ELSA-2021-9150 - openssl security update

Release Date:2021-04-01


- Backport fixes for CVE-2020-1971 [Orabug: 32654738]

- Oracle bug 28730228: backport CVE-2018-0732
- Oracle bug 28758493: backport CVE-2018-0737
- Merge upstream patch to fix CVE-2018-0739
- Avoid out-of-bounds read. Fixes CVE 2017-3735. By Rich Salz
- sha256 is used for the RSA pairwise consistency test instead of sha1

- fix CVE-2019-1559 - 0-byte record padding oracle

- fix CVE-2017-3731 - DoS via truncated packets with RC4-MD5 cipher

- fix CVE-2016-8610 - DoS of single-threaded servers via excessive alerts

- fix handling of ciphersuites present after the FALLBACK_SCSV
ciphersuite entry (#1386350)

- add README.legacy-settings

- deprecate and disable verification of insecure hash algorithms
- disallow DH keys with less than 1024 bits in TLS client
- remove support for weak and export ciphersuites
- use correct digest when exporting keying material in TLS1.2 (#1376741)

- fix CVE-2016-2177 - possible integer overflow
- fix CVE-2016-2178 - non-constant time DSA operations
- fix CVE-2016-2179 - further DoS issues in DTLS
- fix CVE-2016-2180 - OOB read in TS_OBJ_print_bio()
- fix CVE-2016-2181 - DTLS1 replay protection and unprocessed records issue
- fix CVE-2016-2182 - possible buffer overflow in BN_bn2dec()
- fix CVE-2016-6302 - insufficient TLS session ticket HMAC length check
- fix CVE-2016-6304 - unbound memory growth with OCSP status request
- fix CVE-2016-6306 - certificate message OOB reads
- mitigate CVE-2016-2183 - degrade all 64bit block ciphers and RC4 to
112 bit effective strength
- replace expired testing certificates

- fix CVE-2016-2105 - possible overflow in base64 encoding
- fix CVE-2016-2106 - possible overflow in EVP_EncryptUpdate()
- fix CVE-2016-2107 - padding oracle in stitched AES-NI CBC-MAC
- fix CVE-2016-2108 - memory corruption in ASN.1 encoder
- fix CVE-2016-2109 - possible DoS when reading ASN.1 data from BIO
- fix CVE-2016-0799 - memory issues in BIO_printf

- fix CVE-2016-0702 - side channel attack on modular exponentiation
- fix CVE-2016-0705 - double-free in DSA private key parsing
- fix CVE-2016-0797 - heap corruption in BN_hex2bn and BN_dec2bn

- fix CVE-2015-3197 - SSLv2 ciphersuite enforcement
- disable SSLv2 in the generic TLS method

- fix 1-byte memory leak in pkcs12 parse (#1229871)
- document some options of the speed command (#1197095)

- fix high-precision timestamps in timestamping authority

- fix CVE-2015-7575 - disallow use of MD5 in TLS1.2

- fix CVE-2015-3194 - certificate verify crash with missing PSS parameter
- fix CVE-2015-3195 - X509_ATTRIBUTE memory leak
- fix CVE-2015-3196 - race condition when handling PSK identity hint

- fix regression caused by mistake in fix for CVE-2015-1791

- improved fix for CVE-2015-1791
- add missing parts of CVE-2015-0209 fix for corectness although unexploitable

- fix CVE-2014-8176 - invalid free in DTLS buffering code
- fix CVE-2015-1789 - out-of-bounds read in X509_cmp_time
- fix CVE-2015-1790 - PKCS7 crash with missing EncryptedContent
- fix CVE-2015-1791 - race condition handling NewSessionTicket
- fix CVE-2015-1792 - CMS verify infinite loop with unknown hash function

- fix CVE-2015-3216 - regression in RAND locking that can cause segfaults on
read in multithreaded applications

- fix CVE-2015-4000 - prevent the logjam attack on client - restrict
the DH key size to at least 768 bits (limit will be increased in future)

- drop the AES-GCM restriction of 2^32 operations because the IV is
always 96 bits (32 bit fixed field + 64 bit invocation field)

- update fix for CVE-2015-0287 to what was released upstream

- fix CVE-2015-0209 - potential use after free in d2i_ECPrivateKey()
- fix CVE-2015-0286 - improper handling of ASN.1 boolean comparison
- fix CVE-2015-0287 - ASN.1 structure reuse decoding memory corruption
- fix CVE-2015-0288 - X509_to_X509_REQ NULL pointer dereference
- fix CVE-2015-0289 - NULL dereference decoding invalid PKCS#7 data
- fix CVE-2015-0292 - integer underflow in base64 decoder
- fix CVE-2015-0293 - triggerable assert in SSLv2 server

- copy digest algorithm when handling SNI context switch
- improve documentation of ciphersuites - patch by Hubert Kario
- add support for setting Kerberos service and keytab in
s_server and s_client

- fix CVE-2014-3570 - incorrect computation in BN_sqr()
- fix CVE-2014-3571 - possible crash in dtls1_get_record()
- fix CVE-2014-3572 - possible downgrade of ECDH ciphersuite to non-PFS state
- fix CVE-2014-8275 - various certificate fingerprint issues
- fix CVE-2015-0204 - remove support for RSA ephemeral keys for non-export
ciphersuites and on server
- fix CVE-2015-0205 - do not allow unauthenticated client DH certificate
- fix CVE-2015-0206 - possible memory leak when buffering DTLS records

- use FIPS approved method for computation of d in RSA

- fix CVE-2014-3567 - memory leak when handling session tickets
- fix CVE-2014-3513 - memory leak in srtp support
- add support for fallback SCSV to partially mitigate CVE-2014-3566
(padding attack on SSL3)

- add ECC TLS extensions to DTLS (#1119800)

- fix CVE-2014-3505 - doublefree in DTLS packet processing
- fix CVE-2014-3506 - avoid memory exhaustion in DTLS
- fix CVE-2014-3507 - avoid memory leak in DTLS
- fix CVE-2014-3508 - fix OID handling to avoid information leak
- fix CVE-2014-3509 - fix race condition when parsing server hello
- fix CVE-2014-3510 - fix DoS in anonymous (EC)DH handling in DTLS
- fix CVE-2014-3511 - disallow protocol downgrade via fragmentation

- fix CVE-2014-0224 fix that broke EAP-FAST session resumption support

- drop EXPORT, RC2, and DES from the default cipher list (#1057520)
- print ephemeral key size negotiated in TLS handshake (#1057715)
- do not include ECC ciphersuites in SSLv2 client hello (#1090952)
- properly detect encryption failure in BIO (#1100819)
- fail on hmac integrity check if the .hmac file is empty (#1105567)
- FIPS mode: make the limitations on DSA, DH, and RSA keygen
length enforced only if OPENSSL_ENFORCE_MODULUS_BITS environment
variable is set

- fix CVE-2010-5298 - possible use of memory after free
- fix CVE-2014-0195 - buffer overflow via invalid DTLS fragment
- fix CVE-2014-0198 - possible NULL pointer dereference
- fix CVE-2014-0221 - DoS from invalid DTLS handshake packet
- fix CVE-2014-0224 - SSL/TLS MITM vulnerability
- fix CVE-2014-3470 - client-side DoS when using anonymous ECDH

- add back support for secp521r1 EC curve

- fix CVE-2014-0160 - information disclosure in TLS heartbeat extension

- use 2048 bit RSA key in FIPS selftests

- add DH_compute_key_padded needed for FIPS CAVS testing
- make 3des strength to be 128 bits instead of 168 (#1056616)
- FIPS mode: do not generate DSA keys and DH parameters < 2048 bits
- FIPS mode: use approved RSA keygen (allows only 2048 and 3072 bit keys)
- FIPS mode: add DH selftest
- FIPS mode: reseed DRBG properly on RAND_add()
- FIPS mode: add RSA encrypt/decrypt selftest
- FIPS mode: add hard limit for 2^32 GCM block encryptions with the same key
- use the key length from configuration file if req -newkey rsa is invoked

- fix CVE-2013-4353 - Invalid TLS handshake crash

- fix CVE-2013-6450 - possible MiTM attack on DTLS1

- fix CVE-2013-6449 - crash when version in SSL structure is incorrect

- add back some no-op symbols that were inadvertently dropped

- do not advertise ECC curves we do not support
- fix CPU identification on Cyrix CPUs

- make DTLS1 work in FIPS mode
- avoid RSA and DSA 512 bits and Whirlpool in 'openssl speed' in FIPS mode

- installation of dracut-fips marks that the FIPS module is installed

- avoid dlopening libssl.so from libcrypto

- fix small memory leak in FIPS aes selftest
- fix segfault in openssl speed hmac in the FIPS mode

- document the nextprotoneg option in manual pages
original patch by Hubert Kario

- always perform the FIPS selftests in library constructor
if FIPS module is installed

- fix use of rdrand if available
- more commits cherry picked from upstream
- documentation fixes

- additional manual page fix
- use symbol versioning also for the textual version

- additional manual page fixes
- cleanup speed command output for ECDH ECDSA

- use _prefix macro

- add relro linking flag

- add support for the -trusted_first option for certificate chain verification

- rebase to the 1.0.1e upstream version

- fix for CVE-2013-0169 - SSL/TLS CBC timing attack (#907589)
- fix for CVE-2013-0166 - DoS in OCSP signatures checking (#908052)
- enable compression only if explicitly asked for or OPENSSL_DEFAULT_ZLIB
environment variable is set (fixes CVE-2012-4929 #857051)
- use __secure_getenv() everywhere instead of getenv() (#839735)

- fix sslrand(1) and sslpasswd(1) reference in openssl(1) manpage (#841645)
- drop superfluous lib64 fixup in pkgconfig .pc files (#770872)
- force BIO_accept_new(*:) to listen on IPv4

- use PKCS#8 when writing private keys in FIPS mode as the old
PEM encryption mode is not FIPS compatible (#812348)

- fix for CVE-2012-2333 - improper checking for record length in DTLS (#820686)
- properly initialize tkeylen in the CVE-2012-0884 fix

- fix for CVE-2012-2110 - memory corruption in asn1_d2i_read_bio() (#814185)

- fix problem with the SGC restart patch that might terminate handshake
- fix for CVE-2012-0884 - MMA weakness in CMS and PKCS#7 code (#802725)
- fix for CVE-2012-1165 - NULL read dereference on bad MIME headers (#802489)

- fix incorrect encryption of unaligned chunks in CFB, OFB and CTR modes

- fix for CVE-2011-4108 & CVE-2012-0050 - DTLS plaintext recovery
vulnerability and additional DTLS fixes (#771770)
- fix for CVE-2011-4576 - uninitialized SSL 3.0 padding (#771775)
- fix for CVE-2011-4577 - possible DoS through malformed RFC 3779 data (#771778)
- fix for CVE-2011-4619 - SGC restart DoS attack (#771780)

- fix x86cpuid.pl - patch by Paolo Bonzini

- add known answer test for SHA2 algorithms

- fix missing initialization of a variable in the CHIL engine (#740188)

- initialize the X509_STORE_CTX properly for CRL lookups - CVE-2011-3207

- merge the optimizations for AES-NI, SHA1, and RC4 from the intelx
engine to the internal implementations

- better documentation of the available digests in apps (#693858)
- backported CHIL engine fixes (#693863)
- allow testing build without downstream patches (#708511)
- enable partial RELRO when linking (#723994)
- add intelx engine with improved performance on new Intel CPUs
- add OPENSSL_DISABLE_AES_NI environment variable which disables
the AES-NI support (does not affect the intelx engine)

- use the AES-NI engine in the FIPS mode

- add API necessary for CAVS testing of the new DSA parameter generation

- fix OCSP stapling vulnerability - CVE-2011-0014 (#676063)
- correct the README.FIPS document

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