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Program Scope

The goal of this program is to validate hardware with Oracle Linux and Oracle VM, and to identify issues and configuration details that would impact customer deployments. Oracle developed the program to go far beyond the standard certification testing normally performed with operating systems. Hardware vendors participating in this program perform thorough testing of the hardware in real-world configurations with Oracle Linux and Oracle VM.

This is not a database certification. Oracle Database is a component of the environment because it is demanding on hardware resources (processor, memory, cache, storage, network) and the operating system, and well suited for this advanced level of testing. The validation program uses Oracle Database as a tool and hardware is not certified with Oracle Database as a result of the validation program.

For more information please see the program's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

OVM Configuration Summary
Validated Configuration Details
Publication Date30-JUL-18
Server PlatformATOS Bullion S4-4 sockets
Storage ModelPureStorage //M20 Array
Guest VMsOracle Database Single Instance on Oracle Linux 6 Update 9 x86_64 , Oracle Linux 7 Update 4 x86_64
Linux DistributionOracle VM Server 3.4.4 x86_64
Guest VM Configurations
Oracle recommends Paravirtualized guests
Server and Storage Platform Details
Server Model2 X ATOS Bullion S4-4 sockets
Server DetailsOther Servers in this model:Bullion S2 E7-8891 V4 - 2 sockets - 20 cores, Bullion S2 E7-8893 V4 - 2 sockets - 8 cores,Bullion S4 E7-8893 V4 - 4 sockers - 16 cores,Bullion S8 E7-8891 V4 - 8 sockets - 80 cores,Bullion S8 E7-8893 V4 - 8 sockets - 32 cores
Processors4 X Deca Core Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E7-8891 v4 2.GHz
Hardware Virtualization SupportYes
Memory2TB RAM
OnBoardStorage2 X 1.2TB 10Krpm SAS HDD
Network/Interconnect2 X 10GB Dual Port Emulex Corporation OneConnect NIC , 2 X 1GB Intel Corporation Ethernet i350_T2 card
HBA Emulex LPe16002B-M6 16Gb Dual Port Fibre Channel Adapater
Storage ModelPureStorage //M20 Array
Switch Details
Switch ModelJuniper Ethernet switch (QFX5110 model)
Switch Type10GB
Additional Info.Virtual Chassis and VLAN tags
Switch ModelBrocade 6505
Switch Type16 GB FC switch
Additional Info.Default setting, no specific configuration (no zoning)
Oracle VM Server Details
OSOracle VM Server 3.4.4 x86_64
Kernelkernel-uek-4.1.12-112.14.13.el6uek or higher
Xen Versionxen-4.4.4-155.0.12 or higher
Additional InfoNone
Driver Modules
Driver ModuleNetwork Driver(be2net)
Additional Info.The driver is supplied with Oracle VM Server
Driver ModuleNetwork driver(igb)
Additional Info.The driver is supplied with Oracle VM Server
Driver ModuleEmulex LightPulse Fibre Channel SCSI driver(LPe16002B-M6)
Additional Info.The driver is supplied with Oracle VM Server
/OVS cluster root partition is mounted on multipathed disk. The database on the VM resides on ext3 disk created on the disk using OVM manager.
10GB Ethernet card is used for OVM Management , Live Migration and VM.
1GB Ethernet card is used for OVM Heartbeat
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