ELSA-2018-0093 - microcode_ctl security update

Release Date:2018-01-17


- Enable early microcode load to allow updating Broadwell model 79
- Make sure 'modprobe microcode' is not executed on Broadwell model 79
- Run dracut upon microcode update
- Add updated Intel 20180108 microcode for CPUIDs: {CVE-2017-5715}
306c3 (06-3c-03 rev 0x23, Haswell);
306d4 (06-3d-04 rev 0x28, Broadwell);
306f2 (06-3f-02 rev 0x3b, Haswell);
306f4 (06-3f-04 rev 0x10, Haswell);
306e4 (06-3e-04 rev 0x42a, Ivy Bridge);
40651 (06-45-01 rev 0x21, Haswell);
40661 (06-46-01 rev 0x18, Haswell);
40671 (06-47-01 rev 0x1b, Broadwell);
406e3 (06-4e-03 rev 0xc2, Skylake);
406f1 (06-4f-01 rev 0xb000025, Broadwell);
50654 (06-55-04 rev 0x200003c, Skylake);
50662 (06-56-02 rev 0x14, Broadwell);
50663 (06-56-03 rev 0x7000011, Broadwell);
506e3 (06-5e-03 rev 0xc2, Skylake);
706a1 (06-7a-01 rev 0x22);
806e9 (06-8e-09 rev 0x80, Kaby Lake);
806ea (06-8e-0a rev 0x80);
906e9 (06-9e-09 rev 0x80, Kaby Lake)
906ea (06-9e-0a rev 0x80);
906eb (06-9e-0b rev 0x80)

- Use right upstream source for revert
- Resolves: #1533978

- Revert Microcode from Intel and AMD for Side Channel attack
- Resolves: #1533978

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