ELSA-2011-1534 - nfs-utils security, bug fix, and enhancement update

Release Date:2011-12-14


- mout.nfs: Don't roll back to IPv4 whe IPv6 fails (bz 744657)
- rpcdebug: Added pNFS and FSCache debugging (bz 747400)

- mount.nfs: Backported how upstream handles the SIGXFSZ signal (bz 697981)

- mount.nfs: Reworked the code that deals with RLIMIT_FSIZE (bz 697981)

- Removed the stripping of debugging information from rpcdebug (bz 729001)

- mount.nfs: Fixed problem in mount error verbosity patch (bz 731693)

- mount.nfs: add error verbosity to invalid versions (bz 731693)

- umount.nfs: Got IPV6 unmounts working again (bz 732673)
- mountd: return multiple hosts exporting the same directory (bz 726112)
- mount: Better error message for invalid version (bz 723780)

- initscripts: just try to mount rpc_pipefs always (bz 692702)
- Rely on crypto module autoloading in init scripts
- svcgssd: Document '-n' for svcgssd (bz 697359)
- mount.nfs: anticipate RLIMIT_FSIZE (bz 697981)
- exportfs manpage: Ipv6 update (bz 715078)
- mountd: Stop segfault in mtab code (bz 723438)
- exportfs: wilcards in exports can lead to unintended mounts (bz 715391)
- umount: allow spaces in unmount paths (bz 702273)
- specfile: reordered how libgssglue is linked in (bz 720479)

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Updated Packages

Release/ArchitectureFilenameMD5sumSuperseded By Advisory
Oracle Linux 6 (i386) nfs-utils-1.2.3-15.el6.src.rpme9b07c0064e1e035f1559748f8e9b077ELBA-2020-0749
Oracle Linux 6 (x86_64) nfs-utils-1.2.3-15.el6.src.rpme9b07c0064e1e035f1559748f8e9b077ELBA-2020-0749

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