ELSA-2020-5508 - Unbreakable Enterprise kernel security update

Release Date:2020-01-09


- ixgbe: protect TX timestamping from API misuse (Manjunath Patil) [Orabug: 30275491]
- block: init flush rq ref count to 1 (Josef Bacik) [Orabug: 30360559]
- block: fix null pointer dereference in blk_mq_rq_timed_out() (Yufen Yu) [Orabug: 30360559]
- blk-mq: Remove generation seqeunce (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 30360559]
- scsi: libsas: delete sas port if expander discover failed (Jason Yan) [Orabug: 30580687] {CVE-2019-15807}
- scsi: qla2xxx: fix a potential NULL pointer dereference (Allen Pais) [Orabug: 30618784] {CVE-2019-16233}
- printk: Default console logging level should be set to 4 (Boris Ostrovsky) [Orabug: 30657070]

- scsi: lpfc: Remove lpfc_enable_pbde as module parameter (James Smart) [Orabug: 30569875]
- scsi: lpfc: Make PBDE optimizations configurable (James Smart) [Orabug: 30569875]
- scsi: lpfc: Update driver version to and Copyright updates (Ketan Mukadam) [Orabug: 30569875]
- scsi: lpfc: Fix ELS abort on SLI-3 adapters (James Smart) [Orabug: 30569875]
- scsi: lpfc: Correct race with abort on completion path (James Smart) [Orabug: 30569875]
- scsi: lpfc: update manufacturer attribute to reflect Broadcom (James Smart) [Orabug: 30569875] [Orabug: 29212758]
- scsi: lpfc: Enable Management features for IF_TYPE=6 (James Smart) [Orabug: 30569875] [Orabug: 29212758]
- scsi: lpfc: Correct topology type reporting on G7 adapters (James Smart) [Orabug: 30569875] [Orabug: 29212758]
- scsi: lpfc: Correct invalid EQ doorbell write on if_type=6 (James Smart) [Orabug: 30569875]
- scsi: lpfc: Fix driver not setting dpp bits correctly in doorbell word (James Smart) [Orabug: 30569875]
- scsi: lpfc: Enhance log messages when reporting CQE errors (James Smart) [Orabug: 30569875]
- scsi: lpfc: Fix frequency of Release WQE CQEs (James Smart) [Orabug: 30569875]
- scsi: lpfc: Code cleanup for 128byte wqe data type (James Smart) [Orabug: 30569875]
- scsi: lpfc: use __raw_writeX on DPP copies (James Smart) [Orabug: 30569875]
- scsi: lpfc: Add embedded data pointers for enhanced performance (James Smart) [Orabug: 30569875]
- scsi: lpfc: Enable fw download on if_type=6 devices (James Smart) [Orabug: 30569875]
- scsi: lpfc: Add if_type=6 support for cycling valid bits (James Smart) [Orabug: 30569875]
- scsi: lpfc: Add 64G link speed support (James Smart) [Orabug: 30569875]
- scsi: lpfc: Add PCI Ids for if_type=6 hardware (James Smart) [Orabug: 30569875]
- scsi: lpfc: Add push-to-adapter support to sli4 (James Smart) [Orabug: 30569875]
- scsi: lpfc: Add SLI-4 if_type=6 support to the code base (James Smart) [Orabug: 30569875]
- scsi: lpfc: Rework sli4 doorbell infrastructure (James Smart) [Orabug: 30569875]
- scsi: lpfc: Rework lpfc to allow different sli4 cq and eq handlers (James Smart) [Orabug: 30569875]
- x86/bugs: use check_bugs instead of microcode_late_select_mitigation (Mihai Carabas) [Orabug: 30332499]
- x86/bugs: spec_ctrl_mutex taken in stop_machine context (Mihai Carabas) [Orabug: 30332499]
- x86/microcode: moved cpu feature late eval to stop_machine (Mihai Carabas) [Orabug: 30332499]
- x86/cpu: Re-apply forced caps every time CPU caps are re-read (Andy Lutomirski) [Orabug: 30332499]
- x86/microcode/intel: Check microcode revision before updating sibling threads (Ashok Raj) [Orabug: 30332499]
- tracing: Fix possible double free on failure of allocating trace buffer (Steven Rostedt (VMware)) [Orabug: 30633873] {CVE-2017-18595}

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Updated Packages

Release/ArchitectureFilenameMD5sumSuperseded By Advisory
Oracle Linux 6 (x86_64) kernel-uek-4.1.12-124.35.1.el6uek.src.rpm2e951545a71a2dd524451e89f0fe4400ELSA-2021-9215
Oracle Linux 7 (x86_64) kernel-uek-4.1.12-124.35.1.el7uek.src.rpm25ef8825ecc63c797d62e435a5f93766ELSA-2021-9220

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