ELSA-2024-2463 - systemd security update

Release Date:2024-05-03


- Due to a new [Orabug: 36564551] filed on April 29 2024, reverting from back to
- previous Tony Lam patch [Orabug: 25897792] until issue with [Orabug: 36564551] is resolved.
- Re-Added 1001-Fix-missing-netdev-for-iscsi-entry-in-fstab.patch [Orabug: 25897792]
- Removed the following, associated with [Orabug: 36269319]:
- 1A) Remove 1001-systemd-fstab-generator-reload-targets.patch
- 1B) Remove Fix local-fs and remote-fs targets during system boot [Orabug: 36269319]
- 1C) Remove 'systemd-fstab-generator-reload-targets.service' file [Orabug: 36269319]
- 1D) Remove required rpms for correct kickstart/systemd functionality within systemd.spec [Orabug: 36269319]
- 1E) Remove Important: Review 1001-systemd-fstab-generator-reload-targets.patch for important build details/steps [Orabug: 36269319]

- Backport upstream pstore dmesg fix [Orabug: 34868110]
- Remove upstream references [Orabug: 33995357]
- Disable unprivileged BPF by default [Orabug: 32870980]
- udev rules: fix memory hot add and remove [Orabug: 31310273]
- set 'RemoveIPC=no' in logind.conf as default for OL7.2 [Orabug: 22224874]
- allow dm remove ioctl to co-operate with UEK3 [Orabug: 18467469]
- shutdown: get only active md arrays. [Orabug: 34467234]
- Wait for an extra configurable time before udevd kills a worker [Orabug: 36017407]
- Removed unneeded patches from the systemd.spec
- 1001-Fix-missing-netdev-for-iscsi-entry-in-fstab.patch [Orabug: 25897792]
- 1004-orabug34272490-0001-core-device-ignore-DEVICE_FOUND_UDEV-bit-on-switchin.patch [Orabug: 34272490]
- 1005-orabug34272490-0002-core-device-drop-unnecessary-condition.patch [Orabug: 34272490]
- 1007-orabug34868110-pstore-fixes-for-dmesg.txt-reconstruction.patch [Orabug: 34868110]

- rebase rhel-net-naming-sysattrs to v0.5

- bootctl: rework random seed logic to use open_mkdir_at() and openat() (RHEL-16952)
- bootctl: properly sync fs before/after moving random seed file into place (RHEL-16952)
- bootctl: when updating EFI random seed file, hash old seed with new one (RHEL-16952)
- sha256: add helper than hashes a buffer *and* its size (RHEL-16952)
- random-seed: don't refresh EFI random seed from random-seed.c anymore (RHEL-16952)
- bootctl: downgrade graceful messages to LOG_NOTICE (RHEL-16952)
- units: rename/rework systemd-boot-system-token.service -> systemd-boot-random-seed.service (RHEL-16952)
- bootctl: split out setting of system token into function of its own (RHEL-16952)

- resolved: limit the number of signature validations in a transaction (RHEL-26643)
- resolved: reduce the maximum nsec3 iterations to 100 (RHEL-26643)
- efi: alignment of the PE file has to be at least 512 bytes (RHEL-26133)
- units: change assert to condition to skip running in initrd/os (RHEL-16182)
- ci: add configuration for regression sniffer GA (RHEL-1086)

- units: fix typo in Condition in systemd-boot-system-token (RHEL-16952)

- random-seed: shorten a bit may_credit() (RHEL-16952)
- random-seed: make one more use of random_write_entropy() (RHEL-16952)
- random-seed: use getopt() (RHEL-16952)
- random-seed: make the logic to calculate the number of bytes read from the random seed file clearer (RHEL-16952)
- random-seed: no need to pass 'mode' argument when opening /dev/urandom (RHEL-16952)
- random-seed: split out run() (RHEL-16952)
- random_seed: minor improvement in run() (RHEL-16952)
- random-seed: downgrade some messages (RHEL-16952)
- random-seed: clarify one comment (RHEL-16952)
- random-seed: make sure to load machine id even if the seed file is missing (RHEL-16952)
- chase-symlinks: add new flag for prohibiting any following of symlinks (RHEL-16952)
- bootctl,bootspec: make use of CHASE_PROHIBIT_SYMLINKS whenever we access the ESP/XBOOTLDR (RHEL-16952)
- boot: implement kernel EFI RNG seed protocol with proper hashing (RHEL-16952)
- random-seed: refresh EFI boot seed when writing a new seed (RHEL-16952)
- random-seed: handle post-merge review nits (RHEL-16952)
- boot: do not truncate random seed file (RHEL-16952)
- bootctl: install system token on virtualized systems (RHEL-16952)
- boot: remove random-seed-mode (RHEL-16952)
- stub: handle random seed like sd-boot does (RHEL-16952)
- efi: add efi_guid_equal() helper (RHEL-16952)
- efi: add common implementation for loop finding EFI configuration tables (RHEL-16952)
- boot: Detect hypervisors using SMBIOS info (RHEL-16952)
- boot: Skip soft-brick warning when in a VM (RHEL-16952)
- boot: Replace UINTN with size_t (RHEL-16952)
- boot: Use unsigned for beep counting (RHEL-16952)
- boot: Use unicode literals (RHEL-16952)
- macro: add generic IS_ALIGNED32() anf friends (RHEL-16952)
- meson: use 0|1 for SD_BOOT (RHEL-16952)
- boot: Add printf functions (RHEL-16952)
- boot: Use printf for error logging (RHEL-16952)
- boot: Introduce log_wait (RHEL-16952)
- boot: Add log_trace debugging helper (RHEL-16952)
- tree-wide: Use __func__ in asserts (RHEL-16952)
- boot: Drop use of xpool_print/SPrint (RHEL-16952)
- boot: Drop use of Print (RHEL-16952)
- boot: Rework GUID handling (RHEL-16952)
- efi-string: Fix strchr() null byte handling (RHEL-16952)
- efi-string: Add startswith8() (RHEL-16952)
- efi-string: Add efi_memchr() (RHEL-16952)
- vmm: Add more const (RHEL-16952)
- vmm: Add smbios_find_oem_string() (RHEL-16952)
- stub: Read extra kernel command line items from SMBIOS (RHEL-16952)
- vmm: Modernize get_smbios_table() (RHEL-16952)
- stub: measure SMBIOS kernel-cmdline-extra in PCR12 (RHEL-16952)
- efi: support passing empty cmdline to mangle_stub_cmdline() (RHEL-16952)
- efi: set EFIVAR to stop Shim from uninstalling its protocol (RHEL-16952)
- ukify: use empty stub for addons (RHEL-16952)
- stub: allow loading and verifying cmdline addons (RHEL-16952)
- TODO: remove fixed item (RHEL-16952)
- fix: do not check/verify slice units if recursive errors are to be ignored (RHEL-1086)

- test: merge TEST-20-MAINPIDGAMES into TEST-07-PID1 (fixup) (RHEL-1086)
- test: use the default nsec3-iterations value (RHEL-1086)
- test: explicitly set nsec3-iterations to 0 (RHEL-1086)
- core: mount namespaces: Remove auxiliary bind mounts directory after unit termination (RHEL-19483)
- ci: deploy systemd man to GitHub Pages (RHEL-1086)
- doc: add missing to systemd.net-naming-scheme.xml (RHEL-7026)
- man: reorder the list of supported naming schemes (RHEL-7026)
- tree-wide: fix return value handling of base64mem() (RHEL-16182)
- Consolidate various TAKE_* into TAKE_GENERIC(), add TAKE_STRUCT() (RHEL-16182)
- pcrphase: add env var for overriding stub check (RHEL-16182)
- pcrphase: gracefully exit if TPM2 support is incomplete (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2-util: split out code that derives 'good' TPM2 banks into an strv from pcrphase and generalize it in tpm2-util.c (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2-util: split out code that extends a PCR from pcrphase (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2-util: optionally do HMAC in tpm2_extend_bytes() in case we process sensitive data (RHEL-16182)
- cryptsetup: add tpm2-measure-pcr= and tpm2-measure-bank= crypttab options (RHEL-16182)
- man: document the new crypttab measurement options (RHEL-16182)
- gpt-auto-generator: automatically measure root/var volume keys into PCR 15 (RHEL-16182)
- blkid-util: define enum for blkid_do_safeprobe() return values (RHEL-16182)
- pcrphase: make tool more generic, reuse for measuring machine id/fs uuids (RHEL-16182)
- units: measure /etc/machine-id into PCR 15 during early boot (RHEL-16182)
- generators: optionally, measure file systems at boot (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add common helper for checking if we are running on UKI with TPM measurements (RHEL-16182)
- man: document new machine-id/fs measurement options (RHEL-16182)
- test: add simple integration test for checking PCR extension works as it should (RHEL-16182)
- update TODO (RHEL-16182)
- cryptsetup: retry TPM2 unseal operation if it fails with TPM2_RC_PCR_CHANGED (RHEL-16182)
- boot: Simplify object erasure (RHEL-16182)
- tree-wide: use CLEANUP_ERASE() at various places (RHEL-16182)
- dlfcn: add new safe_dclose() helper (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: rename tpm2 alg id<->string functions (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: rename struct tpm2_context to Tpm2Context (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: use ref counter for Tpm2Context (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: use Tpm2Context* instead of ESYS_CONTEXT* (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add Tpm2Handle with automatic cleanup (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: simplify tpm2_seal() blob creation (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add salt to pin (RHEL-16182)
- basic/macro: add macro to iterate variadic args (RHEL-16182)
- test/test-macro: add tests for FOREACH_VA_ARGS() (RHEL-16182)
- basic/bitfield: add bitfield operations (RHEL-16182)
- test/test-bitfield: add tests for bitfield macros (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add tpm2_get_policy_digest() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add TPM2_PCR_VALID() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add/rename functions to manage pcr selections (RHEL-16182)
- test/test-tpm2: add tests for pcr selection functions (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add tpm2_pcr_read() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: move openssl-required ifdef code out of policy-building function (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add tpm2_is_encryption_session() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: move policy building out of policy session creation (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add support for a trusted SRK (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: fix nits from PR #26185 (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: replace magic number (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add tpm2_digest_*() functions (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: replace hash_pin() with tpm2_digest_*() functions (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add tpm2_set_auth() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add tpm2_get_name() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: rename pcr_values_size vars to n_pcr_values (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add tpm2_policy_pcr() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add tpm2_policy_auth_value() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add tpm2_policy_authorize() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: use tpm2_policy_authorize() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add tpm2_calculate_sealing_policy() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm: remove external calls to dlopen_tpm2() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: remove all extern tpm2-tss symbols (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add tpm2_get_capability(), tpm2_cache_capabilities(), tpm2_capability_pcrs() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: verify symmetric parms in tpm2_context_new() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: replace _cleanup_tpm2_* macros with _cleanup_() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2-util: use compound initialization when allocating tpm2 objects (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add tpm2_get_capability_handle(), tpm2_esys_handle_from_tpm_handle() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add tpm2_read_public() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add tpm2_get_legacy_template() and tpm2_get_srk_template() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add tpm2_load() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add tpm2_load_external() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: move local vars in tpm2_seal() to point of use (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: replace magic number in hmac_sensitive initialization (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add tpm2_create() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: replace tpm2_capability_pcrs() macro with direct c->capaiblity_pcrs use (RHEL-16182)
- basic/alloc-util: add greedy_realloc_append() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: cache the TPM supported commands, add tpm2_supports_command() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: cache TPM algorithms (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add tpm2_persist_handle() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add tpm2_get_or_create_srk() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: move local vars in tpm2_unseal() to point of use (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: remove tpm2_make_primary() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: use CreatePrimary() to create primary keys instead of Create() (RHEL-16182)
- cryptsetup: downgrade a bunch of log messages that to LOG_WARNING (RHEL-16182)
- boot/measure: replace TPM PolicyPCR session with calculation (RHEL-16182)
- core: imply DeviceAllow=/dev/tpmrm0 with LoadCredentialEncrypted (RHEL-16182)
- added more test cases (RHEL-16182)
- test: fixed negative checks in TEST-70-TPM2. Use in-line error handling rather than redirections. Follow up on #27020 (RHEL-16182)
- systemd-cryptenroll: add string aliases for tpm2 PCRs Fixes #26697. RFE. (RHEL-16182)
- cryptenroll: fix an assertion with weak passwords (RHEL-16182)
- man/systemd-cryptenroll: update list of PCRs, link to uapi docs (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add debug logging to functions converting hash or asym algs to/from strings or ids (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add tpm2_hash_alg_to_size() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: change tpm2_tpm*_pcr_selection_to_mask() to return mask (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add more helper functions for managing TPML_PCR_SELECTION and TPMS_PCR_SELECTION (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add Tpm2PCRValue struct and associated functions (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: move declared functions in header lower down (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: declare tpm2_log_debug_*() functions in tpm2_util.h (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: change tpm2_calculate_policy_pcr(), tpm2_calculate_sealing_policy() to use Tpm2PCRValue array (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: change tpm2_parse_pcr_argument() parameters to parse to Tpm2PCRValue array (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add TPM2B_*_MAKE(), TPM2B_*_CHECK_SIZE() macros (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add tpm2_pcr_read_missing_values() (RHEL-16182)
- openssl: add openssl_pkey_from_pem() (RHEL-16182)
- openssl: add rsa_pkey_new(), rsa_pkey_from_n_e(), rsa_pkey_to_n_e() (RHEL-16182)
- openssl: add ecc_pkey_new(), ecc_pkey_from_curve_x_y(), ecc_pkey_to_curve_x_y() (RHEL-16182)
- test: add DEFINE_HEX_PTR() helper function (RHEL-16182)
- openssl: add test-openssl (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add functions to convert TPM2B_PUBLIC to/from openssl pkey or PEM (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: move policy calculation out of tpm2_seal() (RHEL-16182)
- man: update systemd-cryptenroll man page with details on --tpm2-pcrs format change (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: update TEST-70-TPM2 to test passing PCR value to systemd-cryptenroll (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: change *alg_to_* functions to use switch() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: lowercase TPM2_PCR_VALUE[S]_VALID functions (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: move cast from lhs to rhs in uint16_t/int comparison (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: in validator functions, return false instead of assert failure (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: in tpm2_pcr_values_valid() use FOREACH_ARRAY() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: use SIZE_MAX instead of strlen() for unhexmem() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: put !isempty() check inside previous !isempty() check (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: simplify call to asprintf() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: check pcr value hash != 0 before looking up hash algorithm name (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: use strempty() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: split TPM2_PCR_VALUE_MAKE() over multiple lines (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: remove ret_ prefix from input/output params (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: use memcpy_safe() instead of memcpy() (RHEL-16182)
- openssl: use new(char, size) instead of malloc(size) (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: use table for openssl<->tpm2 ecc curve id mappings (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: use switch() instead of if-else (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: make logging level consistent at debug for some functions (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: remove unnecessary void* cast (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add tpm2_pcr_values_has_(any|all)_values() functions (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: wrap (7) in UINT32_C() (RHEL-16182)
- cryptenroll: change man page example to remove leading 0x and lowercase hex (RHEL-16182)
- openssl: add log_openssl_errors() (RHEL-16182)
- openssl: add openssl_digest_size() (RHEL-16182)
- openssl: add openssl_digest_many() (RHEL-16182)
- openssl: replace openssl_hash() with openssl_digest() (RHEL-16182)
- openssl: add openssl_hmac_many() (RHEL-16182)
- openssl: add rsa_oaep_encrypt_bytes() (RHEL-16182)
- openssl: add kdf_kb_hmac_derive() (RHEL-16182)
- openssl: add openssl_cipher_many() (RHEL-16182)
- openssl: add ecc_edch() (RHEL-16182)
- openssl: add kdf_ss_derive() (RHEL-16182)
- dlfcn-util: add static asserts ensuring our sym_xyz() func ptrs match the types from the official headers (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add tpm2_marshal_blob() and tpm2_unmarshal_blob() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add tpm2_serialize() and tpm2_deserialize() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add tpm2_index_to_handle() and tpm2_index_from_handle() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: fix build failure without openssl (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2-util: look for tpm2-pcr-signature.json directly in /.extra/ (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: downgrade most log functions from error to debug (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: handle older tpm enrollments without a saved pcr bank (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: allow tpm2_make_encryption_session() without bind key (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: update tpm2 test for supported commands (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: use GREEDY_REALLOC_APPEND() in tpm2_get_capability_handles(), cap max value (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: change tpm2_unseal() to accept Tpm2Context instead of device string (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: cache TPM's supported ECC curves (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2-util: make tpm2_marshal_blob()/tpm2_unmarshal_blob() static (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2-util: make tpm2_read_public() static, as we use it only internally in tpm2-util.c (RHEL-16182)
- cryptenroll: allow specifying handle index of key to use for sealing (RHEL-16182)
- test: add tests for systemd-cryptenroll --tpm2-seal-key-handle (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: do not call Esys_TR_Close() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: don't use GetCapability() to check transient handles (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2-util: pick up a few new symbols from tpm2-tss (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add tpm2_get_pin_auth() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: instead of adjusting authValue trailing 0(s), trim them as required by tpm spec (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2-util: rename tpm2_calculate_name() -> tpm2_calculate_pubkey_name() (RHEL-16182)
- cryptenroll: do not implicitly verify with default tpm policy signature (RHEL-16182)
- cryptenroll: drop deadcode (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: allow using tpm2_get_srk_template() without tpm (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add test to verify srk templates (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add tpm2_sym_alg_*_string() and tpm2_sym_mode_*_string() (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: add tpm2_calculate_seal() and helper functions (RHEL-16182)
- tpm2: update test-tpm2 for tpm2_calculate_seal() (RHEL-16182)
- cryptenroll: add support for calculated TPM2 enrollment (RHEL-16182)
- test: update TEST-70 with systemd-cryptenroll calculated TPM2 enrollment (RHEL-16182)
- openssl-util: avoid freeing invalid pointer (RHEL-16182)
- creds-util: check for CAP_DAC_READ_SEARCH (RHEL-16182)
- creds-util: do not try TPM2 if there is not support (RHEL-16182)
- creds-util: merge the TPM2 detection for initrd (RHEL-16182)
- cryptenroll: fix a memory leak (RHEL-16182)
- sd-journal: introduce sd_journal_step_one() (RHEL-11591)
- test: modernize test-journal-flush (RHEL-11591)
- journal-file-util: do not fail when journal_file_set_offline() called more than once (RHEL-11591)
- journal-file-util: Prefer punching holes instead of truncating (RHEL-11591)
- test: add reproducer for SIGBUS issue caused by journal truncation (RHEL-11591)

- spec: update rhel-net-naming-sysattrs to v0.4 (RHEL-22278)

- spec: add new package with RHEL-specific network naming sysattrs (RHEL-22278)

- ci: use source-git-automation composite Action (RHEL-1086)
- ci: increase the cron interval to 45 minutes (RHEL-1086)
- ci: add all Z-Stream versions to array of allowed versions (RHEL-1086)
- udev/net_id: introduce naming scheme for RHEL-9.4 (RHEL-22427)
- basic/errno-util: add wrappers which only accept negative errno (RHEL-22443)
- errno-util: allow ERRNO_IS_* to accept types wider than int (RHEL-22443)
- udev: add new builtin net_driver (RHEL-22443)
- udev/net_id: introduce naming scheme for RHEL-8.10 (RHEL-22427)

- logind: don't setup idle session watch for lock-screen and greeter (RHEL-20757)
- logind: don't make idle action timer accuracy more coarse than timeout (RHEL-20757)
- logind: do TTY idle logic only for sessions marked as 'tty' (RHEL-20757)
- meson: Properly install 90-uki-copy.install (RHEL-16354)

- Revert 'man: mention System Administrator's Guide in systemctl manpage' (RHEL-19436)
- man: mention RHEL documentation in systemctl's man page (RHEL-19436)
- resolved: actually check authenticated flag of SOA transaction (RHEL-6216)
- udev: allow/denylist for reading sysfs attributes when composing a NIC name (RHEL-1317)
- man: environment value -> udev property (RHEL-1317)

- meson: fix installation of ukify (RHEL-13199)
- sd-id128: introduce id128_hash_ops_free (RHEL-5988)
- udevadm-trigger: allow to fallback without synthetic UUID only first time (RHEL-5988)
- udevadm-trigger: settle with synthetic UUID if the kernel support it (RHEL-5988)
- udevadm-trigger: also check with the original syspath if device is renamed (RHEL-5988)
- test: use 'udevadm trigger --settle' even if device is renamed (RHEL-5988)
- sd-event: don't mistake USEC_INFINITY passed in for overflow (RHEL-6090)
- pid1: rework service_arm_timer() to optionally take a relative time value (RHEL-6090)
- manager: add one more assert() (RHEL-6090)
- pid1: add new Type=notify-reload service type (RHEL-6090)
- man: document Type=notify-reload (RHEL-6090)
- pid1: make sure we send our calling service manager RELOADING=1 when reloading (RHEL-6090)
- networkd: implement Type=notify-reload protocol (RHEL-6090)
- udevd: implement the full Type=notify-reload protocol (RHEL-6090)
- logind: implement Type=notify-reload protocol properly (RHEL-6090)
- notify: add --stopping + --reloading switches (RHEL-6090)
- test: add Type=notify-reload testcase (RHEL-6090)
- update TODO (RHEL-6090)
- core: check for SERVICE_RELOAD_NOTIFY in manager_dbus_is_running (RHEL-6090)

- udev/net: allow new link name as an altname before renaming happens (RHEL-5988)
- sd-netlink: do not swap old name and alternative name (RHEL-5988)
- sd-netlink: restore altname on error in rtnl_set_link_name (RHEL-5988)
- udev: attempt device rename even if interface is up (RHEL-5988)
- sd-netlink: add a test for rtnl_set_link_name() (RHEL-5988)
- test-network: add a test for renaming device to current altname (RHEL-5988)
- udev: align table (RHEL-5988)
- sd-device: make device_set_syspath() clear sysname and sysnum (RHEL-5988)
- sd-device: do not directly access entry in sd-device object (RHEL-5988)
- udev: move device_rename() from device-private.c (RHEL-5988)
- udev: restore syspath and properties on failure (RHEL-5988)
- sd-device: introduce device_get_property_int() (RHEL-5988)
- core/device: downgrade log level for ignored errors (RHEL-5988)
- core/device: ignore failed uevents (RHEL-5988)
- test: add tests for failure in renaming network interface (RHEL-5988)
- test: modernize test-netlink.c (RHEL-5988)
- test-netlink: use dummy interface to test assigning new interface name (RHEL-5988)
- udev: use SYNTHETIC_ERRNO() at one more place (RHEL-5988)
- udev: make udev_builtin_run() take UdevEvent* (RHEL-5988)
- udev/net: verify ID_NET_XYZ before trying to assign it as an alternative name (RHEL-5988)
- udev/net: generate new network interface name only on add uevent (RHEL-5988)
- sd-netlink: make rtnl_set_link_name() optionally append alternative names (RHEL-5988)
- udev/net: assign alternative names only on add uevent (RHEL-5988)
- test: add tests for renaming network interface (RHEL-5988)
- Backport ukify from upstream (RHEL-13199)
- bootctl: make --json output normal json (RHEL-13199)
- test: replace readfp() with read_file() (RHEL-13199)
- stub/measure: document and measure .uname UKI section (RHEL-13199)
- boot: measure .sbat section (RHEL-13199)
- Revert 'test_ukify: no stinky root needed for signing' (RHEL-13199)
- ukify: move to /usr/bin and mark as non non-experimental (RHEL-13199)
- kernel-install: Add uki layout (RHEL-16354)
- kernel-install: remove math slang from man page (RHEL-16354)
- kernel-install: handle uki installs automatically (RHEL-16354)
- 90-uki-copy.install: create /EFI/Linux directory if needed (RHEL-16354)
- kernel-install: Log location that uki is installed in (RHEL-16354)
- bootctl: fix errno logging (RHEL-16354)
- bootctl: add kernel-identity command (RHEL-16354)
- bootctl: add kernel-inspect command (RHEL-16354)
- bootctl: add kernel-inspect to --help text (RHEL-16354)
- bootctl: drop full stop at end of --help texts (RHEL-16354)
- bootctl: change section title for kernel image commands (RHEL-16354)
- bootctl: remove space that should not be there (RHEL-16354)
- bootctl: kernel-inspect: print os info (RHEL-16354)
- bootctl-uki: several coding style fixlets (RHEL-16354)
- tree-wide: unify how we pick OS pretty name to display (RHEL-16354)
- bootctl-uki: several follow-ups for inspect_osrel() (RHEL-16354)
- bootctl: Add missing %m (RHEL-16354)
- bootctl: tweak DOS header magic check (RHEL-16354)

- ci: Extend source-git-automation (RHEL-1086)
- netif-naming-scheme: let's also include rhel8 schemes (RHEL-7026)
- systemd-analyze: Add table and JSON output implementation to plot (RHEL-5070)
- systemd-analyze: Update man/systemd-analyze.xml with Plot JSON and table (RHEL-5070)
- systemd-analyze: Add tab complete logic for plot (RHEL-5070)
- systemd-analyze: Add --json=, --table and -no-legend tests for plot (RHEL-5070)
- ci: enable source-git automation to validate reviews and ci results (RHEL-1086)
- ci: remove Mergify config - replaced by Pull Request Validator (RHEL-1086)
- ci: enable auto-merge GH Action (RHEL-1086)
- ci: add missing permissions (RHEL-1086)
- ci: permissions: write-all (RHEL-1086)
- ci(lint): exclude .in files from ShellCheck lint (RHEL-1086)
- udev: raise RLIMIT_NOFILE as high as we can (RHEL-11040)

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