ELSA-2022-7968 - virt-v2v security, bug fix, and enhancement update

Release Date:2022-11-22


- Replaced bugzilla.oracle.com references [Orabug: 34202300]
- replaced upstream references [Orabug:34089586]

- Install qemu-ga package during conversion
resolves: rhbz#2028764

- Remove LVM2 devices file during conversion
resolves: rhbz#2112801
- Add support for Zstandard compressed kernel modules
resolves: rhbz#2116811

- Remove legacy crypto advice and replace with targeted mechanism
resolves: rhbz#2062360

- relax qemu64 VCPU feature checking in the libvirt output
resolves rhbz#2107503

- Rebase to stable branch version 2.0.7
resolves: rhbz#2059287, rhbz#1658126, rhbz#1788823, rhbz#1854275
- Fix openssh-clients dependency
resolves: rhbz#2064178
- Fix security issue when running virt-v2v as root
resolves: rhbz#2066773
- Remove -o json mode
resolves: rhbz#2074026
- Allow conversion of guests with NVMe drives from VMX files
resolves: rhbz#2070530
- Cleanly reject guests with snapshots when using -it ssh
resolves: rhbz#1774386
- Document that vmx+ssh -ip auth doesnt cover ssh / scp shell commands
resolves: rhbz#1854275
- Fix conversion if swap partition isnt encrypted with root directory
resolves: rhbz#1658128
- Document permissions when importing OVA using RHV UI
resolves: rhbz#2039597
- Multiple fixes for -o qemu mode
resolves: rhbz#2074805
- Work around blocking bug in OpenStack
resolves: rhbz#2074801
- If multiple open-vm-tools packages are installed, remove all (2076436)
- For -o rhv-upload wait for VM creation task
resolves: rhbz#1985830
- For -i vmx add full support for SATA hard disks
resolves: rhbz#1883802
- Fix booting of RHEL 9.1 guests after conversion
resolves: rhbz#2076013
- Fix -o qemu warning
resolves: rhbz#2082603
- If listing RPM applications fails, rebuild DB and retry (2089623)
- Document -i vmx -it ssh percent encoding in ssh URIs
resolves: rhbz#1938954
- Document extra permissions needed for VMware 7 (1817050)
- Remove osprober devices left around by grub2
resolves: rhbz#2003503
- Add Requires python3 / platform-python
resolves: rhbz#2094779
- Fix CVE-2022-2211 Denial of Service in --key parameter
resolves: rhbz#2102719
- Add -oo compressed support
resolves: rhbz#2047660
- Limit the maximum of disks per guest
resolves: rhbz#2051564
- Add support for LUKS encrypted guests using Clevis & Tang
resolves: rhbz#1809453
- Fix remapping of nvme devices in /boot/grub2/device.map
resolves: rhbz#2101665
- Improve documentation of vmx+ssh and -ip option
resolves: rhbz#1854275
- Fix race condition when unmounting in -o rhv mode (1953286#c26)

- Rebase to upstream 1.45.99.
- Add check for sufficient free space in the host
resolves: rhbz#2051394
- Update documentation of -ip for conversions from VMware over HTTPS
related: rhbz#1960087
- -o rhv-upload: Keep connections alive
resolves: rhbz#2032324
- -o rhv-upload: Improve conversion performance
resolves: rhbz#2039255
- -o rhv-upload: Replace -oo rhv-direct with -oo rhv-proxy
resolves: rhbz#2033096
- Fix log line wrapping making log parsing difficult (1820221)

- v2v import from vCenter fails when using interactive password because
cookie-script tries to be interactive
(pick commit 8abc07a8589a)
resolves: rhbz#1960087
- model=virtio-transitional is wrongly added when converting windows
guest to local by rhel9 v2v
(pick commit range commit range 8abc07a8589a..cacedec64072)
resolves: rhbz#2043333

- Rebase to upstream 1.45.97.
resolves: rhbz#2011713
- Add virtio-transitional for older guests when converting to q35
resolves: rhbz#1942325
- Fix -o rhv mode
resolves: rhbz#2027598
- input: xen: Fix assertion error when importing from remote block device
resolves: rhbz#2041852
- output: -o json: Allow -oo (output options) to work
resolves: rhbz#2041850
- Fix virt-v2v hang when given incorrect vpx:// URL
resolves: rhbz#2041886
- Fix hang when converting with virt-p2v
resolves: rhbz#2044911
- Send nbdinfo debugging information to stderr
resolves: rhbz#2044922
- Explicitly require platform-python
resolves: rhbz#2046178

- output_rhv: restrict block status collection to the old RHV output
- Rebase from upstream commit 702a511b7f33 to direct child commit 07b12fe99fb9
resolves: rhbz#2034240

- Rebase to upstream 1.45.95.
- Change video type to VGA (instead of QXL).
- Remove --in-place support properly.
- Remove -o glance support properly.
- Fix quoting with openssh >= 8.7 (RHEL) / 8.8
- Fix q35 error IDE controllers are unsupported
- Add virt-v2v and libvirt version in debug output
- Fix -o rhv output mode showing no guests listed
resolves: rhbz#2011713, rhbz#1961107, rhbz#2027673,
rhbz#1637857, rhbz#2032112, rhbz#2027598

- Fix conversion of Windows BitLocker guests
resolves: rhbz#1994984

- Rebuilt for IMA sigs, glibc 2.34, aarch64 flags
Related: rhbz#1991688

- New upstream development version 1.45.3.
- Rebase RHEL patches.
resolves: rhbz#1950634

- New upstream development version 1.45.2.
- Remove --debug-overlays and --print-estimate options.
- Remove -o glance option on RHEL 9 (RHBZ#1977539).
- Remove support for RHEV-APT (RHBZ#1945549).

- New upstream development version 1.45.1.
- Require virtio-win on RHEL (RHBZ#1972644).
- v2v-test-harness, virt-v2v-copy-to-local have been removed upstream.

- nbdkit-vddk-plugin dep only exists on x86-64.

- Rebuild in RHEL 9 against libguestfs 1.45.5
resolves: rhbz#1959042

- New upstream stable branch version 1.44.0.

- New upstream version 1.43.5.

- Add upstream patch to depend on xorriso.
- Change libguestfs-tools-c -> guestfs-tools.

- Add downstream (RHEL-only) patches (RHBZ#1931724).

- Bump and rebuild for ocaml-gettext update.

- New upstream version 1.43.4.

- OCaml 4.12.0 build

- Add fix for OCaml 4.12.

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_34_Mass_Rebuild

- New upstream version 1.43.3.

- Drop obsolete virt-v2v-copy-to-local tool for Fedora 34 and RHEL 9.

- Unify Fedora and RHEL spec files.

- New upstream version 1.43.2.

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