Errata Summary
The following errata are available for all releases offered through Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN).
- ELBA-2022-19891 terraform bug fix update2022-08-11
- ELBA-2022-19894 terraform-provider-oci bug fix update2022-08-11
- ELBA-2022-19893 terraform-provider-oci-fips bug fix update2022-08-11
- ELBA-2022-19877 libcryptui Bug Fix update2022-08-11
- ELBA-2022-19903 mimetic Bug Fix update2022-08-11
- ELBA-2022-19901 libcryptui Bug Fix update2022-08-11
- ELBA-2022-9678 rhn-client-tools bug fix update2022-08-11
- ELBA-2022-19729 libre Bug Fix update2022-08-11
- ELBA-2022-19878 libmongocrypt Bug Fix update2022-08-11
- ELBA-2022-19918 mimetic Bug Fix update2022-08-11
- ELBA-2022-19915 jello Bug Fix update2022-08-11
- ELBA-2022-19905 pam_radius Bug Fix update2022-08-11
- ELBA-2022-19910 tango-icon-theme Bug Fix update2022-08-11
- ELBA-2022-19917 libmongocrypt Bug Fix update2022-08-11
- ELBA-2022-19914 git-tools Bug Fix update2022-08-11
- ELBA-2022-19895 terraform bug fix update2022-08-11
- ELBA-2022-19897 terraform-provider-oci bug fix update2022-08-11
- ELBA-2022-19906 perl-List-SomeUtils Bug Fix update2022-08-11
- ELBA-2022-19848 lua-sec Bug Fix update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-19861 sip-redirect Bug Fix update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-19828 librem Bug Fix update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-19869 baresip Bug Fix update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-19841 drbd Bug Fix update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-19856 git-tools Bug Fix update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-19744 libre Bug Fix update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-19867 baresip Bug Fix update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-5952crun bug fix and enhancement update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-6003-1 kernel bug fix update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-19847 drbd Bug Fix update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-19851 pyshp Bug Fix update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-19837 pyshp Bug Fix update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-5940lldpad bug fix and enhancement update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-5955conmon bug fix and enhancement update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-19839 tmt Bug Fix update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-19846 collectd Bug Fix update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-6004qpdf bug fix and enhancement update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-5957buildah bug fix and enhancement update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-9706 kronosnet bug fix update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-5962yajl bug fix and enhancement update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-5954fuse-overlayfs bug fix and enhancement update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-19832 collectd Bug Fix update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-19833 drbd Bug Fix update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-19845 prosody Bug Fix update2022-08-10
ModerateELSA-2022-6003 kernel security, bug fix, and enhancement update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-5945libguestfs bug fix and enhancement update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-19852 sip-redirect Bug Fix update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-19838 sip-redirect Bug Fix update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-19871 oci-typescript-sdk bug fix update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-5956container-selinux bug fix and enhancement update2022-08-10
- ELBA-2022-19866 baresip Bug Fix update2022-08-10
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