted, sometimes a node is not affected)
- Fixed bz227682 (saslauthd[2274]: Deprecated pam_stack module called from service 'ricci')
- Fixed bz238726 (Conga provides no way to remove a dead node from a cluster)
- Fixed bz239389 (conga cluster: make 'enable shared storage' the default)
- Fixed bz239596
- Fixed bz240034 (rpm verify fails on luci)
- Fixed bz240361 (Conga storage UI front-end is too slow rendering storage)
- Fixed bz241415 (Installation using Conga shows 'error' in message during reboot cycle.)
- Fixed bz241418 (Conga tries to configurage cluster snaps, though they are not available.)
- Fixed bz241706 (Eliminate confusion in add fence flow)
- Fixed bz241727 (can't set user permissions in luci)
- Fixed bz242668 (luci init script can return non-LSB-compliant return codes)
- Fixed bz243701 (ricci init script can exit with non-LSB-compliant return codes)
- Fixed bz244146 (Add port number to message when ricci is not started/firewalled on cluster nodes.)
- Fixed bz244878 (Successful login results in an infinite redirection loop with MSIE)
- Fixed bz239388 (conga storage: default VG creation should be clustered if a cluster node)
- Fixed bz239327 (Online User Manual needs modification)
- Fixed bz227852 (Lack of debugging information in logs - support issue)
- Fixed bz245025 (Conga does not accept '&' character in password field for Fence configuration)
- Fixed bz225588 (luci web app does not enforce selection of fence port)
- Fixed bz212022 (cannot create cluster using ip addresses)
- Fixed bz223162 (Error trying to create a new fence device for a cluster node)
- Upgraded to the latest Plone (2.5.3)
- Added a 'reprobe storage' button that invalidates cached storage reports
and forces a new probe.
- Resolves: bz238655, bz221899, bz225782, bz227682, bz227743, bz239389,
- Resolves: bz239596, bz240034, bz240361, bz241415, bz241418, bz241706,
- Resolves: bz241727, bz242668, bz243701, bz244146, bz244878, bz238726,
- Resolves: bz239388, bz239327, bz227852, bz245025, bz225588, bz212022

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Updated Packages

Release/ArchitectureFilenameMD5sumSuperseded By Advisory
Oracle Linux 5 (i386) conga-0.10.0-6.el5.0.1.src.rpme4963951622860599674f8e69a7ee26fELSA-2014-1194
Oracle Linux 5 (x86_64) conga-0.10.0-6.el5.0.1.src.rpme4963951622860599674f8e69a7ee26fELSA-2014-1194

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