ELSA-2020-1797 - binutils security and bug fix update

Release Date:2020-05-05


- Forward-port of Oracle patches from 2.30-68.0.2.
- Reviewed-by: Elena Zannoni

- Backport the non-cycle-detecting-capable deduplicating CTF linker
- Backport a fix for an upstream hashtab crash (no upstream bug number),
triggered by the above.
- Fix deduplication of ambiguously-named types in CTF.
- CTF types without names are not ambiguously-named.
- Stop the CTF_LINK_EMPTY_CU_MAPPINGS flag crashing.
- Only emit ambiguous types as hidden if they are named and there is already
a type with that name.
- Make sure completely empty dicts get their header written out properly
- Do not fail if adding anonymous struct/union members to structs/unions that
already contain other anonymous members at a different offset
- Correctly look up pointers to non-root-visible structures
- Emit error messages in dumping into the dump stream
- Do not abort early on dump-time errors
- Elide likely duplicates (same name, same kind) within a single TU (cross-
TU duplicate/ambiguous-type detection works as before).
- Fix linking of the CTF variable section
- Fix spurious conflicts of variables (also affects the nondeduplicating linker)
- Defend against CUs without names
- When linking only a single input file, set the output CTF CU name to the
name of the input
- Support cv-qualified bitfields
- Fix off-by-one error in SHA-1 sizing

- Remove bogus assertion. (#1801879)

- Allow the BFD library to handle the copying of files containing secondary reloc sections. (#1801879)

- Ensure 8-byte alignment for AArch64 stubs.
- Add CTF support to OL8: CTF machinery, including libctf.so and
libctf-nonbfd.so. The linker does not yet deduplicate the CTF type section.
- Backport of fix for upstream bug 23919, required by above
- [Orabug: 30102938] [Orabug: 30102941]

- Fix a potential seg-fault in the BFD library when parsing pathalogical debug_info sections. (#1779245)
- Fix a potential memory exhaustion in the BFD library when parsing corrupt DWARF debug information.

- Re-enable strip merging build notes. (#1777760)

- Fix linker testsuite failures triggered by annobin update.

- Backport H.J.Lus patch to add a workaround for the JCC Errata to the assembler. (#1777002)

- Fix a buffer overrun in the note merging code. (#1774507)

- Fix a seg-fault in gold when linking corrupt input files. (#1739254)

- NVR bump to allow rebuild with reverted version of glibc in the buildroot.

- Stop note merging with no effect from creating null filled note sections.

- Stop objcopy from generating a exit failure status when merging corrupt notes.

- Fix binutils testsuite failure introduced by -60 patch. (#1767711)

- Enable threading in the GOLD linker. (#1729225)
- Add check to readelf in order to prevent an integer overflow.

- Add support for SVE Vector PCS on AArch64. (#1726637)
- Add fixes for coverity test failures.
- Improve objcopys ability to merge GNU build attribute notes.

- Stop the linker from merging groups with different settings of the SHF_EXCLUDE flag. (#1730906)

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Updated Packages

Release/ArchitectureFilenameMD5sumSuperseded By Advisory
Oracle Linux 8 (aarch64) binutils-2.30-73.0.1.el8.src.rpm36548423a42780a8de4a83eab6567b5f-
Oracle Linux 8 (x86_64) binutils-2.30-73.0.1.el8.src.rpm36548423a42780a8de4a83eab6567b5f-

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