Errata Summary
The following errata are available for all releases offered through Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN).
- ELBA-2023-29177 python-zope-testrunner Bug Fix update2023-09-22
- ELBA-2023-29151 python-zope-testrunner Bug Fix update2023-09-22
- ELBA-2023-29155 golang-gopkg-check-1 Bug Fix update2023-09-22
- ELBA-2023-29122 icewm Bug Fix update2023-09-22
- ELBA-2023-29014 plog Bug Fix update2023-09-22
- ELBA-2023-29175 libecb Bug Fix update2023-09-22
- ELBA-2023-29130 rust-socket2 Bug Fix update2023-09-22
- ELBA-2023-29210 python-unidiff Bug Fix update2023-09-22
- ELBA-2023-28897 python-zope-exceptions Bug Fix update2023-09-22
- ELBA-2023-29157 python-authheaders Bug Fix update2023-09-22
- ELBA-2023-29174 mlpack Bug Fix update2023-09-22
- ELBA-2023-29161 rust-flagset Bug Fix update2023-09-22
- ELBA-2023-29072 plog Bug Fix update2023-09-22
- ELBA-2023-28923 usrsctp Bug Fix update2023-09-22
- ELBA-2023-28913 usrsctp Bug Fix update2023-09-22
- ELBA-2023-29212 plantuml Bug Fix update2023-09-22
- ELBA-2023-29224 vim-gv Bug Fix update2023-09-22
- ELBA-2023-29195 python-unidiff Bug Fix update2023-09-22
ImportantELSA-2023-5264 virt:ol and virt-devel:rhel security and bug fix update2023-09-21
- ELBA-2023-5248ca-certificates bug fix and enhancement update2023-09-21
- ELBA-2023-5254cups bug fix update2023-09-21
- ELBA-2023-29190 Unbreakable Enterprise kernel bug fix update2023-09-21
- ELBA-2023-5262open-vm-tools bug fix update2023-09-21
- ELBA-2023-5250findutils bug fix update2023-09-21
ModerateELSA-2023-5259 mariadb:10.3 security, bug fix, and enhancement update2023-09-21
- ELBA-2023-5263gnome-shell-extensions bug fix update2023-09-21
ImportantELSA-2023-5244 kernel security, bug fix, and enhancement update2023-09-21
ImportantELSA-2023-5313 open-vm-tools security update2023-09-21
- ELBA-2023-28984 lexertl14 Bug Fix update2023-09-20
- ELBA-2023-29081 sexpp Bug Fix update2023-09-20
- ELBA-2023-29037 shell-color-prompt Bug Fix update2023-09-20
ModerateELSA-2023-5249 ncurses security update2023-09-20
- ELBA-2023-29082 rust-temp-env Bug Fix update2023-09-20
- ELBA-2023-29035 python-mujson Bug Fix update2023-09-20
- ELBA-2023-29060 icewm Bug Fix update2023-09-20
- ELBA-2023-29058 openscap-report Bug Fix update2023-09-20
- ELBA-2023-29003 google-auth-httplib2 Bug Fix update2023-09-20
- ELBA-2023-29087 rust-maybe-async Bug Fix update2023-09-20
- ELBA-2023-28655 rust-memchr Bug Fix update2023-09-20
- ELBA-2023-29105 python-glanceclient Bug Fix update2023-09-20
- ELBA-2023-25372 python3-rpm Bug Fix update2023-09-20
- ELBA-2023-29090 rust-gix-hashtable Bug Fix update2023-09-20
ModerateELSA-2023-5269 postgresql:15 security update2023-09-20
- ELBA-2023-29007 appx-util Bug Fix update2023-09-20
- ELBA-2023-29078 python-h5io Bug Fix update2023-09-20
- ELBA-2023-29064 openscap-report Bug Fix update2023-09-20
- ELBA-2023-29006 openscap-report Bug Fix update2023-09-20
- ELBA-2023-18407 cinnamon-desktop Bug Fix update2023-09-20
- ELBA-2023-28986 safekeep Bug Fix update2023-09-20
- ELBA-2023-29123 rust-path-absolutize Bug Fix update2023-09-20
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