Errata Summary
The following errata are available for all releases offered through Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN).
- ELBA-2022-0067cronie bug fix and enhancement update2022-01-12
- ELBA-2022-9016 python-oci-cli bug fix update2022-01-12
- ELBA-2022-12662 solaar Bug Fix update2022-01-12
- ELBA-2022-12661 perl-Archive-Zip-SimpleZip Bug Fix update2022-01-12
ModerateELSA-2022-0064 openssl security update2022-01-12
ImportantELSA-2022-0124 firefox security update2022-01-12
ImportantELSA-2022-0127 thunderbird security update2022-01-12
- ELBA-2022-12651 edac-utils Bug Fix update2022-01-12
- ELBA-2022-12659 solaar Bug Fix update2022-01-12
- ELBA-2022-12594ol8addon bug fix update2022-01-12
- ELBA-2022-0061unzip bug fix and enhancement update2022-01-12
- ELBA-2022-12654 python-vecrec Bug Fix update2022-01-12
ModerateELSA-2022-0059 webkitgtk4 security update2022-01-12
- ELBA-2022-12647 cgit Bug Fix update2022-01-12
- ELBA-2022-0070pki-core bug fix and enhancement update2022-01-12
- ELBA-2022-0068python-virtualenv bug fix and enhancement update2022-01-12
- ELBA-2022-0069rear bug fix and enhancement update2022-01-12
- ELBA-2022-12664 java-oci-sdk bug fix update2022-01-12
- ELBA-2022-12653 edac-utils Bug Fix update2022-01-12
- ELBA-2022-12646 cgit Bug Fix update2022-01-12
- ELBA-2022-12649 notcurses Bug Fix update2022-01-12
- ELBA-2022-12650 notcurses Bug Fix update2022-01-12
- ELBA-2022-12645 java-oci-sdk bug fix update2022-01-12
- ELBA-2022-0062x3270 bug fix and enhancement update2022-01-12
- ELBA-2022-0063-1 kernel bug fix update2022-01-12
- ELBA-2022-9015 python-oci-sdk bug fix update2022-01-12
- ELBA-2022-12648 cgit Bug Fix update2022-01-12
- ELBA-2022-12657 oci-typescript-sdk bug fix update2022-01-12
- ELBA-2022-12652 python-vecrec Bug Fix update2022-01-12
- ELBA-2022-0066systemd bug fix and enhancement update2022-01-12
- ELBA-2022-12605 libdeflate Bug Fix update2022-01-11
- ELBA-2022-12628 libdeflate Bug Fix update2022-01-11
- ELBA-2022-12606 rust-pleaser Bug Fix update2022-01-11
- ELBA-2022-12620 polyclipping Bug Fix update2022-01-11
- ELBA-2022-12611 stockfish Bug Fix update2022-01-11
- ELBA-2022-12632 stockfish Bug Fix update2022-01-11
- ELBA-2022-12624 libtree-ldd Bug Fix update2022-01-11
- ELBA-2022-12614 glabels Bug Fix update2022-01-11
- ELBA-2022-12644 tsl-sparse-map Bug Fix update2022-01-11
- ELBA-2022-12639 libtree-ldd Bug Fix update2022-01-11
- ELBA-2022-12642 python-testing.common.database Bug Fix update2022-01-11
- ELBA-2022-12619 perl-Crypt-SSLeay Bug Fix update2022-01-11
- ELBA-2022-12634 flintqs Bug Fix update2022-01-11
- ELBA-2022-12608 edflib Bug Fix update2022-01-11
- ELBA-2022-12610 libinjection Bug Fix update2022-01-11
- ELBA-2022-12612 edflib Bug Fix update2022-01-11
- ELBA-2022-12640 perl-Crypt-SSLeay Bug Fix update2022-01-11
- ELBA-2022-12601 icewm Bug Fix update2022-01-11
- ELBA-2022-12615 iml Bug Fix update2022-01-11
- ELBA-2022-12622 semver Bug Fix update2022-01-11
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