Errata Summary
The following errata are available for all releases offered through Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN).
- ELBA-2022-17757 tio Bug Fix update2022-06-23
- ELBA-2022-9514 pcp bug fix update2022-06-22
- ELBA-2022-15255 distrobox Bug Fix update2022-06-22
- ELBA-2022-15254 xrootd Bug Fix update2022-06-22
- ELBA-2022-15258 xrootd Bug Fix update2022-06-22
- ELBA-2022-15259 perl-Data-IEEE754 Bug Fix update2022-06-22
- ELBA-2022-17740 oci-dotnet-sdk bug fix update2022-06-22
- ELBA-2022-17742 oci-typescript-sdk bug fix update2022-06-22
- ELBA-2022-17741 go-oci-sdk bug fix update2022-06-22
ImportantELSA-2022-5162 postgresql security update2022-06-22
- ELBA-2022-17745 oci-powershell-modules bug fix update2022-06-22
- ELBA-2022-15256 xrootd Bug Fix update2022-06-22
- ELBA-2022-15260 perl-Data-IEEE754 Bug Fix update2022-06-22
- ELBA-2022-17744 java-oci-sdk bug fix update2022-06-22
- ELBA-2022-15257 distrobox Bug Fix update2022-06-22
- ELBA-2022-15230 python-regex Bug Fix update2022-06-21
- ELBA-2022-15242 perl-Net-Works Bug Fix update2022-06-21
- ELBA-2022-15245 oscillatord Bug Fix update2022-06-21
- ELBA-2022-15244 epel-rpm-macros Bug Fix update2022-06-21
- ELEA-2022-5139nodejs:12 bug fix and enhancement update2022-06-21
- ELBA-2022-15232 davix Bug Fix update2022-06-21
- ELBA-2022-15247 python-rosdistro Bug Fix update2022-06-21
- ELBA-2022-15241 perl-MaxMind-DB-Common Bug Fix update2022-06-21
- ELBA-2022-15229 iec16022 Bug Fix update2022-06-21
ImportantELSA-2022-9496 kernel security update2022-06-21
- ELBA-2022-15243 perl-Test-Bits Bug Fix update2022-06-21
- ELBA-2022-15218 python-nitrate Bug Fix update2022-06-21
- ELBA-2022-15223 iec16022 Bug Fix update2022-06-21
- ELBA-2022-9497oraclelinux-release-el8 bug fix update2022-06-21
- ELBA-2022-15228 davix Bug Fix update2022-06-21
- ELBA-2022-15239 python-rosdistro Bug Fix update2022-06-21
- ELBA-2022-15246 python-OWSLib Bug Fix update2022-06-21
- ELBA-2022-15231 rkhunter Bug Fix update2022-06-21
- ELBA-2022-151705.0 Bug Fix update2022-06-20
- ELBA-2022-15236 digikam Bug Fix update2022-06-20
- ELBA-2022-15203 tio Bug Fix update2022-06-20
- ELBA-2022-15227 rkhunter Bug Fix update2022-06-20
- ELBA-2022-15238 oscillatord Bug Fix update2022-06-20
- ELBA-2022-15217 disciplining-minipod Bug Fix update2022-06-20
- ELBA-2022-15198 disciplining-minipod Bug Fix update2022-06-20
- ELBA-2022-15195 ks-install Bug Fix update2022-06-20
- ELBA-2022-15209 perl-List-AllUtils Bug Fix update2022-06-20
- ELBA-2022-15171epel8-buildroot Bug Fix update2022-06-20
ImportantELSA-2022-5056 cups security and bug fix update2022-06-20
- ELBA-2022-15204 disciplining-minipod Bug Fix update2022-06-20
- ELBA-2022-15210 plantuml Bug Fix update2022-06-20
- ELBA-2022-15199 distgen Bug Fix update2022-06-20
- ELBA-2022-15197 tio Bug Fix update2022-06-20
- ELBA-2022-15221 python-OWSLib Bug Fix update2022-06-20
- ELBA-2022-15234 perl-Net-Works Bug Fix update2022-06-20
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