OVMSA-2023-0018 - Unbreakable Enterprise kernel security update

Release Date:2023-08-03


- media: dm1105: Fix use after free bug in dm1105_remove due to race condition (Zheng Wang) [Orabug: 35514108] {CVE-2023-35824}
- media: dvb-core: Fix kernel WARNING for blocking operation in wait_event*() (Takashi Iwai) [Orabug: 35477742] {CVE-2023-31084}
- media: dvb_frontend: fix locking issues at dvb_frontend_get_event() (Mauro Carvalho Chehab) [Orabug: 35477742] {CVE-2023-31084}
- media: dvb-core: Fix UAF due to refcount races at releasing (Takashi Iwai) [Orabug: 34820632] {CVE-2022-41218}
- media: dvb: dmx: fixed coding style issues of spacing (devendra sharma) [Orabug: 34820632]

- ipvlan:Fix out-of-bounds caused by unclear skb->cb (t.feng) [Orabug: 35550146] {CVE-2023-3090}
- memstick: r592: Fix UAF bug in r592_remove due to race condition (Zheng Wang) [Orabug: 35514146] {CVE-2023-3141}
- fbcon: Check font dimension limits (Samuel Thibault) [Orabug: 35493679] {CVE-2023-3161}
- wifi: brcmfmac: slab-out-of-bounds read in brcmf_get_assoc_ies() (Jisoo Jang) [Orabug: 35250538] {CVE-2023-1380}

- firewire: fix potential uaf in outbound_phy_packet_callback() (Chengfeng Ye) [Orabug: 35493606] {CVE-2023-3159}
- ath9k: fix use-after-free in ath9k_hif_usb_rx_cb (Pavel Skripkin) [Orabug: 35448003] {CVE-2022-1679}
- dm ioctl: fix nested locking in table_clear() to remove deadlock concern (Mike Snitzer) [Orabug: 35354880] {CVE-2023-2269}
- media: rc: Fix use-after-free bugs caused by ene_tx_irqsim() (Duoming Zhou) [Orabug: 35181652] {CVE-2023-1118}
- misc: sgi-gru: fix use-after-free error in gru_set_context_option, gru_fault and gru_handle_user_call_os (Zheng Wang) [Orabug: 35180779] {CVE-2022-3424}

- ext4: avoid a potential slab-out-of-bounds in ext4_group_desc_csum (Tudor Ambarus) [Orabug: 35457204] {CVE-2023-34256}
- igmp: Add ip_mc_list lock in ip_check_mc_rcu (Liu Jian) [Orabug: 35448048] {CVE-2022-20141}

- net: sched: sch_qfq: prevent slab-out-of-bounds in qfq_activate_agg (Gwangun Jung) [Orabug: 35354791] {CVE-2023-2248}

- prlimit: do_prlimit needs to have a speculation check (Greg Kroah-Hartman) [Orabug: 35354303] {CVE-2023-0458}
- kernel/sys.c: fix potential Spectre v1 issue (Gustavo A. R. Silva) [Orabug: 35354303]
- xirc2ps_cs: Fix use after free bug in xirc2ps_detach (Zheng Wang) [Orabug: 35250898] {CVE-2023-1670}
- net: sched: cbq: dont intepret cls results when asked to drop (Jamal Hadi Salim) [Orabug: 34983586] {CVE-2023-23454}

- media: dvb-usb: az6027: fix null-ptr-deref in az6027_i2c_xfer() (Baisong Zhong) [Orabug: 35312830] {CVE-2023-28328}
- scsi: iscsi_tcp: Fix UAF during login when accessing the shost ipaddress (Mike Christie) [Orabug: 35312683] {CVE-2023-2162}
- nvme: restrict management ioctls to admin (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 34619368] {CVE-2022-3169}

- kvm: initialize all of the kvm_debugregs structure before sending it to userspace (Greg Kroah-Hartman) [Orabug: 35250098] {CVE-2023-1513}
- staging: rtl8712: fix use after free bugs (Dan Carpenter) [Orabug: 35212876] {CVE-2022-4095}
- staging: rtl8712: rtl8712_cmd.c: fixed comparison to null (Juliana Rodrigues) [Orabug: 35212876] {CVE-2022-4095}
- wifi: rndis_wlan: Prevent buffer overflow in rndis_query_oid (Szymon Heidrich) [Orabug: 35037715] {CVE-2023-23559}

- seq_buf: Fix overflow in seq_buf_putmem_hex() (Yun Zhou) [Orabug: 35217595] {CVE-2023-28772}
- net: mpls: fix stale pointer if allocation fails during device rename (Jakub Kicinski) [Orabug: 35181964] {CVE-2023-26545}

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Oracle VM 3 (x86_64) kernel-uek-4.1.12-124.77.2.el6uek.src.rpm0df9921123287ddb69c9cbb0219e7480-

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