OVMBA-2018-0242 - microcode_ctl bug fix update

Release Date:2018-07-23


- Update 106a5 (06-1a-05) to rev 0x1d.
- Update 206c2 (06-2c-02) to rev 0x1f.
- Update 206d7 (06-2d-07) to rev 0x714.
- Update 206e6 (06-2e-06) to rev 0xd.
- Update 206f2 (06-2f-02) to rev 0x3b.

- Update 50654 (06-55-04) to rev 0x200004d.

- Add converted binary microcode for use by xen for:
306f2 (06-3f-02)

- Add converted binary microcode for use by xen for:
306e7 (06-3e-07), 306f4 (06-3f-04)

- Remove upstream disclaimer file.
- Enable early microcode load to allow updating Broadwell model 79.
- Make sure 'modprobe microcode' is not executed on Broadwell model 79.
- Run dracut upon microcode update.
- Update 306e4 (06-3e-04) to rev 0x42d.
- Update 406f1 (06-4f-01) to rev 0xb00002e.

Updated Packages

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