ELSA-2016-0855 - kernel security, bug fix, and enhancement update

Release Date:2016-05-16


- [scsi] fc: revert - ensure scan_work isnt active when freeing fc_rport (Ewan Milne) [1326447]
- [netdrv] ixgbe: Update ixgbe driver to use __netdev_pick_tx in ixgbe_select_queue (John Greene) [1310749]
- [netdrv] mlx5e: Fix adding vlan rule with vid zero twice (Kamal Heib) [1322809]

- [netdrv] ixgbe: restore proper CHECKSUM_UNNECESSARY behavior for LRO packets (Neil Horman) [1318426]
- [netdrv] revert ' net/mlx5_core: Add pci error handlers to mlx5_core driver' (Don Dutile) [1324599]
- [x86] kernel: espfix not working for 32-bit KVM paravirt guests (Jacob Tanenbaum) [1172767] {CVE-2014-8134}

- [net] use GFP_ATOMIC in dst_ops_extend_register (Sabrina Dubroca) [1323252]
- [kernel] revert 'sched: core: Use hrtimer_start_expires' (Jiri Olsa) [1324318]
- [kernel] Revert 'Cleanup bandwidth timers' (Jiri Olsa) [1324318]
- [kernel] revert 'fair: Test list head instead of list entry in throttle_cfs_rq' (Jiri Olsa) [1324318]
- [kernel] revert 'sched, perf: Fix periodic timers' (Jiri Olsa) [1324318]
- [kernel] Revert 'fix KABI break' (Jiri Olsa) [1324318]

- [input] wacom: fix ExpressKeys remote events (Aristeu Rozanski) [1318027]
- [fs] revert 'writeback: remove wb_list' (Jeff Moyer) [1322297]
- [fs] revert 'writeback: bdi_writeback_task must set task state before calling schedule' (Jeff Moyer) [1322297]
- [fs] revert 'writeback: merge bdi_writeback_task and bdi_start_fn' (Jeff Moyer) [1322297]
- [fs] revert 'writeback: harmonize writeback threads naming' (Jeff Moyer) [1322297]
- [fs] revert 'writeback: fix possible race when creating bdi threads' (Jeff Moyer) [1322297]
- [fs] revert 'writeback: do not lose wake-ups in the forker thread - 1' (Jeff Moyer) [1322297]
- [fs] revert 'writeback: do not lose wake-ups in the forker thread - 2' (Jeff Moyer) [1322297]
- [fs] revert 'writeback: do not lose wake-ups in bdi threads' (Jeff Moyer) [1322297]
- [fs] revert 'writeback: simplify bdi code a little' (Jeff Moyer) [1322297]
- [fs] revert 'writeback: do not remove bdi from bdi_list' (Jeff Moyer) [1322297]
- [fs] revert 'writeback: move last_active to bdi' (Jeff Moyer) [1322297]
- [fs] revert 'writeback: restructure bdi forker loop a little' (Jeff Moyer) [1322297]
- [fs] revert 'writeback: move bdi threads exiting logic to the forker thread' (Jeff Moyer) [1322297]
- [fs] revert 'writeback: prevent unnecessary bdi threads wakeups' (Jeff Moyer) [1322297]
- [fs] revert 'writeback: optimize periodic bdi thread wakeups' (Jeff Moyer) [1322297]
- [fs] revert 'writeback: remove unnecessary init_timer call' (Jeff Moyer) [1322297]
- [fs] revert 'writeback: cleanup bdi_register' (Jeff Moyer) [1322297]
- [fs] revert 'writeback: fix bad _bh spinlock nesting' (Jeff Moyer) [1322297]
- [fs] revert 'writeback: do not lose wakeup events when forking bdi threads' (Jeff Moyer) [1322297]
- [fs] revert 'writeback: Fix lost wake-up shutting down writeback thread' (Jeff Moyer) [1322297]
- [mm] revert 'backing-dev: ensure wakeup_timer is deleted' (Jeff Moyer) [1322297]
- [perf] revert: perf changes out of 'sched, perf: Fix periodic timers' (Jiri Olsa) [1322488]

- [mm] hugetlb: prevent BUG_ON in hugetlb_fault -> hugetlb_cow (Dave Anderson) [1303495]
- [mm] hugetlb: fix race condition in hugetlb_fault (Dave Anderson) [1303495]
- [s390] kdump: fix wrong BUG_ON statement (Hendrik Brueckner) [1321316]
- [scsi] cxgb4i: Increased the value of MAX_IMM_TX_PKT_LEN from 128 to 256 bytes (Sai Vemuri) [1320193]
- [fs] nfs: fix a regression causing deadlock in nfs_wb_page_cancel() (Benjamin Coddington) [1135601]
- [netdrv] cxgb4/ethtool: Get/set rx checksum (Sai Vemuri) [1225167]
- [netdrv] cxgb4vf:The RX checksum feature was not completely ported to cxgb4vf driver (Sai Vemuri) [1225167]
- [netdrv] cxgb4/cxgb4vf: Enable GRO (Sai Vemuri) [1225167]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Enable RX checksum offload flag (Sai Vemuri) [1225167]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Report correct link speed for unsupported ones (Sai Vemuri) [1296467]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Use vmalloc, if kmalloc fails (Sai Vemuri) [1296473]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Enhance driver to update FW, when FW is too old (Sai Vemuri) [1296472]

- [netdrv] mlx4-en: add missing patch to init rss_rings in get_profile (Don Dutile) [1321164]
- [netdrv] mlx4-en: disable traffic class queueing by default (Don Dutile) [1321164]
- [netdrv] mlx4_core: Fix mailbox leak in error flow when performing update qp (Don Dutile) [1321164]
- [x86] nmi/64: Fix a paravirt stack-clobbering bug in the NMI code (Denys Vlasenko) [1259581] {CVE-2015-5157}
- [x86] nmi/64: Switch stacks on userspace NMI entry (Denys Vlasenko) [1259581] {CVE-2015-5157}

- [netdrv] mlx4_en: Choose time-stamping shift value according to HW frequency (Kamal Heib) [1320448]
- [fs] anon_inodes implement dname (Aristeu Rozanski) [1296019]
- [net] packet: set transport header before doing xmit (John Greene) [1309526]
- [net] tuntap: set transport header before passing it to kernel (John Greene) [1309526]
- [netdrv] macvtap: set transport header before passing skb to lower device (John Greene) [1309526]
- [net] ipv6: tcp: add rcu locking in tcp_v6_send_synack() (Jakub Sitnicki) [1312740]
- [net] ipv6: sctp: add rcu protection around np->opt (Jakub Sitnicki) [1312740]
- [net] ipv6: add complete rcu protection around np->opt (Jakub Sitnicki) [1312740]
- [net] dccp: remove unnecessary codes in ipv6.c (Jakub Sitnicki) [1312740]
- [net] ipv6: remove unnecessary codes in tcp_ipv6.c (Jakub Sitnicki) [1312740]
- [net] ipv6: Refactor update of IPv6 flowi destination address for srcrt (RH) option (Jakub Sitnicki) [1312740]
- [net] ipv6: protect flow label renew against GC (Sabrina Dubroca) [1313231]
- [net] ipv6: fix possible deadlock in ip6_fl_purge / ip6_fl_gc (Sabrina Dubroca) [1313231]
- [perf] annotate: Support full source file paths for srcline fix (Jiri Olsa) [1304472 1304479]
- [perf] tools: Support full source file paths for srcline (Jiri Olsa) [1304472 1304479]
- [perf] annotate: Fix -i option, which is currently ignored (Jiri Olsa) [1304472 1304479]

- [mm] backing-dev: ensure wakeup_timer is deleted (Jeff Moyer) [1318930]
- [hv] vss: run only on supported host versions (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1319813]
- [sound] hda: Fix internal speaker for HP Z240 (Jaroslav Kysela) [1316673]
- [perf] trace: Fix race condition at the end of started workloads (Jiri Olsa) [1302928]
- [fs] nfsd: Combine decode operations for v4 and v4.1 (J. Bruce Fields) [1314536]
- [hv] revert 'vmbus: avoid scheduling in interrupt context in vmbus_initiate_unload' (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1318882]
- [hv] revert 'vmbus: dont loose HVMSG_TIMER_EXPIRED messages' (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1318882]
- [hv] revert 'vmbus: avoid unneeded compiler optimizations in vmbus_wait_for_unload' (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1318882]
- [hv] revert 'vmbus: remove code duplication in message handling' (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1318882]
- [hv] revert 'vmbus: avoid wait_for_completion on crash' (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1318882]

- [scsi] cxgbi: Convert over to dst_neigh_lookup (Sai Vemuri) [1296461]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: For T4, dont read the Firmware Mailbox Control register (Sai Vemuri) [1296469]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Use ACCES_ONCE macro to read queues consumer index (Sai Vemuri) [1296484]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: prevent simultaneous execution of service_ofldq (Sai Vemuri) [1296483]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Adds PCI device id for new T5 adapters (Sai Vemuri) [1296481]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Dont disallow turning off auto-negotiation (Sai Vemuri) [1296476]
- [mm] check if section present during memory block registering (Xunlei Pang) [1297840]
- [tty] ldisc: Close/Reopen race prevention should check tty->ldisc (Denys Vlasenko) [1312383]
- [fs] proc-vmcore: wrong data type casting fix (Baoquan He) [1312206]
- [infiniband] iw_cxgb3: Ignore positive return values from the ofld send functions (Sai Vemuri) [1296999]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Deal with wrap-around of queue for Work request (Sai Vemuri) [1296482]
- [infiniband] iw_cxgb4: detect fatal errors while creating listening filters (Sai Vemuri) [1296480]
- [md] dm snapshot: suspend merging snapshot when doing exception handover (Mike Snitzer) [1177389]
- [md] dm snapshot: suspend origin when doing exception handover (Mike Snitzer) [1177389]
- [md] dm snapshot: allocate a per-target structure for snapshot-origin target (Mike Snitzer) [1177389]
- [md] dm: fix a race condition in dm_get_md (Mike Snitzer) [1177389]
- [infiniband] iw_cxgb4: pass the ord/ird in connect reply events (Sai Vemuri) [1296478]
- [infiniband] iw_cxgb4: fix misuse of ep->ord for minimum ird calculation (Sai Vemuri) [1296478]
- [infiniband] iw_cxgb4: reverse the ord/ird in the ESTABLISHED upcall (Sai Vemuri) [1296478]
- [usb] Revert 'Revert 'Update USB default wakeup settings'' (Torez Smith) [1319081]
- [netdrv] ibmveth: add support for TSO6 (Gustavo Duarte) [1318412]

- [s390] lib: export udelay_simple for systemtap (Hendrik Brueckner) [1233912]
- [netdrv] ixgbe: fix RSS limit for X550 (John Greene) [1314583]
- [netdrv] mlx4_core: Fix error message deprecation for ConnectX-2 cards (Don Dutile) [1316013]
- [dm] thin metadata: dont issue prefetches if a transaction abort has failed (Mike Snitzer) [1310661]
- [scsi] be2iscsi: Add warning message for unsupported adapter (Maurizio Lombardi) [1253016]
- [scsi] be2iscsi: Revert 'Add warning message for, unsupported adapter' (Maurizio Lombardi) [1253016]
- [scsi] hpsa: update copyright information (Joseph Szczypek) [1315469]
- [scsi] hpsa: correct abort tmf for hba devices (Joseph Szczypek) [1315469]
- [scsi] hpsa: correct ioaccel2 sg chain len (Joseph Szczypek) [1315469]
- [scsi] hpsa: fix physical target reset (Joseph Szczypek) [1315469]
- [scsi] hpsa: fix hpsa_adjust_hpsa_scsi_table (Joseph Szczypek) [1315469]
- [scsi] hpsa: correct transfer length for 6 byte read/write commands (Joseph Szczypek) [1315469]
- [scsi] hpsa: abandon rescans on memory alloaction failures (Joseph Szczypek) [1315469]
- [scsi] hpsa: allow driver requested rescans (Joseph Szczypek) [1315469]

- [s390] dasd: fix incorrect locking order for LCU device add/remove (Hendrik Brueckner) [1315740]
- [s390] dasd: fix hanging device after LCU change (Hendrik Brueckner) [1315729]
- [s390] dasd: prevent incorrect length error under z/VM after PAV changes (Hendrik Brueckner) [1313774]
- [netdrv] igb: Fix VLAN tag stripping on Intel i350 (Corinna Vinschen) [1210699]
- [netdrv] 3c59x: mask LAST_FRAG bit from length field in ring (Neil Horman) [1309210]
- [ata] ahci: Remove obsolete Intel Lewisburg SATA RAID device IDs (Steve Best) [1317045]
- [pci] fix truncation of resource size to 32 bits (Myron Stowe) [1316345]
- [pci] fix pci_resource_alignment prototype (Myron Stowe) [1316345]
- [sound] hda: Fix headphone mic input on a few Dell ALC293 machines (Jaroslav Kysela) [1315932]
- [sound] hda: Add some FIXUP quirks for white noise on Dell laptop (Jaroslav Kysela) [1315932]
- [sound] hda: Fix the white noise on Dell laptop (Jaroslav Kysela) [1315932]
- [sound] hda: one Dell machine needs the headphone white noise fixup (Jaroslav Kysela) [1315932]
- [sound] hda: Fix audio crackles on Dell Latitude E7x40 (Jaroslav Kysela) [1315932]
- [fs] xfs: Avoid pathological backwards allocation (Bill ODonnell) [1302777]

- [input] synaptics: handle spurious release of trackstick buttons, again (Benjamin Tissoires) [1317808]
- [hv] kvp: fix IP Failover (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1312290]
- [hv] util: Pass the channel information during the init call (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1312290]
- [hv] utils: Invoke the poll function after handshake (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1312290]
- [hv] utils: run polling callback always in interrupt context (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1312290]
- [hv] util: Increase the timeout for util services (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1312290]

- [mm] avoid hangs in lru_add_drain_all (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1314683]
- [net] esp{4, 6}: fix potential MTU calculation overflows (Herbert Xu) [1304313]
- [net] xfrm: take net hdr len into account for esp payload size calculation (Herbert Xu) [1304313]

- [x86] acpi: Avoid SRAT table checks for Hyper-V VMs (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1312711]
- [infiniband] ipoib: For sendonly join free the multicast group on leave (Don Dutile) [1315382]
- [infiniband] ipoib: increase the max mcast backlog queue (Don Dutile) [1315382]
- [infiniband] ipoib: Make sendonly multicast joins create the mcast group (Don Dutile) [1315382]
- [infiniband] ipoib: Expire sendonly multicast joins (Don Dutile) [1315382]
- [infiniband] ipoib: Clean up send-only multicast joins (Don Dutile) [1315382]
- [infiniband] ipoib: Suppress warning for send only join failures (Don Dutile) [1315382]
- [drm] i915: shut up gen8+ SDE irq dmesg noise (Rob Clark) [1313681]
- [drm] i915: fix the SDE irq dmesg warnings properly (Rob Clark) [1313681]
- [hv] vmbus: avoid wait_for_completion on crash (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1301903]
- [hv] vmbus: remove code duplication in message handling (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1301903]
- [hv] vmbus: avoid unneeded compiler optimizations in vmbus_wait_for_unload (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1301903]
- [hv] vmbus: dont loose HVMSG_TIMER_EXPIRED messages (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1301903]
- [hv] vmbus: avoid scheduling in interrupt context in vmbus_initiate_unload (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1301903]

- [netdrv] bnx2x: fix crash on big-endian when adding VLAN (Michal Schmidt) [1311433]
- [sound] alsa hda: only sync BCLK to the display clock for Haswell & Broadwell (Jaroslav Kysela) [1313672]
- [sound] alsa hda: add component support (Jaroslav Kysela) [1313672]
- [sound] alsa hda: pass intel_hda to all i915 interface functions (Jaroslav Kysela) [1313672]
- [netdrv] igb: fix race accessing page->_count (Corinna Vinschen) [1315402]
- [netdrv] igb: fix recent VLAN changes that would leave VLANs disabled after reset (Corinna Vinschen) [1309968]
- [mm] always decrement anon_vma degree when the vma list is empty (Jerome Marchand) [1309898]

- [net] rds: restore return value in rds_cmsg_rdma_args (Don Dutile) [1313089]
- [net] rds: Fix assertion level from fatal to warning (Don Dutile) [1313089]
- [netdrv] be2net: dont enable multicast flag in be_enable_if_filters routine (Ivan Vecera) [1309157]
- [net] unix: correctly track in-flight fds in sending process user_struct (Hannes Frederic Sowa) [1313052] {CVE-2016-2550}
- [net] sctp: Prevent soft lockup when sctp_accept() is called during a timeout event (Jacob Tanenbaum) [1297422] {CVE-2015-8767}

- [fs] nfsv4: OPEN must handle the NFS4ERR_IO return code correctly (Benjamin Coddington) [1272687]
- [fs] quota: fix unwanted soft limit enforcement (Lukas Czerner) [1304603]
- [fs] xfs: flush entire last page of old EOF on truncate up (Brian Foster) [1308482]
- [fs] xfs: truncate_setsize should be outside transactions (Brian Foster) [1308482]
- [scsi] megaraid: overcome a fw deficiency (Maurizio Lombardi) [1294983]
- [scsi] megaraid_sas: Add an i/o barrier (Tomas Henzl) [1294983]
- [scsi] megaraid_sas: Fix SMAP issue (Tomas Henzl) [1294983]
- [scsi] megaraid_sas: Fix for IO failing post OCR in SRIOV environment (Tomas Henzl) [1294983]
- [scsi] megaraid: fix null pointer check in megasas_detach_one() (Tomas Henzl) [1294983]
- [scsi] megaraid_sas: driver version upgrade (Tomas Henzl) [1294983]
- [scsi] megaraid_sas: SPERC OCR changes (Tomas Henzl) [1294983]
- [scsi] megaraid_sas: Introduce module parameter for SCSI command timeout (Tomas Henzl) [1294983]
- [scsi] megaraid_sas: MFI adapter OCR changes (Tomas Henzl) [1294983]
- [scsi] megaraid_sas: Make adprecovery variable atomic (Tomas Henzl) [1294983]
- [scsi] megaraid_sas: IO throttling support (Tomas Henzl) [1294983]
- [scsi] megaraid_sas: Dual queue depth support (Tomas Henzl) [1294983]
- [scsi] megaraid_sas: Code optimization build_and_issue_cmd return-type (Tomas Henzl) [1294983]
- [scsi] megaraid_sas: Reply Descriptor Post Queue (RDPQ) support (Tomas Henzl) [1294983]
- [scsi] megaraid_sas: Fastpath region lock bypass (Tomas Henzl) [1294983]
- [scsi] megaraid_sas: Update device queue depth based on interface type (Tomas Henzl) [1294983]
- [scsi] megaraid_sas: Task management support (Tomas Henzl) [1294983]
- [scsi] megaraid_sas: Syncing request flags macro names with firmware (Tomas Henzl) [1294983]
- [scsi] megaraid_sas: MFI IO timeout handling (Tomas Henzl) [1294983]
- [scsi] megaraid_sas: Do not allow PCI access during OCR (Tomas Henzl) [1294983]
- [scsi] hpsa: check for a null phys_disk pointer in ioaccel2 path (Joseph Szczypek) [1311728]

- [netdrv] cxgb4 : Patch to fix kernel panic on pinging over vlan interface (Sai Vemuri) [1303493]
- [x86] mm: Improve AMD Bulldozer ASLR workaround (Rik van Riel) [1240883]
- [x86] Properly export MSR values in kernel headers (Jacob Tanenbaum) [1298255]
- [netdrv] tehuti: Firmware filename is tehuti/bdx.bin (Ivan Vecera) [1235961]
- [netdrv] ixgbe: convert to ndo_fix_features (John Greene) [1279522]
- [drm] revert 'drm: Use vblank timestamps to guesstimate how many vblanks were missed' (Lyude Paul) [1300086]
- [fs] writeback: Fix lost wake-up shutting down writeback thread (Jeff Moyer) [1111683]
- [fs] writeback: do not lose wakeup events when forking bdi threads (Jeff Moyer) [1111683]
- [fs] writeback: fix bad _bh spinlock nesting (Jeff Moyer) [1111683]
- [fs] writeback: cleanup bdi_register (Jeff Moyer) [1111683]
- [fs] writeback: remove unnecessary init_timer call (Jeff Moyer) [1111683]
- [fs] writeback: optimize periodic bdi thread wakeups (Jeff Moyer) [1111683]
- [fs] writeback: prevent unnecessary bdi threads wakeups (Jeff Moyer) [1111683]
- [fs] writeback: move bdi threads exiting logic to the forker thread (Jeff Moyer) [1111683]
- [fs] writeback: restructure bdi forker loop a little (Jeff Moyer) [1111683]
- [fs] writeback: move last_active to bdi (Jeff Moyer) [1111683]
- [fs] writeback: do not remove bdi from bdi_list (Jeff Moyer) [1111683]
- [fs] writeback: simplify bdi code a little (Jeff Moyer) [1111683]
- [fs] writeback: do not lose wake-ups in bdi threads (Jeff Moyer) [1111683]
- [fs] writeback: do not lose wake-ups in the forker thread - 2 (Jeff Moyer) [1111683]
- [fs] writeback: do not lose wake-ups in the forker thread - 1 (Jeff Moyer) [1111683]
- [fs] writeback: fix possible race when creating bdi threads (Jeff Moyer) [1111683]
- [fs] writeback: harmonize writeback threads naming (Jeff Moyer) [1111683]
- [fs] writeback: merge bdi_writeback_task and bdi_start_fn (Jeff Moyer) [1111683]
- [fs] writeback: bdi_writeback_task must set task state before calling schedule (Jeff Moyer) [1111683]
- [fs] writeback: remove wb_list (Jeff Moyer) [1111683]
- [drm] i915: Change WARN_ON(!wm_changed) to I915_STATE_WARN_ON (Lyude Paul) [1309888]
- [drm] i915: Quiet down state checks (Lyude Paul) [1309888]
- [drm] i915: Fix a few of the !wm_changed warnings (Lyude Paul) [1309888]

- [netdrv] tg3: Fix for tg3 transmit queue 0 timed out when too many gso_segs (Ivan Vecera) [1222426]
- [netdrv] bna: fix list corruption (Ivan Vecera) [1310957]
- [netdrv] cxgb4 : Add cxgb4 T4/T5 firmware version, hardcode driver to the same (Sai Vemuri) [1270347]
- [drm] i915: WaRsDisableCoarsePowerGating (Rob Clark) [1302269]
- [drm] i915/skl: Add SKL GT4 PCI IDs (Rob Clark) [1302269]

- [perf] revert 'perf/x86/intel uncore: Move uncore_box_init() out of driver initialization' (Jiri Olsa) [1313062]
- [net] udp: move logic out of udp[46]_ufo_send_check (Sabrina Dubroca) [1299975]
- [netdrv] hv_netvsc: Restore needed_headroom request (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1305000]
- [net] pktgen: fix null ptr deref in skb allocation (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1305000]
- [net] pktgen: Observe needed_headroom of the device (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1305000]
- [net] pktgen: ipv6: numa: consolidate skb allocation to pktgen_alloc_skb (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1305000]
- [net] pktgen: fix crash with vlan and packet size less than 46 (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1305000]
- [net] pktgen: speedup fragmented skbs (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1305000]
- [net] pktgen: correct uninitialized queue_map (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1305000]
- [net] pktgen node allocation (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [1305000]
- [net] af_unix: Guard against other == sk in unix_dgram_sendmsg (Jakub Sitnicki) [1309241]
- [net] veth: dont modify ip_summed; doing so treats packets with bad checksums as good (Sabrina Dubroca) [1308586]
- [net] ipv6: udp: use sticky pktinfo egress ifindex on connect() (Xin Long) [1301475]
- [net] provide default_advmss() methods to blackhole dst_ops (Paolo Abeni) [1305068]
- [net] sctp: translate network order to host order when users get a hmacid (Xin Long) [1303822]
- [powerpc] pseries: Make 32-bit MSI quirk work on systems lacking firmware support (Oded Gabbay) [1303678]
- [powerpc] pseries: Force 32 bit MSIs for devices that require it (Oded Gabbay) [1303678]
- [netdrv] bnxt_en: Fix zero padding of tx push data (John Linville) [1310301]
- [netdrv] bnxt_en: Failure to update PHY is not fatal condition (John Linville) [1310301]
- [netdrv] bnxt_en: Remove unnecessary call to update PHY settings (John Linville) [1310301]
- [netdrv] bnxt_en: Poll link at the end of __bnxt_open_nic (John Linville) [1310301]
- [netdrv] bnxt_en: Reduce default ring sizes (John Linville) [1310301]
- [netdrv] bnxt_en: Fix implementation of tx push operation (John Linville) [1310301]
- [netdrv] bnxt_en: Remove 20G support and advertise only 40GbaseCR4 (John Linville) [1310301]
- [netdrv] bnxt_en: Cleanup and Fix flow control setup logic (John Linville) [1310301]
- [netdrv] bnxt_en: Fix ethtool autoneg logic (John Linville) [1310301]

- [netdrv] bonding: Fix ARP monitor validation (Jarod Wilson) [1244170]
- [netdrv] sfc: only use RSS filters if were using RSS (Jarod Wilson) [1304311]
- [dm] delay: fix RHEL6 specific bug when establishing future 'expires' time (Mike Snitzer) [1311615]
- [ata] Adding Intel Lewisburg device IDs for SATA (Steve Best) [1310237]
- [i2c] i801: Adding Intel Lewisburg support for iTCO (Rui Wang) [1304872]
- [x86] Mark Grangeville ixgbe PCI ID 15AE (1 gig PHY) unsupported (Steve Best) [1310585]
- [kernel] lockd: properly convert be32 values in debug messages (Harshula Jayasuriya) [1289848]
- [i2c] convert i2c-isch to platform_device (Prarit Bhargava) [1211747]
- [tty] do not reset masters packet mode (Denys Vlasenko) [1308660]
- [block] dont assume last put of shared tags is for the host (Jeff Moyer) [1300538]
- [netdrv] i40evf: use pages correctly in Rx (Stefan Assmann) [1293754]
- [netdrv] i40e: fix bug in dma sync (Stefan Assmann) [1293754]
- [sched] fix KABI break (Seth Jennings) [1230310]
- [sched] fair: Test list head instead of list entry in throttle_cfs_rq (Seth Jennings) [1230310]
- [sched] sched,perf: Fix periodic timers (Seth Jennings) [1230310]
- [sched] sched: debug: Remove the cfs bandwidth timer_active printout (Seth Jennings) [1230310]
- [sched] Cleanup bandwidth timers (Seth Jennings) [1230310]
- [sched] sched: core: Use hrtimer_start_expires (Seth Jennings) [1230310]
- [sched] fair: Fix unlocked reads of some cfs_b->quota/period (Seth Jennings) [1230310]
- [sched] Fix potential near-infinite distribute_cfs_runtime loop (Seth Jennings) [1230310]
- [sched] fair: Fix tg_set_cfs_bandwidth deadlock on rq->lock (Seth Jennings) [1230310]
- [sched] Fix hrtimer_cancel/rq->lock deadlock (Seth Jennings) [1230310]
- [sched] Fix cfs_bandwidth misuse of hrtimer_expires_remaining (Seth Jennings) [1230310]
- [sched] Refine the code in unthrottle_cfs_rq (Seth Jennings) [1230310]
- [sched] Update rq clock earlier in unthrottle_cfs_rq (Seth Jennings) [1230310]
- [drm] radeon: mask out WC from BO on unsupported arches (Oded Gabbay) [1303678]
- [drm] add helper to check for wc memory support (Oded Gabbay) [1303678]
- [acpi] pci: Account for ARI in _PRT lookups (Ivan Vecera) [1311421]
- [pci] Move pci_ari_enabled() to global header (Ivan Vecera) [1311421]
- [acpi] tpm, tpm_tis: fix tpm_tis ACPI detection issue with TPM 2.0 (Jerry Snitselaar) [1309641]
- [acpi] Centralized processing of ACPI device resources (Jerry Snitselaar) [1309641]
- [acpi] acpi: Add device resources interpretation code to ACPI core (Jerry Snitselaar) [1309641]
- [netdrv] cxgb4 : Fix for the kernel panic caused by calling t4_enable_vi_params (Sai Vemuri) [1303493]
- [mm] Remove false WARN_ON from pagecache_isize_extended (Brian Foster) [1205014]

- [netdrv] net/mlx4_en: Wake TX queues only when theres enough room (Don Dutile) [1309893]
- [netdrv] revert ' net/mlx4_core: Fix mailbox leak in error flow when performing update qp' (Don Dutile) [1309893]
- [netdrv] revert 'mlx4-en: add missing patch to init rss_rings in get_profile' (Don Dutile) [1309893]
- [netdrv] revert 'mlx4-en: disable traffic class queueing by default' (Don Dutile) [1309893]

- [netdrv] mlx4-en: disable traffic class queueing by default (Don Dutile) [1309893]
- [netdrv] mlx4-en: add missing patch to init rss_rings in get_profile (Don Dutile) [1309893]
- [netdrv] net/mlx4_core: Fix mailbox leak in error flow when performing update qp (Don Dutile) [1309893]

- [netdrv] cxgb4: add device ID for few T5 adapters (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Fix for write-combining stats configuration (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Fix tx flit calculation (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: changes for new firmware (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: memory corruption in debugfs (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Force uninitialized state if FW in adapter is unsupported (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Add MPS tracing support (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Add some more details to sge qinfo (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: missing curly braces in t4_setup_debugfs (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Add support to dump edc bist status (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Add debugfs support to dump meminfo (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4vf: Read correct FL congestion threshold for T5 and T6 (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Allow firmware flash, only if cxgb4 is the master driver (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Add debugfs entry to enable backdoor access (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4vf: Fix check to use new User Doorbell mechanism (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Enable cim_la dump to support T6 (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Read stats for only available channels (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Update register ranges for T6 adapter (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Dont use entire L2T table, use only its slice (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Add PCI device ids for few more T5 and T6 adapters (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Fix incorrect sequence numbers shown in devlog (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Add PCI device ID for custom T522 & T520 adapter (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [infiniband] iw_cxgb4: support for bar2 qid densities exceeding the page size (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Support for user mode bar2 mappings with T4 (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Add debugfs entry to dump channel rate (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Add debugfs entry to dump CIM PIF logic analyzer contents (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Add a debugfs entry to dump CIM MA logic analyzer logs (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Fix static checker warning (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Use FW LDST cmd to access TP_PIO_ADDR, TP_PIO_DATA register first (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: program pci completion timeout (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Set mac addr from vpd, when we cant contact firmware (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Rename t4_link_start to t4_link_l1cfg (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Add sge ec context flush service (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Free Virtual Interfaces in remove routine (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Remove WOL get/set ethtool support (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Add support to dump loopback port stats (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Add support in ethtool to dump channel stats (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Add ethtool support to get adapter stats (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4vf: Adds SRIOV driver changes for T6 adapter (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Adds support for T6 adapter (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Add is_t6 macro and T6 register ranges (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: remove unused fn to enable/disable db coalescing (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4vf: function and argument name cleanup (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Add debugfs facility to inject FL starvation (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Add PHY firmware support for T420-BT cards (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Update T4/T5 adapter register ranges (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Optimize and cleanup setup memory window code (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: replace ntohs, ntohl and htons, htonl calls with the generic byteorder (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Remove dead function t4_read_edc and t4_read_mc (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4vf: Cleanup macros, add comments and add new MACROS (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Initialize RSS mode for all Ports (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Discard the packet if the length is greater than mtu (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Move SGE Ingress DMA state monitor (Don Dutile) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Add device node to ULD info (Don Dutile) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Pass in a Congestion Channel Map to t4_sge_alloc_rxq (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Enable congestion notification from SGE for IQs and FLs (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Make sure that Freelist size is larger than Egress Congestion Threshold (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [infiniband] iw_cxgb4: Cleanup register defines/MACROS (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4vf: Fix sparse warnings (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Improve IEEE DCBx support, other minor open-lldp fixes (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [scsi] cxgb4i: Call into recently added cxgb4 ipv6 api (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4vf: Fix queue allocation for 40G adapter (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4vf: Initialize mdio_addr before using it (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4vf: Fix ethtool get_settings for VF driver (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] csiostor: Cleanup macros/register defines related to port and VI (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4 : Fix DCB priority groups being returned in wrong order (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: dcb open-lldp interop fixes (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4 : Fix bug in DCB app deletion (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4 : Handle dcb enable correctly (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4 : Improve handling of DCB negotiation or loss thereof (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: IEEE fixes for DCBx state machine (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4: Fix endian bug introduced in cxgb4 dcb patchset (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4 : Makefile & Kconfig changes for DCBx support (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4 : Integrate DCBx support into cxgb4 module. Register dbcnl_ops to give access to DCBx functions (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4 : Add DCBx support codebase and dcbnl_ops (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]
- [netdrv] cxgb4 : Update fw interface file for DCBx support. Adds all the required fields to fw interface to communicate DCBx info (Sai Vemuri) [1252598]

- [documentation] filesystems: describe the shared memory usage/accounting (Rodrigo Freire) [1293615]
- [kernel] Fix cgclear failure when encountering the rpciod kernel thread (Larry Woodman) [1220828]
- [netdrv] qlcnic: constify qlcnic_mbx_ops structure (Harish Patil) [1252119]
- [netdrv] net: qlcnic: delete redundant memsets (Harish Patil) [1252119]
- [netdrv] qlcnic: Update version to 5.3.63 (Harish Patil) [1252119]
- [netdrv] qlcnic: Dont use kzalloc unncecessarily for allocating large chunk of memory (Harish Patil) [1252119]
- [netdrv] qlcnic: Add new VF device ID 0x8C30 (Harish Patil) [1252119]
- [netdrv] qlcnic: Print firmware minidump buffer and template header addresses (Harish Patil) [1252119]
- [netdrv] qlcnic: Add support to enable capability to extend minidump for iSCSI (Harish Patil) [1252119]
- [netdrv] qlcnic: Rearrange ordering of header files inclusion (Harish Patil) [1252119]
- [netdrv] qlcnic: Fix corruption while copying (Harish Patil) [1252119]
- [netdrv] net: qlcnic: Deletion of unnecessary memset (Harish Patil) [1252119]
- [netdrv] net: qlcnic: clean up sysfs error codes (Harish Patil) [1252119]
- [netdrv] qlcnic: codespell comment spelling fixes (Harish Patil) [1252119]
- [netdrv] qlcnic: Fix typo in printk messages (Harish Patil) [1252119]
- [netdrv] qlcnic: Fix trivial typo in comment (Harish Patil) [1252119]
- [netdrv] qlogic: Deletion of unnecessary checks before two function calls (Harish Patil) [1252119]
- [netdrv] qlcnic: Fix dump_skb output (Harish Patil) [1252119]
- [virt] kvm: x86: Dont report guest userspace emulation error to userspace (Bandan Das) [1163764] {CVE-2010-5313 CVE-2014-7842}
- [virt] kvm: inject #UD if instruction emulation fails and exit to userspace (Bandan Das) [1163764] {CVE-2010-5313 CVE-2014-7842}
- [netdrv] iwlwifi: Add new PCI IDs for the 8260 series (John Linville) [1286871 1308636]
- [netdrv] iwlwifi: pcie: fix (again) prepare card flow (John Linville) [1286871 1308636]
- [netdrv] nl80211: Fix potential memory leak from parse_acl_data (John Linville) [1286871 1308636]
- [netdrv] mac80211: fix divide by zero when NOA update (John Linville) [1286871 1308636]
- [netdrv] mac80211: allow null chandef in tracing (John Linville) [1286871 1308636]
- [netdrv] mac80211: fix driver RSSI event calculations (John Linville) [1286871 1308636]
- [netdrv] mac80211: Fix local deauth while associating (John Linville) [1286871 1308636]
- [fs] xfs: ensure WB_SYNC_ALL writeback handles partial pages correctly (Brian Foster) [747564]
- [fs] mm: introduce set_page_writeback_keepwrite() (Brian Foster) [747564]
- [fs] xfs: always log the inode on unwritten extent conversion (Zorro Lang) [1018465]
- [fs] vfs: fix data corruption when blocksize < pagesize for mmaped data (Lukas Czerner) [1205014]

- [infiniband] rdma/ocrdma: Bump up ocrdma version number to (Don Dutile) [1253021]
- [infiniband] rdma/ocrdma: Prevent CQ-Doorbell floods (Don Dutile) [1253021]
- [infiniband] rdma/ocrdma: Check resource ids received in Async CQE (Don Dutile) [1253021]
- [infiniband] rdma/ocrdma: Avoid a possible crash in ocrdma_rem_port_stats (Don Dutile) [1253021]
- [kernel] driver core : Fix use after free of dev->parent in device_shutdown (Tomas Henzl) [1303215]
- [kernel] driver core: fix shutdown races with probe/remove (Tomas Henzl) [1303215]
- [kernel] driver core: Protect device shutdown from hot unplug events (Tomas Henzl) [1303215]
- [netdrv] bnx2x: Add new device ids under the Qlogic vendor (Michal Schmidt) [1304252]
- [kernel] klist: fix starting point removed bug in klist iterators (Ewan Milne) [1190273]
- [md] raid1: extend spinlock to protect raid1_end_read_request against inconsistencies (Jes Sorensen) [1309154]
- [md] raid1: fix test for 'was read error from last working device' (Jes Sorensen) [1309154]
- [s390] cio: update measurement characteristics (Hendrik Brueckner) [1304257]
- [s390] cio: ensure consistent measurement state (Hendrik Brueckner) [1304257]
- [s390] cio: fix measurement characteristics memleak (Hendrik Brueckner) [1304257]
- [fs] pipe: fix offset and len mismatch on pipe_iov_copy_to_user failure (Seth Jennings) [1302223] {CVE-2016-0774}

- [kernel] isolcpus: Output warning when the 'isolcpus=' kernel parameter is invalid (Prarit Bhargava) [1304216]
- [mmc] Prevent 1.8V switch for SD hosts that dont support UHS modes (Petr Oros) [1307065]
- [mmc] sdhci-pci-o2micro: Fix Dell E5440 issue (Petr Oros) [1307065]
- [mmc] sdhci-pci-o2micro: Add SeaBird SeaEagle SD3 support (Petr Oros) [1307065]
- [watchdog] hung task debugging: Inject NMI when hung and going to panic (Don Zickus) [1305919]
- [watchdog] add sysctl knob hardlockup_panic (Don Zickus) [1305919]
- [watchdog] perform all-CPU backtrace in case of hard lockup (Don Zickus) [1305919]
- [drm] i915: Drop intel_update_sprite_watermarks (Lyude) [1306425]
- [drm] i915: Setup DDI clk for MST on SKLi (Lyude) [1306425]
- [drm] i915: Explicitly check for eDP in skl_ddi_pll_select (Lyude) [1306425]
- [drm] i915: Dont skip mst encoders in skl_ddi_pll_select (Lyude) [1306425]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Set relogin flag when we fail to queue login requests (Chad Dupuis) [1306033]
- [s390] kernel/syscalls: correct syscall number for __NR_setns (Hendrik Brueckner) [1219586]
- [edac] sb_edac: fix channel/csrow emulation on Broadwell (Aristeu Rozanski) [1301230]
- [usb] xhci: Workaround to get Intel xHCI reset working more reliably (Gopal Tiwari) [1146875]
- [fs] revert revert 'dlm: print kernel message when we get an error from kernel_sendpage' (Robert S Peterson) [1264492]
- [fs] revert '[fs] dlm: Replace nodeid_to_addr with kernel_getpeername' (Robert S Peterson) [1264492]
- [s390] sclp: Determine HSA size dynamically for zfcpdump (Hendrik Brueckner) [1303557]
- [s390] sclp: Move declarations for sclp_sdias into separate header file (Hendrik Brueckner) [1303557]
- [netdrv] mlx4_en: add missing tx_queue init in en_start_port (Don Dutile) [1304016]

- [s390] qeth: initialize net_device with carrier off (Hendrik Brueckner) [1198666]
- [netdrv] Add rtlwifi driver from linux 4.3 (Stanislaw Gruszka) [1245452 1263386 1289574 761525]

- [powerpc] pseries: Limit EPOW reset event warnings (Gustavo Duarte) [1300202]
- [perf] tools: Do not show trace command if its not compiled in (Jiri Olsa) [1212539]
- [perf] tools spec: Disable trace command on ppc arch (Jiri Olsa) [1212539]
- [netdrv] mlx4_en: Fix the blueflame in TX path (Kamal Heib) [1295872 1303661 1303863 1304272]
- [netdrv] mlx4_en: Fix HW timestamp init issue upon system startup (Kamal Heib) [1295872 1304272]
- [netdrv] mlx4_en: Remove dependency between timestamping capability and service_task (Kamal Heib) [1295872 1304272]
- [netdrv] mlx5_core: Fix trimming down IRQ number (Kamal Heib) [1304272]
- [x86] Mark Intel Broadwell-DE SoC supported (Steve Best) [1253856]
- [s390] zfcpdump: Fix collecting of registers (Hendrik Brueckner) [1303558]
- [s390] dasd: fix failfast for disconnected devices (Hendrik Brueckner) [1303559]
- [netdrv] bnxt_en: Fix crash in bnxt_free_tx_skbs() during tx timeout (John Linville) [1303703]
- [netdrv] bnxt_en: Exclude rx_drop_pkts hw counter from the stacks rx_dropped counter (John Linville) [1303703]
- [netdrv] bnxt_en: Ring free response from close path should use completion ring (John Linville) [1303703]
- [block] Fix q_suspended logic error for io submission (David Milburn) [1227342]
- [block] nvme: No lock while DMA mapping data (David Milburn) [1227342]

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